Amir “that911″.

1991 Honda NSX

Do you like your car? Why?

I love everything about the NSX.  I’ve been a fan of the NSX for a while due to it embodying everything that I love about cars.  To me the NSX is perfectly balanced in performance, technology, design, reliability, driveability, soul, and power.  It offers a beautiful design that is fast on the racetrack while having Honda reliability.  It has met and exceeded all expectations I had for it.

How much have you spent on your car since you first bought it?

I have only had the car for a little over a month, so I haven’t had the chance to do too much to it.  I believe I’ve spent about $2,000 on modifications.

Do you embrace the whole JDM culture?

That’s a tough question to answer since “JDM Culture” is a rather broad term.  I get most of my inspiration from cars and tuners in Japan, so the answer is yes in that regard.  I am not a fan of the majority of Japanese car culture in the United States though.  

Would you pick Japanese for your next car?

It’s a toss up between Japanese and European for my next car.  I love cars in general, however I gravitate towards Japanese or European since I find them fun to drive and aesthetically pleasing.  I typically buy cars that happen to fall into my lap.  So it’s difficult to say what will be next.