Christine Sefolosha (born 1955) is a Swiss painter. Born in Montreux, Sefolosha has created works that have been shown at numerous one person and group exhibitions, including at the Cavin Morris Gallery in New York, American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and the Galerie Polad-Hardouin and the Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris. She lived in South Africa for nine years.

Christine is the mother of Thabo Sefolosha, member of the Atlanta Hawks basketball club and formerly of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls clubs.

She founded the studio Quai 1-L'Atelier in 2000 within Montreux’ train-station waiting room



Profile of Khaya Witbooi, South Africa’s political pop artist

Khaya Witbooi was born and grew up in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Witbooi uses a combination of stenciling and oil painting to express his observations, usually of socio-political nature. The result is edgy and urban with an African relevance. Topics like the seeming failure of democracy to provide solutions to problems related to post-colonial and post-apartheid South Africa, human behaviour in this context and the effects of globalisation are dealt with regularly. It provides valuable insight into a world the viewer seldom had the opportunity to experience first-hand.

“I’ve taken it upon myself to make a statement of a concerned citizen. I’m not expecting people from around the world to do it before I do. If there’s any person to make the first comment, it is the person who feels it immediately, and I’m that person.” – Khaya Witbooi

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          THE KITCHEN COUNTER BETWEEN THEM,  BLACK QUARTZ.  OLIVER’S HANDS ARE PRESSED  downward to hold him upright.  Thabo,  the white hulk of a mastiff,  nudges the back of his knee and whines at his discomfort.  Oliver blinks,  seemingly unsurprised by this visitation,  but nonetheless perturbed by it.  Owen Grady,  an old ghost,  mirrors him on the far side of the kitchen.

          ‘  How are you finding London?  ’      He uselessly asks,       ———  Rather far from your usual habitat,  aren’t you?  ’