No Sensei is prepared for this.

I know you want to be the best sensei/sifu/teacher that your students have ever seen! MAYBE you even have a teaching degree. So you got your black belt, your teaching degree, and off you go into the dojo with all those adorable, perfect little students!

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But what if your students are limited?

Limited because of a pre-existing condition, illnesses or a body issue?

I’d like to discuss the three most common types of ‘different’-students I’ve come across so far:

  1. Exercise-induced-astma
  2. Less- or lack of fine motor skills
  3. Overweight students

How to teach students with illnesses and/or pre-existing conditions

I have the black belt, and a degree in teaching karate, but guess what. Neither of them prepared me for teaching children who have autism, who lack fine motor skills or have ADHD. Those are kids, who need a different approach. You can’t expect them to do the same as your other students because they aren’t wired the same way.

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Students with exercise-induced-astma

Imagine this:

You’re having a good time, you start enthusiastically running around, keeping up with everyone and *wheeeeeze* - no air. 

To help your students, you need to understand a little bit of what they’re up against.

What is exercise-induced-astma?

Great amounts of air need to flow close to the mucous membranes during exercise. With exercise-induced-astma, the air dries out and irritates those mucous membranes, which triggers an astma attack with shortness of breath.

Most people get an inhaler. It calms the mucous membranes.

So what can YOU do, Sensei?

You have a major part in this. First off, recognize the signs of an attack:

  • Wheezing, can’t breathe
  • Coughing
  • Pain on the chest (not always the case)

Besides that, exercise-induced-astma is triggered even faster if you start exercising quickly and suddenly.
So going from 

‘Hi, welcome students!’


… not your best idea.
Have a gradual build up with variation in it, triggering different parts of the body.

Is the student familiar with their condition? This is your chance to change things. Go up to them and talk to them before class.

Encourage your student to, when faced with the start of the attack, go just a little bit further.
Running laps? “Just do 1 more lap. Just one okay? Then take your medicine.”

Push their boundaries. Slowly, but surely!

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Less- or lack of fine motor skills - dyspraxia

Karate promotes balance and fine motor skills and is actually a very good sport/martial art for this group.

What does it mean?

It shows different effects with everyone. There are a number of symptoms:

  • Balance issues
  • Having little control over their own strength
  • Starting or stopping at an exact moment is hard
  • Having a hard time understanding an explanation (visually or not)
  • Coordination of the body is hard, a.k.a having stiff movements

There are more boys than girls with this, and often it’s combined with ADHD or Asperger’s syndrome.

So how can YOU help, Sensei?

This group is tricky, because they are very diverse. No student will have the same problem(s).

There are many exercises that include balance, coordination and or strength. There also a ton of games that include those things for children. Extra balance and coordination exercises will benefit them greatly.

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As far as teaching goes: be patient and to the point

Short explanations, separating speech from visuals. Explain your intentions first, then show them what to do (without speech) and then maybe speak again or verify if they understood you.

Encourage them and make them understand that even though it might take them a little longer, they are doing well. 

They probably get confronted with their issues every time they have P.E. or play with their friends. It will discourage them from doing anything if they just get put down because of their lack of skill. 

They know they’re not doing as well as the others.
Don’t expect the same thing from them on a belt grading as the other kids, if they get the core principles right, open hands or a foot pointing outwards is nothing compared to the joy the martial art brings.
There are more possibilities, if you are willing to see them.

Overweight students

This has been an increasing and well-known problem over the last 10 years. 

What are the problems of being overweight during practice?

  • Joint problems (adults)
  • Muscular pains
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling overall weak / self-esteem problems
  • Depression

Please bear in mind that I’m talking about being overweight, not obese or morbidly obese. 

Well Sensei, what can YOU do?

First of all, realize the fact that their body is working really hard, every day. Carrying around all that weight is a heavy job for the body, especially the knees, ankles and feet. Overweight people are likely to be very self-conscious and reluctant to go through all that pain of running and power exercises.

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Secondly, encourage and adapt. If they can’t run anymore, encourage them to keep walking instead.
Power exercises? Make them push-up on their knees and make sure that no one shames them for it.
Sit-ups? Lay down, bend the knees and encourage them to touch their knees. Squats? Don’t bend down too deep and vary with wide and small stances.
Fight their urge to give up and give in to the negative thoughts.

Lastly, make them stretch. Sounds weird?
Stretching allows you to get small results in a short amount of time. They might hate it at first, but it will give them their first results quickly and it’ll ease the muscle pain a little.

That’s it for now! Are there any type of students that you wonder about? Please let me know and I’ll put in my two cents!



Writing this article, I realized I hit two out of three there. I was diagnosed with exercise-induced-astma a few months after I started karate.
Because of the astma I knew when I hit the barrier and was supposed to stop and use the inhaler. That stopped me from pushing boundaries and when puberty hit I was well… a fat teen with glasses, braces, allergies AND exercise-induced-astma.
I really hit the jackpot didn’t I?

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But there was a tipping point.

When I was 15, 5 years after the diagnose. I had a ruthless Sensei who tormented the whole group with his harsh warm-ups (of an hour.. ) and ‘breaking-you-will-build-you’ mentality. 

After observing me die a little every lesson with the 15 minute running laps he came up to me and said:
“Tirza, you know what you should do? Every time you feel like you can’t go on anymore, do one more lap.”
‘Hai, Sensei.’

Next class, I was dying, as usual, but right at the moment that I was slowing down, ready to walk, I heard my Sensei yell from across the dojo:
And so I did one more lap, coughing, wheezing, regretting my existence every step.

Next class, dying again, doing one more lap, dragging my butt to the inhaler: “COME ON TIRZA TRY JUST A BIT FURTHER!”

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This continued, until he saw that I was pushing my own boundaries without his help. It was… no fun.
It was painful, my lungs CRIED and still cry a little thinking of him. But I am so very grateful. Nowadays, my stamina still isn’t great. I’ll never be a runner but I don’t have astma anymore. I haven’t used an inhaler for 10 years!

But don’t underestimate the scar that illnesses or (small) conditions like astma affect your mind. I didn’t throw away my inhaler until last year

Crazy, right?

Good luck my fellow instructors!

I’m doing a pathology paper for class on retroviral treatments of HIV and I’m remembering, as I often do, my “let’s learn how to do public speaking” project that I did on HIV/AIDS in 8th grade. My English teacher begrudgingly allowed me to present that topic on the condition that I not mention homosexuality and homosexual behavior. I mentioned homosexuality and homosexual behavior. She took me aside after class to tell me at length what trouble I could get in if any parents complained.

And that cowardly tepid bullshit “now I’M not offended but OTHER PEOPLE might be so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you can talk about the AIDS crisis but leave out all the gay bits” is probably the best thing a teacher ever did to me as I’ve made sure that every academic presentation I’ve given since has been one that would make that asshole uncomfortable, anyway back to this essay that she would fucking hate

Mary’s Teacher

Felicity Smoak teaches grade two and welcomes new student Mary Queen to her class.

This is a birthday present for @memcjo, I hope you like it!

Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing. Also available on AO3.

“Class we have a new student today. This is Mary Queen, please be sure to make her feel welcome.” Felicity directed Mary to an empty desk near her own. She wanted to keep an eye on the little girl, it was hard being the new kid.

Felicity watched the pale girl, in the pretty dress make her way to her desk. She could see someone had tried hard to put her hair in a nice braid but the pieces of hair were already trying to break free. Mary took her seat and placed her face on her hands looking up. She really did have big beautiful blue eyes and right now they were filled with fear but she was trying to put on a brave face.

Felicity had been teaching the second grade for five years but she felt like she’d gotten pretty good at reading her kids and Mary was nervous. Felicity knew that Mary moved to Starling City with her Dad, no Mom in the picture. Felicity didn’t know her story yet but she was now in her class so she would do her best to help her adjust.


Just before the end of the day, Felicity got an email saying that Mary’s father had contacted the school saying he would be a couple of minutes late. She waited until the bell signaling the end of the day rang and stopped Mary on her way out the door.

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The Preschool Teacher - Chapter Two

It was a beautiful day, you thought…the first signs of a London autumn making themselves known. Mornings carried a damp chill, leaves were painting a vivid picture in the trees and askew across the ground, and warm clothing felt comfortable against the cooler winds. You loved this time of year…it was definitely a beautiful day!

Sipping the hot drink you purchased from a local sidewalk vendor near your building, you enjoyed your day off from work, peeking in the little boutiques and shops you passed, and picking up a few things from your local grocery. You smiled and chatted with a friendly stranger or two, walking around the little neighborhood you called home.

As you made your way around a lovely park where you occasionally took a book to read, you stopped on a wooden foot bridge to look out over a tiny pond which sat only a few yards from a beautiful cemetery. It was strange to think of a cemetery as beautiful, but this one was. Large, gorgeous trees that were in full autumnal beauty, flowers everywhere…the most unusual but lovely cemetery you had ever seen. You stood looking out over the beauty mixed with grave markers until a cold chill in the air sent you back toward your flat. You took a deep breath, and soon found your way back into your apartment, snuggled under a blanket, sipping the end of your drink.


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egyptiandeathgod  asked:

I read asks and stuff about teachers being terrified of teenagers/teaching highschool. Honestly wtf are y'all terrified about. Im barely 20 now but seriously we're not rabid

Uhhh I still get nervous for the first week of school teaching 4th graders, and they’re tiny. My dad has been teaching high school for 26 years and he does, too. Feelings are feelings, even when you’re a pro.

Hey guys! I just wanted to apologize for the inactivity and THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT ASKS YOU’RE SENDING ME ABOUT THE TEACHER AU! 

I’m in the middle of life prepping for after I graduate, which is fun and exciting, but also a lot of work. That’s why I haven’t been able to be as active on here. 

I’ve gotten some awesome asks about the AU and I CAN’T WAIT to answer them! So thank you so much for the great questions, support, and patience!

Slowly starting to get into school mode. I still have like 3 weeks, but I want to pre-plan a lot before school starts, I am excited about 1st grade and I will have a new teacher I am team teaching with so I am looking forward to see how that will go. 

I bought SO MUCH over the summer so I plan on taking it in soon because it is taking up so much room in my closet. I am very excited about getting my room together because I have a new room that is a blank canvas. 

AND I am starting my 5th year…where does the time go?! I feel like it was just yesterday that it was my first year teaching where I was crying every day. Sometimes I go back and read those posts and remember how difficult it was and how much I have grown. My growth is thanks to you guys though. <3 

Well this was all over the place…

July 24, 2017

Had my first day of preplanning! Met a lot of people and remember few names haha. Got my school laptop, got my roster!!! As of right now I have 23 kids :) I wanted to print their name cards but ugh of course the internet is down. Right now I’m using up data :P ummm I painted a bookshelf and have to seal it tomorrow. Put a few things up on my wall. Lowered a few desks and need to get more of that done tomorrow.

I have to go to two PD sessions tomorrow before I can work on my room. Here’s hoping for learning of good info then speedy work on my room 😊

Oh and I read two books over the past two days. Both third/fourth grade level lol but still.