“Nearly all of our problems are rooted in the massively unequal ownership of land, wealth, and power that exists among the over-7 billion human beings on earth. More specifically, these problems are rooted in the majority of the planet’s population being stripped of its ability to satisfy the most basic of human needs. This predicament did not happen overnight, and it is far from natural. Rather, it is the product of centuries of immoral, illegitimate, and unwarranted human activity carried out by a miniscule section of the world’s people.”

–  Expropriation or Bust: On the Illegitimacy of Wealth and Why It Must Be Recuperated | Hampton Institute

teacher: ok we’re gonna skip this lesson bc u don’t really need to know it

months later, the teacher of the next level class: so you guys probably already learned this in your last class so we’re not gonna go over it but you need to already know about it or else the next stuff won’t make sense

me: *looks directly into camera*

Shit Abled People Say #291

(Just made people do a demonstration about picking up, not picking up and trying to pick up chairs)
“You see, there’s no difference in trying and not doing. Also, trying isn’t good enough” - English teacher ‘inspiring’ us to do better, not caring about people who aren’t neurotypical or physically able

I still talk mostly to women because I was socialized that way and that’s what I know best, but women are starting to get all weird around me and I’m realizing that I’m probably coming off as creepy/aggressively flirting when really I just am feeling lonely and want a friendly chat.

But I feel really awkward and intimidated trying to talk to men because I miss out on so many social cues because I wasn’t socialized the same way and it’s really frustrating and isolating *sigh*

The Movement of Language

Author: shadow_of_egypt

Summary: In a hypothetical experiment, a student takes reactant A (one grumpy English teacher) and mixes it with reactant B (one enthusiastic Physics teacher) in a glass beaker (life), stirring the mixture before adding substance C (updates and advice from strange friends, fed-up family, life, the universe and everything). The student witnesses a colourful reaction. Assuming all reactants are used up in the experiment, what would the end product be that is created from this reaction? (Answer: Two idiots, very slowly, very surely, just maybe realising that they might be falling in love.) Teacher!AU.      

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Teach Me How To Feel (Biadore) - CH 8 - pide

hey everyone, here’s chapter eight!! I have chapter nine planned out, but it might take a little while for it to be completed because the end of the semester is coming up really soon, so I’m pretty swamped with school work. 

anyways, I also wanted to say that if you guys have anything you would like to see happen in the fic, be sure to let me know either here or on my sideblog!! and as always, please leave feedback, it really helps me write. hope you enjoy it!! :>

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