Booked the trip to New York city!

UHGAFKNAWNKAS so excited. I’ve only been once and I was forced to go to a bunch of churches and museums because it was a school trip. I didn’t get to explore the depths of NYC as I would like to. Now is my chance. I cannot wait for February to come along! Finally get to meet @songnspeed :D<3, and maybe even @gregasaurus!! (Well, technically, we’ve met… LOL O.o)

Dysfunctional family, yes?
  • tatertowninhabitant: Come before and hang out?
  • imvanntastic: Okay! I will just nap on your bed.
  • upsouthdownnorth: NO WE'RE GONNA HAVE SEX, VAN.
  • imvanntastic: okay. ON TOMAS'S BED!
  • upsouthdownnorth: YUM YUM YUM, SO MUCH CUM CUM CUM.
  • woooow.. never ever quote me.
  • on that.
  • i cannot believe.
  • i just said that.
  • upsouthdownnorth: i'm gonna leave now.
  • imvanntastic: can I put it on tumblr...
  • upsouthdownnorth: i have no words. i am no longer here. i'm dead.