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lol i love when ppl talk shit about 1d that’s like… factually untrue lmao “their shows aren’t even popular” except that they’re literally… among the mOST popular??? like does he want statistics or

LMAO IKR it always gets me too. does he want me to bring him the articles bound nicely?? cause i can, sir

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i want to caress your hair and rub your shoulders and run my fingers down your back until you get tingles all over your body. Basically, I wanna touch you, feel you, stroke you, merge your body into mine until we become one, melting into each others passionate embrace. Or something like that. And then we go to Wawa's for a cheesesteak Tastykake food break.

sounds good except ill take a hoagie or mac and chesse

Got into Atlanta about 4:30; I left Columbus at 6:30 this morning. Got a bunch of only somewhat disgusting road food at the gas station so I wouldn’t have to go out to the grocery store or hit a drive thru once I checked in (Paloma, you’re so right about road food.) Upside, the gas station had Tastykakes.

I’m heading to my family reunion. St. George’s Island, Florida. Paloma, I was all set to try to meet you when I looked at the map. It appears to be a long drive from there to you. :(

waxing poetic with vague avatar-inspired one direction metaphors to tumblr user tastykake. in related news, i am dying at the hands of tumblr user tastykake in twelve days.

After the 9 hour drive, yo llegue! Philly / Jersey, it’s been a solid 23 years. Now it’s time to give the Queen City a chance. Going from Wawa & Tastykakes to the land of Cook-Out & Cheerwine. Charlotte, what’s gooood?