2016 was fucked, but I’ve spent a lot of it happy ❤️ thanks for tagging me to post some of my favorite “selfies” from the year @greenadidasjumper i’m tagging @hotgirlwizard @mountainboats @sunsetgoingdown @bunboyfriend @genderneutralsongs @queerspacerock @warmcupsofcoffee @teddyaltman @tastykake @throughthedark @philtatoslouis @almimighty @softlyshine @dirtydannydevito @ferninism @fullmoonlesbian @hermionegaynger @lesbianlostboy @linmanuelmiranda @moirarty @clemoji @conscious–ramblings @cordeliachace @vansandburberry @birdonahotdog @birdalmighty and anyone else who wants to do it ❤️ figured we could use some cheering up!!!

i love people who r good at expressing affection in a nice normal way tbh like people who can just hug people & give compliments & tell people how much they mean to them & shit like that,, like i never learned how to do that so my idea of saying “i love u” is flipping someone off & throwing a tastykake at them,, maybe finger guns or a “fuck you, pissbucket” if im feeling extra warm & fuzzy

harry & louis as songs  us - regina spektor

they made a statue of us
and put it on a mountain top.
now tourists come and stare at us,
blow bubbles with their gum,
take photographs, have fun, have fun.

they’ll name a city after us.
and later say it’s all our fault.
then they’ll give us a taking to,
then they’ll give us a talking to,
cause they’ve got years of experience.

tumblr user tastykake eight minutes into episode four of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood: AW THIS EPISODE HAS A PUPPY AND A BABY! I LIKE THIS EPISODE! AW THATS SO CUTE! THIS IS MY FAVORITE! NINA IS SO SWEET! I LOVE THE PUPPY!

I guess it’s that time of year where I do my follow forever… :)

I wanted to give a special shoutout to a ridiculously lovely group of people who I have been especially grateful to know this year.  Not to get all sappy, but I’ve been so thankful for your friendship, and I love talking to you all.  I’ve shared so many laughs and good moments and headcanons and theories with all of you, and I truly can’t say thank you enough for putting up with me lmao.  So thank you, thank you, thank you to you all - you are all so incredibly lovely and I love you!

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And the rest of the lot I follow are very lovely, too :)  (Bolded are some super lovely people.)


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Happy Holidays to all of you! xx

I’m pretty close to hitting a ~milestone I didn’t ever think I’d hit, so I figured I’d appreciate the awesome people I follow and do a follow forever :)

These are the people that brighten my dash (and usually my life) on a daily basis, and I love y’all. <3 Bolded are my extra faves.  Thanks for being so lovelyyyy!


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