quiz meme thing, tagged by the-witchqueen. 

name: vivian 
birthday: january 31
star sign: aquarius (but i don’t care and once told someone i didn’t care and he said ‘that soooo aquarius)
height: 5′4
sexual orientation: i really really like ladies (and sometimes boys but mostly ladies)
favorite color: black or grey
time right now: 9:45pm
average hours of sleep: usually around 7 unless it’s the weekend and then either like 3 or 10.
lucky number: i don’t have one
happy place: my parent’s house or just in my bed 
number of blankets i sleep under: 2 but only 1 right now because it’s hot as balls
fictional character: ABIGAIL HOBBS, and richie gecko. 
famous person: gillian anderson at all times or idris elba at all times
celebrity crush: holland roden, lea seydoux, halsey, +1000 more
last movie i watched: from dusk till dawn (i am trash)
dream trip: the ice hotel in sweden
dream job: something to do with horror movies, but i love my current job.

um, idk who to tag at all so let’s go with: gideongordongraves, degaussers, sundayschild, houseoflecter, cosmoskiller, and amazingfuckingamy.