John Stamos (@johnstamos) and Linka                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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Tonight, we’re gonna have fun, fun, fun with the leader of The Beach Boys, Mike Love as he throws a summer beach blast, and everybody’s invited! With special guest Dan St. Germain and music from Sam Kogon! Attend live! Email thespecialwithout@gmail.com or watch online at 11pm EST! 

Somehow, Mike Love (the leader of The Beach Boys) has escaped his purgatorial prison and is celebrating the summer the best way he can! With a beach party! His buddy John Stamos will be there, as well as many surprises from his past!

Plus, we welcome special guest Dan St. Germain! A comedian you may have seen on Comedy Central’s Half Hour, Jimmy Fallon, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser and more! And a special performance by Brooklyn’s Sam Kogon!

Featuring John Reynolds, Colin Burgess, Dom Manzolillo, Madonna Refugia, Alyssa Stonoha, Tabitha Vidaurri, Phil Meister, Steve Whalen, Lucas Gardner and more!

Click here to watch LIVE tonight at 11pm!

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on John stamos's character? And his relationship with Chanel #3?

I can’t wait to see him in Scream Queens!
I don’t think much will come of it, maybe just a fling.

anonymous asked:

who started liking the other first? mark or tanya?

It was actually kind of love at first sight. Mark saw her around campus and thought she was really pretty and took three weeks to work up the courage to talk to her and Mark was the rich and popular bad boy with the motorcycle that Tanya always dreamed about. So I guess you could say Mark had actual feelings for her first and Tanya just kind of liked the idea of him, but then they went on a few dates and she really liked him and when they made it official they were both pretty sure they had found the love of their life.