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It's obviously there is a deformity there with her eye, glad she's able to do all the things she does with it. Those new head shots really aren't good. :/

So my guess is you want to talk about chloes ptosis because it seems you see it as a deformity and it makes her ugly which is so far from the truth so how about this the day your wack ass gets off anonymous and you take your dumbass opinion to
Forest Whitaker
Britney Spears
Carrie Underwood
Paris Hilton
Ashton Kutcher
Kristen Stewart
Taylor Lautner
Cindy Crawford
Lucy Liu
Lisa Marie Presley
Renee Zellweger
Melissa Joan Hart
Kate Bosworth who not only has ptosis but also heterochromia
Actually why stop at ptosis lets talk about all different deformities
Damon Wayans has a clubbed foot
Jennifer Garner has a deformed toe
John Stamos had a hernia so he has a f***** up belly button
Kesha was born with a tail
Taye Diggs had 12 fingers
Lily Allen has three nipples
Mila Kunis and Angelina Jolie have heterochromia
Andy Garcia was born with a deformed twin On his shoulder
Elizabeth Taylor was born with extra eyelashes
Denzel Washington has twisted fingers
Sanna lathan has ptosis and clubbed thumbs as does megan fox
Dj paul was born with a baby arm
So i guess when your dumb opinion begins to matter about chloes eye and many of these celebrites let me know

Your welcome

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Louis follows David Beckham but David follows Harry instead of Louis this is so funny just like the time Zayn tweeted John Stamos but John ignored him and tweeted about Harry lmao. Harry doesn't follow David or John...haryr must have that good bussy lucky niall.



Jesse & The Rippers Reunite

Jesse & The Rippers stop by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to perform a medley of their greatest hits, including the “Full House” theme.

JOHN STAMOS • WEDNESDAY, JULY 23 • 6:15pm ET / 3:15pm PT

He’s played with The Beach Boys and in his own band, Jesse & the Rippers. Now, the uncle you’ve always wanted stars in the new comedy, My Man Is A Loser, where he teaches men how to be better in relationships.

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