Meanwhile, as I have a normal chat with my new best friend Stacy London and momentarily cause a minor What Not To Wear-related panic.

How is this real life?

Fangirling out way too much. Will “you know where to tweet” look totally lame tomorrow? (Probably.) Irrelevant. Because #shetalkedtome and, even better, #shereadmyblog.

Is it worth it?

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London taught me the best lesson in shopping I’ve learned so far. They both stress to their clients on their show “What Not to Wear” how important it is to figure out the cost per wear! If you are purchasing something like a designer handbag that costs $1,000 and are only going to wear it once, I’d say it’s not worth it (unless of course you are wealthy and can). However, if it’s $1,000 and you are going to wear it twice a month for the next 5 years it is definitely worth the investment! Your cost per wear would be under $10! (And is definitely worth it to me!)