I took so many pics of Harley they can’t all fit in one post, so I apoligize if a few of these are repeats. These are what I consider to be the 10 best out of however many I shot. 

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And really they will probably make their way on here eventually :p But if I don’t plug me…then who will lol. 

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He couldn’t even venture a guess as to when it had started. He couldn’t even say for certain that it happened after that fourth case - the one with the poison and the young forger where the reporter actually had to testify. For all he knew, it could have started before then.

Everywhere he went now, he could spot Spark Brushel hiding. And now, he just felt paranoid. 

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i’ve complained about this 1000 times but idc

glee and their racist fucking writers still piss me off and i’m even more pissed off fandom let so much shit slide or even had the damn audacity to AGREE with their bullshit attitude towards characters of color

you’re a shitty fandom for that, for real