miles: i love you so much, you’re beautiful angel.

sylvie: t-thank you baby.. maybe we shouldn’t-oh! uh d-do anything? 

miles: that’s fine sweetheart, we don’t have to. i just like to see you flustered honestly (;

sylvie: i’m s-sorry i just think… y’know we’ve already waited all this time, it might as well be like.. special. i mean it’s going to be special regardless cause i’m with you  but.. maybe not in my pj’s after hanging out with sticky toddlers all night.

miles: i completely understand cutie, i’m fine with waiting.

sylvie: m-maybe… next weekend on our trip we could.. 

miles: that’d be nice cutie, don’t stress out about it ok? i’ll take care of you. 

sylvie: thank you for being patient mister..


sylvie: i think this a look for you, i’m gonna braid it everyday.

miles: are you now?

sylvie: yes (x and it’ll be soft and wavy when you take it out everyone will be like ‘damn sylvie’s boyfriend has some cool ass hair where can i find a man like that’, i’m telling you.

miles: you’re lucky you’re cute, no one else is allowed to touch it.

sylvie: you got that right buddy boy..

miles: i love you baby.

sylvie: i love you too mister, what are you doing-

miles: moving us off the floor? i thought you wanted to get comfy.

sylvie: oh ;-; 

the fact that ‘i found my place’ from lego ninjago movie only goes hard Like That once it gets to the “punch right, kick to the side, well, let me see you do the ninja slide” part is a crying shame because you know the whole song could’ve been an absolute rager but instead its just. idk ITS A GOOD SONG BUT LIKE. THE BOP POTENTIAL WAS SO HIGH…


athena: you guy’s are sure you’re okay? i’ll have my phone on in case there’s emergency-

sylvie: mom, we’re fine i promise. you guys go, you deserve a nice night out.

cole: we’re going to be late for our reservations sweetheart, they’ll be fine. 

athena: alright alright. i just worry ok?

sylvie: there’s legit nothing to worry about mom.

miles: if anything happens i have the jeep here, and we’ll call you. 

cole: see, don’t stress out angel it’s all taken care of. 

athena: fine, i love you kids. don’t kill your siblings while i’m away ok?

sylvie: love you guys too. havee funnnnnn.

athena: i will once i get a few drinks in me.

cole: come on loser, let’s go.

Carousel mini blurb #2

In case you missed it. I don’t know what this is

A drabble? A headcanon? A little glimpse of Carousel Yoongi on his lonely night

Inspired by Yoongi playing his piano on the recent comeback video


Timelapse of Star Trails over Sparks Lake, Oregon