@souljaboy tellem

  • Lance: *to camera* Whenever Allura asks me for the latin names of any of our plants, I just give her the names of rappers.
  • Allura: What's this Lance?
  • Lance: Those are of course, tomatoes. Or souljaboy tellems.
  • Allura: And those over there?
  • Lance: Those are some diddies. There's some bonethugs and harmoniums right there.
  • Allura: Growing beautifully.
  • Lance: Those ludacrises are coming in great.
the signs as parks and recreation quotes

i’m sure this has already been done but here’s my interpretation :-)

aries: “there’s only one thing i hate more than lying. skim milk. which is water, that is lying about being milk.” - ron swanson

taurus: “no, i am not crying, okay? i’m allergic to jerks!” - andy dwyer

gemini: “i heard sack of flour and high school. are you dingdongs making fake drugs for sophomores?” - jean-ralphio saperstein

cancer: “hey honey. good morning, how did you sleep? i adopted 32 cats and dogs. do you want pancakes?” - leslie knope

leo: “i love leslie. i want to be with her and i don’t want to hide the way i feel about her anymore. so, yes, it was worth it, because i’m in love with leslie knope.” - ben wyatt

virgo: “waffles, friends, work.” - leslie knope

libra: “coming here, crashing on your couch for a week, cuz ~technically i’m homeless~!”
- jean-ralphio saperstein

scorpio: “my body’s like a chip too. a potato chip.” - ann perkins

sagittarius: “i can convince small children that i’m a witch.” - april ludgate

capricorn: “damn jerry, you jumped in a creek for a burrito? what would you do for a klondike bar? kill your wife?” - leslie knope (imitating tom)

aquarius: “whenever leslie asks me for the latin names of our plants, i just give her the names of rappers. those are, of course, tomatoes. or souljaboy tellems. those are some diddies. there’s some bonethugs and harmoniums right there. those ludacrises are coming in great.”
- tom haverford

pisces: “you poetic, noble, land mermaid.”
- leslie knope