Thanks for the idea, @janicus, have a sketch! As soon as I can play Dark Souls 3, there will be more “Undyne, the Undying – Head of the Royal Guard” haha (I thought her original position is more fitting since she isn’t really a queen). But I need the inspiration first, I guess @__ @





This Is What Highly Conscious People Talk About (Interesting)

The following is an excerpt from the movie, My Dinner with André where once again, an important message is hidden in plain sight. Pay close attention to the part where Andre talks about the pockets of light appearing all around the world because this is happening right now as each person awakens.

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VGM » Favorite Bosses [4/?] - NAMELESS KING
The Nameless King, King of the Storm, rider of the Stormdrake. He is one of the final bosses of the game, optional, yet what has come to pass after his defeat reveals a great and terrible secret of which has been a mystery since the first Dark Souls game. The Nameless King is the First Born Son of Lord Gwyn. Rather than try to persuade you with theories, I will show you the proof.


i’m never gonna get over this