We had a Grammy after party and a birthday party for Kelly Rowland on Sunday. Everyone keeps asking, “Where’s Michelle? Where’s Michelle?”. She was there. Who do you think is taking all the pictures? She was also great at watching everyone’s coats and purses. 

NAME: Hope or Sol
AGE: 18
WITCH BLOG: sol-terra-luna (It’s shared but I’m pretty sure my sisters don’t even use it so)
PREFERRED COMMUNICATION METHOD: skype, text, tumblr, email- whatever you’re most comfortable with

  • Divination
  • Herbs (and just kitchen/green witchery in general)
  • Crystals/Stones
  • Sigils/Runes
  • Spells
  • Astrology/Moon magic
  • Storm/Weather magic
  • Meditation/Astral Projection

GODS/GODESSES WORSHIPPED: None (at the moment), I’m secular

OTHER INFORMATION: I’m interested in learning just about anything basically. It’d be great to have a friend or mentor to talk to/ teach me about witchcraft.


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