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this is not love, this is atrophy. 
i know this. where i am soft, 
he is calling me malleable. it is easier
to bend than bruise but still, i am 
never bent enough. never simple or
silent or grateful enough for his fingers
against my tender. he says choose:
his mouth or highway traffic. 
he knows what i’d rather. 

we build the coffin together. 
i have never been so sorry 
for anybody’s hands.

– from ATROPHY by s.o.

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i honestly have a problem, i literally love namjoon and it's killing me 😭😭 i can't focus because all i can think about is him and i seriously need to stop 😭

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Happy Early Birthday dude, here’s your Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie :)

Thanks for being awesome, and I hope your birthday goes over well.

noah’s fence but from the minute maia got on the show yall have praised yourselves for being maia stans and yet have also reduced her to being your tough, sassy, black queen of the world and given like three seconds of attention to the fact that she’s an abuse surviving orphan with ptsd that was purposefully triggered by her father figure, was jailed for a crime she didn’t commit, was trapped in the seelie realm, and almost died with the rest of the downworld i’m not saying yall are fake woke af but yall fake woke af