Happy Birthday Taylor; my Vee, Wolfie and best friend.

You’re twenty-one! If you lived in America it might be a bit more exciting! HAHA, I kid, wherever you are, whatever age, it’s still going to be quite exciting–it’s you after all, right? Hey how long have we known each other now? I want to say four years, though I don’t think we started getting close until about two years ago? I haven’t kept track, I’ve just been enjoying the moments. When I first met you, I can actually remember very clearly thinking, “This girl is really cool.” and I think from day one we clicked very well, even if we didn’t exactly get super close right away. But you know us, once we start talking, we talk until we literally cannot any longer–whether that be due to needing sleep or one of us having to go for whatever reason. You are simply one of the greatest people I know and truly incredible. A lot of the time, I know you doubt yourself but I also know that I’ll always be around to kick your ass if need be. What kind of wolf doesn’t need an ass kicking every now and then, eh? 

You’re also a brilliant writer and the words you weave are always filled with every essence of you. Your creativity is vast like the ocean but not contained to the earth, it’s endless and when I think you can’t get any more spectacular, you come up with a new idea, a new concept, new story or new character and I am yet again drowning in your talent. You inspire me and you’re one of the biggest reasons I still write. If not for you, I might have given up a long time ago. I hope that one day you end up writing a book of some sort, there are so many people out there who could probably use some inspiration that only someone like you could manifest. In short Taylor, never stop writing. It’s who you are. You make words beautiful, you make creatures crawl out of them and seep into my mind, they take hold and they slip into my eyes and they show me something profoundly stunning. If you were an author, you would be one of my favorites. The same goes for your photography. Even the simplest of images can say something. If you ever print a portfolio out, I want to be the first one to get it! And it better be signed!

And you’re mad as a hatter. Absolutely crazy, fuckin’ bonkers, out of your mind at the best of times. But hey, all the best people are, right? It’s apart of your charm and even apart of your curse, but it makes you, you and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes when you talk to me, I definitely think you’re out of your mind and yet, me being me and being your best friend, I get it, and perhaps that means that I’m crazy too. But that’s what’s perfect about you and I, we seem to understand each other when other people can’t be bothered to explore the maze. Seriously though, you’re wonderful just as you are. Just ask Lilly, I think she would agree. And you have this huge, wildly empathetic heart, you’re full of warmth and concern, so much so that it can even be too much for you at times. You care so much for the people you love, even people you don’t know that well and to me, it’s always been a beautiful thing. You’re willing to do whatever it takes for those you love, you’ll fight your damn hardest for them, you’ll cry for them, you’ll yell at them too if you have too. You stand your ground for others even if your own ground is shaking.

Our friendship is something I will always cherish. From having tongue twister battles, to writing stories together for ten hours straight, to making each other sing stupid songs, to making you say garage more than once because I think it’s hilarious for whatever reason, from even having conversations with your mom, to you being able to hear my parents fart over webcam it’s so damn loud, to sharing ideas, and helping each other through the worst of times, to the really long emails, to the brief long distance text messages and to anything else that comes our way. You are my best friend and I love you more than any funny little post on tumblr can say. You give me strength and inspiration and even in the worst of moods, talking to you can always shine some sun out of the devils ass. Thank you for everything.

You might live in England but that doesn’t stop us from being closer than two twins strapped to the same straight jacket. I adore you Tay. I’ll always be here for you as you have been for me. Through thick and thin, good and bad, weird and way too weird. Everything. Happy Birthday, you are beautiful and deserve an amazing day.

Love, your Superman.