I am just one of many who feel personally attacked by this character and his design :I;;;;  enjoyed adorable Dream Daddy, and I have always been incredibly awed & inspired by Shanen/epsee’s artwork, so this is that put together ^-^


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Omg yesssss I freaking looooove Mary in Dream Daddy so far. Im not super into the game yet but gosh she is one of my favorite characters. To me at the BBQ she just seems tired but still watching her kids and the more I find out about her marriage the more Im like gurl you drink your cup of wine and you do you cause youre doing foine.

For sure, i love her a lot and clearly she means alot to Robert and Damien. To be honest seems she’s stuck in a bad relationship literally and she’s doing God’s work scaring the boys away from her husband’s reaches.

But thirsty masses would rather bang satan than give a great girl a chance to even be friendly with you. I could only imagine how tormented she is that she’s called the terrible one. I’d be wasted 24 hours too.

Though i find it poetic that the thirsty players also get the torment they justly deserve.

Robert bangs him= Constant reminder he banged Satan and is pretty much a terrible person/parent that he thought he was.

Mary bangs him = She’s trapped in a marriage she cant escape and birthing many antichrists and no one believes her so she chases men away from the very idea of cheating.

You bang him = haha you can’t have him and he knows you want to but he’s with that girl you hated all this time still while you watch them all suffer.

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Does Teru's incorrect bug guess hold any more meaning than him just getting bugs wrong?

i don’t think so! 

ok let’s talk about the bugs they were hunting.

the cursed “giant stag beetle” (大鍬形 “ookuwagata”) is probably the species Dorcus hopei. it’s big, and it has big mandibles with horns on top, and it’s big.

the “sawtooth stag beetle” (鋸鍬形 “nokogirikuwagata”) is the species Prosopocoilus inclinatus and it’s reddish-brown with some amazingly gnarly curved mandibles.

when teru says he found a female “rhinoceros beetle” (甲虫 “kabutomushi”), species Trypoxylus dichotomus, he thinks it’s a female because instead of bearing that species’ signature manly headgear, it’s just got a normal unadorned head. unfortunately, females of cool species aren’t the only ones with normal heads, and ritsu informs him that it’s actually a “drone beetle” (金蚊 “kanabun”) of the species Pseudotorynorrhina japonica. i translated that as “june bug” because when i saw pictures of the drone beetle in question, i noticed that it looks extremely similar to the big green june bug beetles that fly around where i live (species Cotinis nitida). so i thought that people were more likely to picture the right kind of thing when they read “june bug” rather than “drone beetle” because who’s ever heard of a drone beetle anyway. don’t picture those smaller reddish june bugs though. (also i feel for teru in this situation because i too have mistaken a random big-ish normal-headed beetle* for a female rhinoceros beetle. rip)

the “miyama stag beetle” (深山鍬形 “miyamakuwagata”), species Lucanus maculifemoratus, looks pretty similar to a Dorcus except for its mean bifurcated head and mean bifurcated mandibles. it’s pretty rad

for the final bug mentioned, i confess that i assigned the common name “mini stag beetle” to it, as it doesn’t seem to have a common name in english. Dorcus rectus (小鍬形 “kokuwagata”) looks pretty much exactly like Dorcus hopei except for the fact that it’s about 1/3 of the size. that’s why it was “not quite” what they were looking for.