Headcanon of being Damian’s S/O

Start of relationship

  • It’s AWKWARD
  • He doesn’t know what to do because he’s NEVER been in a relationship 
  • he’s cautious about what he does with you 
  • the boys never been in a relationship, it’s weird for him
  • cute dates
  • he’ll treat you like a TEMPLE

Kissing and Cuddling

  • God this boy may be a Wayne but lord is he awkward
  • YOU had to make the first move 
  • He was afraid he’d fuck something up
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • He still asks you that question
  • but there are time where he’d just kiss you out of the blue
  • poooosible make out sessions 
  • usually after patrol or even before
  • (you two have been caught a few times before it could go too far)
  • he like didn’t care
  • you were on his bed reading a book and he suddenly plops into bed and snuggled up next to you 
  • he really likes to cuddle, especially when he’s very stressed


  • He plans so many dates
  • the first one he took you on was rather simple
  • the next few he planned HARD
  • he’s worried he messes things up because ya’know
  • he has habits
  • but he spends so much time planning and wants everything to be perfect
  • its really cute
  • it usually ends with you exhausted and passed out on his bed

I thinks thats it! hope you like it!

what the actual fuck is going on with wilson’s arms: a study

Clearly this is the most important issue I could be talking about right now.
In all seriousness though, as an artist, it can be a little frustrating when trying to figure out what is ‘on model’ for a character, so let me illustrate it for you:

In game Wilson has these white outlines on his fingers that make it look like he’s wearing the ever popular “fingerless-gloves” look…

But in his DST emotes you can see his hands better though… so maybe he’s just got these black cartoon limbs… BUT WAIT

here at least his hands are flesh toned and his arms just match the rest of his scribbliness. They look downright normal. So, he has normal bare arms and his in game art is just extra scribbly? 


So what is the true form of wilson’s arms?

the answer is fuck you

wilson’s arms don’t care and neither should you

anonymous asked:

You know what would be great? The bros giving their s/o piggyback rides! That's what would be great.

I like the way you think, anon! 😌 The bros giving their s/o piggyback rides would be great. The innocence of it makes my little heart soar. I specifically included plenty of fluff for your sweet self. Enjoy ❀

{ P.S. Music reccomendations are included for each individual heacannon if a tune is what you need to achieve optimal immersion }


Song: “Northern Wind” by City and Colour

  • Although Noct’s laid back attitude would lead you to believe that he isn’t too thrilled with any kind of interpersonal intimacy, whether it be emotional or physical, it turns out that behind closed doors our sleepy prince is quite the closet cuddler
  • He can’t get enough of the fuzzy feeling he gets from holding or being held by another person (I wonder if he prefers being the big or small spoon..)

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summer-land  asked:

Heeey, so requests are open, right? Can you do a scenario of each RFA celebrating MC's birthday (like what they would do, the gift..)? Today is my birthday, but my day has been a mess so far t.t maybe this can make it better.. XP thanks

AAAHHHH I AM SO SORRY D: if i would of seen this sooner it would of been answered!! I am honestly so so sorry and happy belated birthday :x im sorry :( 



  • this boy has been planning your boyfriend for months already. Best believe your birthday bash is going to be amazing :’D
  • Jaehee helps him find a venue and everything because he needs it to be perfect. If it isn’t up to his standards best believe he will cuss everyone out. He will be a birthdayzilla LOL
  • A week before your birthday, he already had everything picked out….. your dress….heels….necklace….earrings… EVERYTHING.
  • He even got a matching colors as your dress because y'all gonna slay.
  • So it’s the day of your birthday and it’s literally like those award shows with red carpets because he invited all his actor friends and because they found out Jumin is going THE WHOLE MEDIA IS WONDERING WHO IS GONNA BE HIS DATE
  • it’s Elizabeth 3rd wearing a tiara
  • Anyways
  • The dance is going amazing… the food there is to die for…. you literally had a hall full of presents.
  • You said goodnight to everyone and you guys put the presents in the trunk and back seat of the car and went home.
  • You opened up every gift and texted the RFA thank you with a picture of you with the gift
  • But there was one more gift…. from your man
  • He came out of the room with this cute brown box and then you heard him talking to the box
  • He gave it to you and the box open itself
  • it was the best birthday every
  • You were crying
  • He was happy
  • Just a beautiful day in general C: 


  • JESUS Christ this man planning his princess/kitten birthday !!??!!!! Best believe your birthday will be on top 10 most expensive birthday bash
  • He literally bought 15 private jets…. why you may ask? BECAUSE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS GONNA BE IN THE FUCKING BAHAMAS. yes bitch yes. Daddy juju gonna go all out for his kitten.
  • So no one has no excuse of not going to your birthday because transportation AND resort stay is provided.
  • God i love him :’) he is so considerate
  • He told everyone in the RFA to pack suitcases for about a 3 week stay and he told you to pack for about a month and he told the rest of the guest to pack for a 1 week stay.
  • You were like holy shit !?!?!? Everyone in the RFA was like HOLY SHIT.
  • Yoosung was complaining he didn’t have nice clothes so FUCKING JUMIN SENT A LIMO OUT TO EVERYONE SO THEY CAN BUY THE SHIT THEY NEED AND ITS ON HIM. Yoosung was already waiting by the door. Seven was outside waiting for the limo. Saeran was having the security cameras to see when the limo will come. Jaehee was already in the limo. Everyone was fucking ready to slay your birthday.
  • He personally shut down a mall for you for a day and the rest of the members so y'all can shop in peace
  • The day came to celebrate your day :’) and he was smiling so hard
  • Everyone arrived at the Bahamas and the moment you guys landed the party begun.
  • It was a huge celebration…. Jumin was crying in the inside because he would do anything to see you smile
  • The RFA had a private party for you after the huge party was over.
  • Everyone gave you their gift and you thanked them and opened it
  • You hugged everyone and proceeded to go to the presidential suite at the resort
  • Jumin was holding your hand all the way and you were feeling him sweat!?!!!!?!? 
  • When you guys got to the suite it was full of different color rose petals and on top of the bed it had a heart shape rose petal
  • There was beautiful lights everywhere and you staring at awe
  • You looked back at your man and he was in one fucking knee
  • He proposed to you with a big ass diamond ring and confessed everything to you
  • You cried and said yes and he cried and then y'all made love c: 


  • Two words
  • Space Station
  • He literally asked Jumin for help to rent out a space station
  • He had a photo booth inside the space station
  • A bouncy house !!??!!!
  • Face painters!!!! It was just an adorable party
  • those people who can make those animals with balloons :O!!!! 
  • The party was fairly small because it was only you and the RFA and your family ( if you wanted to bring them )
  • So you guy were having a blast :’) everything was fun yet it felt like home
  • Everyone was in their easy going ( commoner clothes) because you didn’t want a fancy party
  • You only wanted to be surround by the people you love
  • SO EVERYONE was loose and having a GOOD TIME!! Even Saeran was smiling and laughing
  • The best thing about your birthday is that it was the day of a meteor shower. So the roof opened and you saw the beautiful bright stars and you were waiting for the meteor shower to start.
  • It was about to start soon and the RFA was getting their cameras out and you were thinking to take pictures of the shower but no
  • Jaehee was crying and you were like !!?!!!?!?!
  • You looked behind you and you saw saeyoung crying
  • He went down on one knee and asked you to marry him
  • You said yes and right when you guys kissed the meteor shower was happening :’)


  • It was an LOL theme party :’D
  • All the other guild members from other areas were invited
  • Oh and the RFA too
  • It was basically a costume party xD
  • So the RFA had to dress up as characters from the LOL universe
  • It was honestly the most hilarious thing ever because zen, Jumin, and Jaehee were having serious faces. Like there were like O-O like SO serious. You couldn’t even find a smile UNTIL YOU SHOWED UP :D
  • You decided to hang out more with the RFA during the party because you felt bad because it was out of their comfort zone.
  • Then yoosung felt bad because he thinks you didn’t like the theme of the party
  • You had the comfort him saying that you actually love it but you just wanted to hang out with the RFA
  • Then you had to sit on a throne and everyone was giving you their gifts
  • Then it was yoosung the GRAND FINALE
  • he gave you this velvet box and it was a beautiful necklace :’) you knew he spent every nickel he had because he was so worried you didn’t love it
  • You put it on and thanked him for giving you the world
  • Both of y'all cried
  • Everyone took pictures.

Jaehee *spoilers*

  • Your birthday party was at the coffee shop that the both of you guys owned C:
  • It was a simple yet comfy party
  • It honestly felt like home
  • It was just how the both of you guys liked it…. simple
  • The whole RFA was there and even Elizabeth 3rd because you insisted that she had to be there
  • You guys were enjoying home made cake, cookies, and muffins :’)
  • Everyone was having an amazing time
  • Then everyone gave you their presents for you and you opened it and thanked everyone
  • Expect a SHIT ton of selfies happening :’)
  • V is taking pictures and he is actually enjoying having his sight back because he can see his unique family happy
  • Then it was time for Jaehee gift
  • You opened the box and it was a beautiful key necklaces ( OKAY REMEMBER WITH HER GOOD END THAT SHE GAVE YOU A KEY OKAY THIS IS LIKE A NICE LOOKING KEY)
  • She said that you always had the key to her heart C’:
  • You guys kissed and V TOOK pictures :’D
[LYRICS] Bang Yongguk - AM 4:44

The heavy weight carried on two shoulders
Nobody would know how scary the mask I wear is
I don’t even know what I traded my passion for in place of everyone’s cheers
For what am I insisting on trying so hard for to keep on running
Feeling inferior and guilty are what’s left reality is rising and blocking my throat
What is what if the card life has thrown at me is really right
Others judge for me what is so simple
The lyrics I put my heart into isn’t worth reading to them
Everyone wants to chase after money and fame
In the end my lyrics are trash letters GO AWAY
Why do they all only look at me close mindedly Whatever I did to walk enthusiastically the world
To them was hypocrisy trying to holding his head up in pride
People stared at the young child like he was dumb adults shamelessly worry for you after stepping, ripping, and making you fall over yeh
Values surrounded with money their crooked compass
Don’t try to defend me until the end I rather leave than become like someone like them
Respect toward my dongsaengs who thought it was happiness and ran
To me above the night sky reverence for my grandfather in my heart

Every night my song flows
It’s no use this is just my confession
To my grandfather’s arms I will go back
I know it I know it I know it I am in need

Everyone go away Everyone go away
This damned world everyone go away
Everyone go away Everyone go away
Sympathetic stares everyone go away
Everyone go away Everyone go away
I don’t need love everyone go away
Everyone go away Everyone go away Everyone go away

Every night I spend my lonely nights with bad thoughts
No one needs to hold me so I shut my mouth tight
With a glass of soju I anesthetize the sadness in the end it’s all one thing
I don’t even remember any more just what a dumb shit like me is
I wanted to live without an ounce of shame to my hyungs and dongsaengs no matter what I did
The assholes who ruined this are living with their bellies full
Just as they don’t pay attention to the victim mentality they have left behind
To try to forget all the ignorant ones is like empty dust
Just like the pills in my left hand my love has also left me
My fans hold my two hands and hold me so I won’t fall
I know I want to leave and put down the weight of reality that trapped me and just cry
I think I need it I’m my own refuge right?

Every night my song flows
It’s no use this is just my confession
To my grandfather’s arms I will go back
I know it I know it I know it I am in need

When you’re feeling the loneliest and having a hard time from this world
I will pat your shoulder you can lean into me then
However, whenever I am having a hard time so that you won’t even be interested
Get far away from me, all the words of comfort is meaningless
The meaning of ‘hurt’ to me, no way only to the people full of lies
Everynight I suffer through nightmares, leave me alone
i’m just doin ma things

Every night my song flows
It’s no use this is just my confession
To my grandfather’s arms I will go back
I know it I know it I know it I am in need
Everyone go away Everyone go away
This damned world everyone go away
Everyone go away Everyone go away
Sympathetic stares everyone go away
Everyone go away Everyone go away
I don’t need love everyone go away
Everyone go away Everyone go away Everyone go away Everyone go away

trans cr; nicole & woojung @ baptrans ; take out with full credit

French grammar - future tenses! The simple future - le futur simple

The future simple is used to express:

  • Something that you intent to do
  • Thoughts for the future

The simple future is mostly used to discuss distant future events, or for general discussion. 

The simple future is constructed by taking the infinitive verb and adding the following ending for all verb groups:

  • je (infinitive stem + ai) = j’aimerai 
  • tu (infinitive stem + as) = tu aimeras
  • il/elle/on (infinitive stem + a) = il/elle/on aimera
  • nous (infinitive stem + ons) = nous aimerons
  • vous (infinitive stem + ez) = vous aimerez
  • ils/elles (infinitive stem + ont) = ils/elles aimeront

Note: for -RE verbs, drop the e before adding the ending.

Irregular verbs:

For irregular verbs in the simple future, the endings are always as above, however the verb stem changes. Some common irregular verbs are:

  • être = ser- (je serai)
  • avoir = aur- (tu auras)
  • aller = ir- (il/elle/on ira)
  • faire = fer- (nous ferons)
  • vouloir = voudr- (vous voudrez)
  • pouvoir = pourr- (ils/elles pourront)