Simon LeBon walks into a bar… - Saturday, August 25, 2012 - The Revel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Duran were supposed to play a concert at Revel on this night, but Nick Rhodes became ill and the show was cancelled last minute. I was actually going to see the show with my mom that night…it was a girl’s night out…she had never been to a Duran show even though I had been seeing them live for 25 years. We had met up with some of my friends at before the show and we were waiting for the doors to open when we got news of the cancellation. It was surreal. We couldn’t believe it.

To console ourselves and still try to salvage the night, my friends and I went to one of the bars in the casino to have a drink and just when we were getting ready to leave for the night, we found out that Simon and Dom were hanging out at ANOTHER bar inside the casino, so we made a mad dash through the slot machines to the other bar. Simon wasn’t signing autographs nor posing for pictures, so I had to take this picture with no flash while holding my phone over my head (I lightened it in Photoshop, so it’s very grainy). Just after this was taken, he left the bar and my mom started following him to find out where he was going. After all the years my friends and I spent carefully following Duran so that we wouldn’t be noticed, my mom was totally obvious and practically next to him while he was walking. My friends and I were hysterically mortified. He ended up walking through the casino with one of the women he had been talking to and they went to a restaurant on the other side of the gaming floor. 

After Simon was in the restaurant, my friends and I debated whether or not we should go in and bother him while he was eating. I decided to take the plunge…what was the worst that could happen? He’d get mad and tell me to go away? So I went in, apologized for bothering him, and then showed him the picture of he and I together in Canada from 1987 (elsewhere on my tumblr blog) that I had downloaded to my phone. He started laughing, grabbed my arm, and nearly fell off his chair when I reminded him it was 25 years ago that we had taken that picture. I told him my mom still shows people that picture today and tells everyone that she think he looks like my brother. He looked at the picture again and said “tell your mum she’s absolutely right!”. Then he thanked me for sharing that with him because it cheered him up. I thanked him for his time and left him alone to eat in peace. 

Yet another night of Duran that I will never forget. 


Duran Duran - Lonely In Your Nightmare

Simon is just as beautiful now as he was then….Simon is the most exciting man in the world, I love his dreamy eyes and voice. Perfect man.  

And John is also as beautiful now as he was then and I love his hair and he is the best bass player in the world. And I love Duran Duran.


December 1990: I know that you can’t see his face, but this is Simon LeBon, leaving a studio in London where Duran were recording. He came out of the studio wearing full leathers and wearing his helmet (the visor was up at one point, but I was too excited to take pictures).

I wish I was into motorcycle back then…it took me another 18 years before I started riding. The motorcycle is a Yahama TDM 850.


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Duran Duran & Naomi Campbell shooting “Girl Panic” video

My Own Creation

My Favorite Rock Star

You’re my favorite Rock Star 

so I want to be a Rock Star too

I’ll do anything I can
just so I can meet you
I’ll travel the globe near and far
For a chance to meet my favorite Rock Star

I see your pictures in the magazines
I hear your voice on your CD
Believe me I’m your number one fan
I dream of singing backup in your band
We can make beautiful music under the stars
Come'on makes dream of your number one fan come true, my Rock Star

You’re the only Rock Star in my dreams
Your pictures hangs on my bedroom wall
My friends all say I will never get far
with my dreams to meet you my favorite Rock Star

“My love for you is pure, strong and true and nothing gonna change my love for you! You are forever in my heart and I will always love you! My Favorite Rock Star! I love you”.  XD.