It’s hard right now. I can’t stand social media, I can’t stand what they’re looking at. I can’t stand what they think is reality. Unfortunately, kids don’t care. They don’t care. They have to see something that’s going to scare them. They need to see something that’s frightening. I want them to understand it. I would do anything to be able to have a good influence on this generation but I definitely relate to everything that was going on.


The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

I have exactly one life. And for reasons I myself don’t really understand, I now believe that life will not be fulfilled unless I am standing at the bottom of the world’s deepest pit with you two perverts. And this beautiful mom-to-be. So, start the car. We’re going to the fucking pit.”

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me reach 5k, never would’ve imagined I would have so many followers…who ended up being friends..even family to me. A lot has changed over the past 2.5 years since Taylor followed me. For instance, she was my 100th follow on a blog I had been running (pretty poorly) for 2 years. You’ve all shared your memories with me, and made life so much sweeter and more enjoyable! I hope all the best for you in the future, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us!

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“Whenever you have a goal, whether you want to be a doctor or a singer, people will find a way to bring you down. I always tell people that if you have something you’re really passionate about, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”