(in case you can’t really read my ugly cursive)

Just some tumblr people I wish that I could know in real life

  • @luanlegacy
  • @tronglegacy
  • @itsjakewong
  • @purple-platypus-bear
  • @ryanisawake
  • @lil-errrk
  • @claimmeasrobert
  • @candoykevin
  • @foreverstitchhh
  • @jesses3xual
  • @anthonysayswhat
  • @sincerely-t
  • @kazawaki
  • @ayeeitsmikeyy
  • @ohshitjoshua
  • @kayris-got-it
  • @ericloveshugs
  • @mikeisasian
  • @markmejia

Don’t judge. I got bored during AP Euro one day and decided to start this list. There’s a few more, but I didn’t wanna use the last line. Aha. Technically, @anthonysayswhat and @kayris-got-it shouldn’t be on there, but I felt like I should include them.