you cannot sit me down and tell me that Valentina was overrated and untalented. You cannot tell me that the judges hyped her up for no goddamn reason. Valentina is a great performer and artist. She did great in every challenge. They do the same thing with Shea because they both fucking SLAY this competition and the judges see that. Don’t come for Valentina even when she OPENLY ADMITTED to fucking herself over and took responsibility for herself. Also all you dumbass 13 year old fans need to stop coming for NINA because she had her shit together and MURDERED that lip sync !!!! I love Valentina and Nina; show some fucking respect for people

Reasons to love Katya:

- Literally super smart, like underrated-ly smart
- Such a positive person
- when she laughs sometimes and she just gets up and leaves while cackling
- Super flexible bendaroo realness
- The only high class Russian whore
- super open about her past (i.e: addiction) and talks about it candidly (even the relapses)