Can we take a second to appreciate how well Shea took losing? She slayed the shit out of the competition, was the only Queen in 9 seasons to match Sharon’s 4 wins, she was practically ready to take the crown and when she lost to Sasha, she was so gracious and supportive and just the best sport ever. If I’d been in her heels, I can’t say I wouldn’t have taken a huge shit on Ru’s shoes before leaving the stage. Like she had so much reason and justification to be bitter and she wasn’t at all. That’s just fucking class act. But congrats to Sasha also, she did amazing in the competition too and I know she’ll do great things in her reign. 👌🏻👑


  HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, SASHA VELOUR   (June 25, 1987) 

I’m an over-thinker with a fighter’s spirit. I hope my legacy is that sometimes that level of thought is an asset, especially now in this political moment, because this political moment is very anti-intellectual, anti-information, and anti-historical. Clearly, I love queer history, learning, thinking about things really hard, and having these discussions about them… I hope that’s my legacy: this serious person with a tough veneer is about all these things, about what queer culture has been and should be, because we need that in order to combat from this political era. We need a historical, political kind of drag.”