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#cars #ferrari (at Rovaniemi, Finland)

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I’m so excited!

I’ve been waiting for 7 months for my trip to Lapland. I have never counted down the days for anything before. But I swear that I did this time. 

I’ve wanted to visit Finland ever for 14 years and for various reasons, couldn’t make it happen. I have been planning this trip for 3 years, and only this year it came to fruition. I am so so so excited. I am literally counting the minutes. 

Even the fact that I might miss 2 episodes of Major Crimes (which is something I haven’t done since the show began) doesn’t bother me that much (maybe because I plan on bringing my laptop with me and watch it at 3 AM lol).


1993. Drawing Down the Moon

is the debut album by band Beherit. It was released in November 1993. The album is notable for its usage of space-like synth sounds and occasional use of computer-altered vocals.

the band formed in 1989 by three young musicians from Rovaniemi, Lapland; vocalist and guitarist Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance (Marko Laiho), bassist Daemon Fornication and drummer Sodomatic Slaughter (Jari Pirinen). The band released three demos the following year and also gathered reputation for their live shows, which included pig heads and goats on stage.

The weird combination of sparse futuristic effects and ancient ritualistic sounding songs give this album a very timeless and demented atmosphere that is very unexpected for music this devoid of subtlety. After many listens I realized that Drawing Down the Moon is not just an ass-kicking metal album but also an evil ambient album that will manage to entertain me for many years to come. this is Beherit’s best-known and most influential album.

kaveri: mitä sää kuuntelet




Nanna Hänninen (Finnish, b. 1973, Rovaniemi, Finland) - 1: Home (after Viktor Barsokevitsch 1893-1927), 2013  2: People IV, 2012  3: Object I, 2011  4: People III, 2012  5: Barn (After Viktor Barsokevitsch 1912), 2013  6: Ashore I (Pine, Water, Stone), 2012  7: Strange Halo, 2012   Digital C-prints on Diasec mounted on MDF with Oak Frames