Jack Frost

I just realized someone I didn’t include on my list but love to whump - anyone else love some Jack Frost whump? 

I just love him so much and he’s just so… whumpable, both physically and emotionally. Even though he’s centuries old, compared to the other Guardians he’s extremely young, and not just his physical appearance. He’s young, reckless, and used to being alone and forgotten.
My favorite type of Jack Frost whump - Jack gets hurt, hides it because he’s still so used to dealing with things on his own, and ends up collapsing. Cue freaking out Guardians. 

jflicker  asked:

Le gasp! Rise of the Guardians?! BRO FIST! It also leads me to ask...what are your favorite tropes and pairings in RotG?

xD Tbh I have a soft spot for the fandom gen, but I’ll read pretty much any pairing, because all the characters are golden. Same with tropes, though I do avoid the ones with excessive angst. It’s just not my thing.