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Modern Worshippers: Hel [Requested by Anon]

Quietly watching with bones around their neck, in their ears, on their clothes that softly clink. They’re surprisingly wonderful hosts, having a quick recipe or two on hand to whip up should someone come over. They go to funerals of people who had no one left, leaving white roses to bloom. Never making a fuss, screaming or wailing. They know the end comes no matter what you do and the finality is a soothing comfort, sharpening the importance of every action while they are alive.

Because She will always get what is Her due.


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Open RP with Carter.

Carter smirked up and tapped his foot impatiently as he watched the titan slowly lower itself to his height, “Whats wrong big guy? Too much of a job for you? How’s about I come and meet you instead?” Chuckling, he pulled out his blades, holding them backwards so the tips were facing him, and activated his gear, attaching himself to the titans shoulder he swung around, cutting through the nape of its neck and standing on its shoulder blade, “See? Was that so hard? Ha!” He detached the dull blades from their holders and sighed, “Now where is everybody else?”


Josh Hutcherson hugs Chloe Grace Moretz after winning the 2014 Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy on August 10, 2014

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