Women Are Making Their Voices Heard In Male-Dominated Japanese Politics
Japan is known for its closed, heavily-male political and business worlds. But three women have recently assumed prominent political posts. Is it a sign of changing times?

This triumvirate of ladies is notable in Japan, where women are expected to be the ones running homes and not businesses or the country. But biases persist. For the opposition party leader, her bra size was listed on her Wikipedia page. For the Tokyo mayor, the amount of makeup she wore was a campaign criticism.


1987年9月18日号 週刊宝石

1992年6月25日 朝日新聞

1993年2月6日号 週刊現代 

1993年3月16日 朝日新聞

1997年 雑誌CREA

1999年8月号 雑誌グラツィア

2000年10月27日号 週刊ポスト

2004年 選挙広報「1985年、台湾籍から帰化」(ずっと二重国籍のまま → 最近の騒動へ)


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蓮舫氏を批判 「誤った見解で台湾傷つけた」=台湾・民進党議員


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2016年10月15日 「本日、日本国籍を選択した。」と発言。今までの全ての説明が虚偽だと判明した!!!!
What if Trump had double nationality? Would he be qualified as President? Renho admitted she had double nationality for over 30yrs.
And she has been making many different explanations about this issue.
She is either a liar or does not have credentials as a politician, or both.

Consider Sakamoto and Gintoki’s relationship for a second. Like how Gin calls Sakamoto Tastuma and how Sakamoto probably calls Gin Kintoki not because he forgets his real name, but because he knows it pisses Gin off and finds it funny. They absolutely care about each other and trust each other so much, even if Gin probably wants to kill Sakamoto more often than not and Sakamoto probably knows it. Never forget that Sakamoto wanted Gin to go with him into space, and that Gin encouraged him to go, saying the earth alone was too small for him, or that Sakamoto has said he knows Gin will always save him when he needs to be saved, or how fully he believes in Gin’s strength and willingness to protect what he cares about as seen in the Renho arc.

How To Watch Gintama (Beginners)

Character Introducion  // http://dakuyasha-kurotoki.tumblr.com/

Episode 1 - 4
Episode 7
Episode 12
Episode 13-14
Episode 15
Episode 22-24

Umibozu Arc - Episodes 40-43

Mother Arc - Episodes 54-55

Benizakura Arc - Episodes 58 - 61 // Or Benizakura Movie)

Fuyo Arc - Episodes 69-71

Yagyu Arc - Eisodes 76-81

Okita Mitsuba Arc - Episodes 86-87

(Owee Arc - Episodes 98-99 [OPTIONAL])

Shinsengumi Crisis Arc - Episodes 101-105

Yoshiwara in Flames Arc - Episodes 139-146

(Shinsengumi Death Game {PARODIES SAW MOVIES} - Episodes 148-149 [OPTIONAL])

Red Spider Arc - Episodes 177-181

Rokkaku Arc - Episodes 186-187

Diviner Arc - 195-199

(Santa Arc - Episodes 200-201 [OPTIONAL])

2 Years Later - Episodes 202 - 203 (not serious, but worth watching)

Samurai heart Arc - Episodes 210-214

(Bathhouse Episode 220 (BEWARE: CONTAINS DICKS)

Renho Arc - Episodes 232-236

-VACATION ARC (MUST WATCH // COMEDY) Epsiodes 237-238-

(Scandal Arc - Episodes 239-240 [OPTIONAL])

Baragaki Arc - Episodes 244-247


Kintama Arc - Episodes 253-256

Ikkoku Keisei Arc - Episodes 257-261

School of Beam Saber Arc - Episodes 262-264

(Dekoboko Arc - Episodes 275-277 [OPTIONAL])

Grim Reaper Arc - Episodes 279-281

Soul Switch Arc - Episodes 287-289

Patriot Reunion Party Arc - Episodes 452-454

Kaientai Arc - Episodes 290-291

Afro Arc - Episodes 294-295

(Faked Illness Arc - Episode 296-297 [OPTIONAL)

Odds or Evens Episode 215

Shogun Assassination Arc - Episode 300 - ???


The influx of Gintama seiyuu in One Piece Dressrosa arc: 

Kugimiya Rie: Kagura / Sugar

Yukino Satsuki: Otae / Koala 

Ishida Akira: Katsura / Cavendish

Furuya Tooru:  Elizabeth (Renho Arc) / Sabo

(Just had to create this because how often do you see all these Gintama seiyuu appearing all at once in another anime? ᗒᗨᗕ And their roles in One Piece are awesome)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how did sakamoto tatsuma manage to convince elizabeth to go to earth? or did he legitimately buy him when he visited the renho? do the renho have a slave trade system?? did tatsuma actually buy elizabeth's freedom like he did with the chidori slaves and send him to earth to start a new life? or did dark vader just order him to go with tatsuma as a part of their business deal? or did he just willingly leave even though he apparently mentioned the fact that he had a wife and kid out there somewhere at one point???? and how did the whole monday elizabeth thing become an arrangement? why did it become an arrangement? how did zura just so happen to stumble upon eli's doppelgänger and why did general eren agree to just fill in as his friend once a week? what kind of sketchy business deal is that? and what does eli do on mondays? does he go visit his wife and kid?? why does his unbreakable friendship with zura have a weekly schedule and vacation plan??? is his loyalty a sham?? does he get paid to be zura's friend?? is he only in it for the money? how can zura pay him if he doesn't have a real job??? is sakamoto the one signing his paychecks? does he still not hang out with zura on mondays even though monday elizabeth isn't around anymore? who IS elizabeth??????