The American Red Cross of Augusta has made a major impact on our community for many years. The Red Cross provides food, aid, and comfort during times of disaster, volunteer services, and emergency preparedness classes to local communities. 
Now, the American Red Cross is holding its annual HEROES Campaign and needs YOUR help. Your donation will go towards funding the mutiple programs and services that the Red Cross of Augusta provides to its community. Your donation will not only help the Red Cross, but it will also help the community and even more people. Every penny counts towards Team Eugie’s goal of $5000, so please donate any amount you wish! If you choose not to donate, please e-mail and share this link to any of your friends or family! Your support is important to us! Thank you so much! 

The Jacmel Orphanage Project is working to create housing and schools for the children of Haiti.  After the earthquake, these people lost everything and, yet, they have continued to fight.  There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a people, who have seemingly lost everything, survive. 

This song “Never Gonna Go Back Home” was inspired by the tragedy that brought them to their place of need.  I first played it at a benefit for the orphanage a while back.  This is a new recording of the song.

#Repost @britishredcross A message from the actor James McAvoy: “Many of us here in the UK, including myself have been moved by the images of devastation, coming from Nepal. The people there have had their lives, homes and livelihoods torn apart.

The British Red Cross Nepal appeal has already raised £3.7 million – but more is needed to help families and communities in Nepal to get through the next few weeks and months, recovering and rebuilding their lives.
The Red Cross is well known for helping communities abroad who are facing crisis and disaster – but they also do a fantastic job here in the UK supporting people through their health and social care work, assisting refugees and teaching First Aid to thousands every year. You can help them to continue this important work by supporting this year’s Red Cross Week, which has fundraising drives and events across the country. “

James is a long-standing supporter of the Red Cross. This photo was taken from his visit to Uganda with us in 2007.

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Saturday 19th May 1945

Post didn’t come till late, very busy. I stayed late and put some letters on the Dictaphone and did some AFCs. Got to Red Cross early, Stan came in… No band till 9.45 but I like dancing to the piano. All the boys sang.. it was like a party. Stan came to tram, meeting him tomorrow at 2.30.

A invite received by Edith to attend a dance at the Red Cross for the volunteers and the soldiers and sailors coming into Liverpool.

People are building a temporary shelter next to the ruins of their house near the city of Singati in Dolakha area.
Most of the houses collapsed during the #earthquake on the 12th of May, 2015. Dolakha is one of the most affected areas in #Nepal after the second earthquake, and in and around Singati almost all of the houses are now either completely or partially destroyed.
Photo: Mirva Helenius / Finnish Red Cross #Nepalearthquake #RedCross http://ift.tt/1F3Vwte

Monday 21st May 1945

Whitsun holiday

Took a few things to be cleaned this week. Gloves (1wk) coat (2-3 wks) green frock (4wks).Nicer day today, Podge came down this morning and we decided to go to New Brighton this afternoon, and the Tower tonight… Seems everyone had the same idea, thousands on tram queue… same on boats and getting tea! Decided not to stay to tower (its 4/- anyway) had tea and left at 9 o’clock. Stood in queue (in rain) 9.45- 11.20 (no kidding.) Fancy it raining after such a lovely day, my face got sun burnt.

The front page of Edith’s diary shows all the national bank and public holidays.