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Hey, do you know why Matt left? Why did Bob leave? James was a member, but he was never in band photos. Why didn't Jarrod become the official drummer? He would've been a nice addition to MCR. Why did Michael Pedicone leave? What are the ex-drummers doing now?

haha wowie, that’s a lot of questions, but here we go. (i am not sure if these are 100% correct, but they’re based off what i’ve read, heard, seen, et cetera)

Matt Pelissier- he was the original drummer of MCR and was actually the cofounder with Gerard. MCR did not disclose why Matt had been kicked out, but it is believed that he may have caused damage to their van and other belongings.

Bob Bryar- i don’t recall anyting specifically mentioned by MCR when they parted ways with Bob except they said it was a difficult desicion due to MCR agian not disclosing their reasoning. however, i have heard rumors that it was possibly due to an argument with other members or creative differences.

James Dewees- he was keyboardest during the Black Parade era as a touring member, so he would not have been in the pictures at the time. he did become an offical member after for Danger Days.

Michael Pedicone- Michael served as the replacement for Bob. allegedly, he was caught stealing from the band. MCR did not press charges, but he was then no longer part of the band.

Jarrod Alexander- he served as the temporary replacement drummer after Micheal because MCR had been on tour and needed to “carry on” (pardon my puns).

i believe most of these guys have done some stuff since MCR, however, i don’t know of anything off the top of my head.

hope that answers some of your questions!

Emo band members as things said at my school
  • Brendon Urie: I mean I'm straight but I would suck a dick
  • Ryan ross: I'm a bruised apple in the produce aisle of life
  • Spencer smith: *frantically shoving 7 dollars at me* buy me weed when you're in Oregon
  • Jon Walker: my ankle smells like grapes and weed
  • Dallon weekes: Jesus wouldn't treat me like this
  • Patrick stump: if I put my hoodie on inside out is the world wearing it
  • Pete wentz: my wife just had her baby and no, you can't call me daddy
  • Joe trohman: well this guy was totally wrong but he did predict some stuff and some other stuff
  • Andy Hurley: who the hell wrote the entire spongebob theme song on my board
  • Tyler Joseph: do you even inhale
  • Josh dun: fuck you im independent! No, wait, I need a ride home
  • Gerard way: I look cute today? Well you look dead as fuck dude
  • Frank iero: you want to be taller so you can dunk? *gets in your face* jump higher you inbred
  • Ray toro: if there's water in the air then how are we not dead
  • Mikey way: I'm always ready to be hit by a car
Stages of a Band Obession

•Hearing their music for the first time somewhere.
•liking the song
•loving the song
•looks up song
•listens to more songs from the band
•does research about the band
•"I like this band"
•to “I love this band”
•trying to get them to notice you
•jamming to them 27/10
•crying over them 28/11
•still obsessed with them in 50 years

2017 and new music
  • Fall Out Boy: new songs, tour
  • TØP: new songs
  • Paramore: new songs, tour
  • Imagine Dragons : new songs
  • P!ATD: Well Brendon's doing something.....
  • Me: looks at MCR
  • Me: ...................

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