CYOSTODA: Sam Picks Truth

Title:  CYOSTODA: Sam Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.

Word Count: 1060

Summary: The three of you celebrate the 1 year anniversary of you joining the Winchesters, and not dying, with fun and games.

Warnings: language, drinking, sexual innuendos, mentions of sex with another person, flirting at a whole new level

Link to the Choose Your Own Supernatural Truth or Dare Adventure MasterMess moderated by the amazing @littlegreenplasticsoldier

Part 1:  The Set Up by @littlegreenplasticsoldier

Part 2:  Dean Picks Dare by @eyes-of-a-disney-princess

Part 3:  Leah Picks Dare by @impalasutra

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CYOSTODA - Part 3: Leah Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam, and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA

Word Count: 701

Warnings: Swearing, explicit talk of sex (though no one has sex - think Dean talking at the abstinence meeting in 9.08 and kick it up a notch or two)

Choose Your Own Supernatural Truth Or Dare Adventure Mastermess
Or, here’s how you can follow the thread to my corner of the story:
Part 1: Setup - @littlegreenplasticsoldier
Part 2: Dean Picks Dare - @eyes-of-a-disney-princess

Part 3 - 

“OK, Leah, guess you’re up.  Truth or Dare?”

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Islands MAP Participants

Some of you have already seen us working, but it’s because I’ve already contacted the participants! Everyone we contacted have finally accepted their spot on in the MAP and I’m so happy to let you guys know the roster <3

Part 1 - @cosmicowly
Part 2 - @ahmnicoleee
Part 3 - @farmworld
Part 4 - @sillymcfly
Part 5 - @teal-girl
Part 6 - @doctra-sea-pea
Part 7 - @blueinspace
Part 8 - @esther-the-cosmic-princess
Part 9 - @tateratots
Part 10 - [NOW] @karekaredragon
Part 11 - @snowflake-owl
Part 12 - @that-wandering-hero
Part 13 - @anjotv
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Part 18 - @soupery
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Part 21 - @tropicoola

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

For those not mentioned in the list, you are on our waitlist <3 If something happens to one of our participants, we’ll be sure to contact you and communicate if you are available! Thank you so so so so much for the overwhelming auditions, they all really mean so much to me and my crew!

updated Islands MAP roster!

i wanna welcome @karekaredragon to the team!! honestly SO BLESSED to have them, and im just so lucky to have everyone here!!!!! they all deserve so much of my love and respect and i cant wait to see the final product!

we’re all working VERY HARD for our project, and we hope you’re excited!

Part 1 - @cosmiicowl
Part 2 - @ahmnicoleee
Part 3 - @farmworld
Part 4 - @sillymcfly
Part 5 - @teal-girl
Part 6 - @doctra-sea-pea
Part 7 - @blueinspace
Part 8 - @esther-the-cosmic-princess
Part 9 - @tateratots
Part 10 - @karekaredragon
Part 11 - @snowflake-owl
Part 12 - @that-wandering-hero
Part 13 - @anjotv
Part 14 - @puppymintmocha
Part 15 - @marcymania
Part 16 - @fuckyeahkasumisty
Part 17 - @seto2
Part 18 - @soupery
Part 19 - @courtesycalling
Part 20 - @finnthehelper
Part 21 - @tropicoola

Underworld Princess Pt. 2// Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Underworld Princess

Part: Numba two

Description: Demi-God Y/N was born into two different families; two very difficult families. Y/N isn’t very keen to the whole, “big happy family” bit. She was more of a “one man show” to say, but what will happen when Y/N starts getting pulled to a two man show?

A/N + warnings: None?? Upset reader kinda? Shitty writing?

Y/N sat in the Slytherin cart with Draco. He sat beside her as she read a book. Draco’s eyes were glued to her bowed head, he liked the way she looked when she was focused on something. He noticed how she tapped her fingers on the book and how when she enjoyed something she would reach over blindly for a highlighter. Or when she was at a frustrating or confusing part her tongue would dart out of her mouth multiple times in a row before she understood.

He also noticed how she would mouth some of the words and knit her eyebrows, he loved it. He loved the faces she made and how into the book she was. It intrigued him.

She bent one of the pages in the book and put it on her lap. She looked at him, eyes looking at his facial features. His grey eyes were glued on her blue ones.

“What?” Y/N asked softly, Draco shook his head and looked down at his lap. He messed with his fingers as she nodded. She looked at her book, studying the cover. Her eyes scanned over the words, she moved her hand so she can brush a finger along the book.

“So,” Y/N began, looking at Draco, he looked up at her. “Are you going to help Penelope and I study this year?” Draco laughed, nodding. “I wouldn’t picture a better way to spend my year.” He joked, Y/N smiled at his response. He always knew what to say to her. Even in arguments. He would normally look her straight in the eye, and tell her in the calmest voice that he knows she didn’t want to hurt him. That she was better than she was leading everyone on to be. Sometimes she would cry unexpectedly and he would hold her for as long as she needed to be held.

That was something she didn’t get from her father. He always told everyone he could take care of himself. He was a ‘big boy’ and he didn’t need to be taken care of. Yes, he had a wife that wasn’t her mother, but she wouldn’t take care of him the way she thought he should be taken care of.

Y/N looked back at her book, and then around her. Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle were all talking at the table beside them. Blaise was up and walking around, not paying much attention to the first year girls who were ogling over him.

 They had spent most of their time being quiet. Y/N didn’t want to tell Draco that there was a chance she was going to see her father during Christmas break. She also didn’t want to tell him that her father, ruler of the underworld, wanted to meet him.

Y/N had meet Draco’s father, Lucius, long ago, and her father felt it was right for Draco to meet him. She looked at him, his eyes were focused on his black shoes. He was moving his feet in a nervous manor. Being his best friend only meant they noticed more about each other, and then they knew of themselves.

 Y/N had always noticed the way his hand would shake when he was around his father and the way he’d calm down when his mother was around. He always seemed to be reading some kind of book late at night, which he would end up reading out loud to himself. Y/N also noticed the way his face would turn a light shade of pink when she would make a joke about him loving her. Or how his eyes would drift to her lips when she smiled or the way his smile would grow at the sound of her voice. She noticed some smaller things about him too. The way his fingers always seemed to be colder than the rest of his body, or the way he bite his lip when he concentrated, and her favorite was the way he looked at her. How he looked at her like she wasn’t a mistake.

 She looked at Draco’s face and poked his cheek. She watched his face. He didn’t do anything for a second and then he smiled. Y/N smiled too. She kept her eyes on his face, and when he finally moved to look at her, his eyes sparkled. They glanced over her facial features, and moved back to her eyes. Y/N moved her hand to his, and interlocked their fingers. His eyes showed surprise but his dace didn’t. He had a slight colour of pink on his cheeks but he moved his head away from her before she could notice.

She could notice though.

That’s what he loved about her. She always noticed. What she didn’t notice was her feelings.

 They arrived at Hogwarts, and Y/N had grabbed her backpack and Draco’s hand and walked off the train. Her favorite thing to do when she finally got to Hogwarts was mess with the first years. She remembered specifically one year, she had given everyone polyjuice potion and she didn’t get caught, never would she get caught. But the first years were bloody confused onto who everyone was talking to.

But that had been years ago.

 When they got to Hogwarts they walked together, Y/N held onto her bag and talked to Draco, not very many words were shared but she still talked to him. She was terrified that he wouldn’t want to be friends with her if she were to have him meet her father. What she didn’t know is that’s how he felt. Y/N was more worried about what her father would say but she knew he would probably love him. But there’s always that chance he wouldn’t.

 Y/N walked with Draco to the Slytherin Common room. Missing out on the Sorting Ceremony. Y/N didn’t really care to watch her sister get put into a house. She would hear about it when Y/N showed her younger sibling to class.

 “Y/N?” Draco’s voice cut off Y/N’s thoughts, “Are you hungry? I’m sure they’re done with the ceremony now.” Draco asked, Y/N shock her head, “No, I’m good.” She replied, Draco nodded. He looked at the way she slumped when she went to sit down, and the way her hands bundled up into a fist. Her lips were formed into a straight line as she thought; Draco had many times wondered why she always looked like this when she thought. Especially when she thought to deep. He thought it was crazy that she would get so deep in thought and that she would look so concentrated. He loved it. He loved everything about her, bit he’d never tell her.



But he wanted to.

Shoot to Kill - Mad Princess Part Five

Originally posted by darkseicl

Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Dig and Sparky
Part Three - Ugly on the inside
Part Four – Crazy ones
Part Five – Shoot to Kill
Part Six
- Final Part - Heathens

Captain Boomerang/George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptivefamily! Joker x Reader

Words: 5177

Spoilers for the film and excessive swearing.

The responses have been phenomenal , love you all <3

Sorry to everyone that wanted an emotional reunion with The Joker, I think he would be emotional but in his own messed up way so there’s not a lot of ‘I love you’ and all that when they see each other again.
I’ve tried to tie up some loose ends and I hope that this was worth the wait.

This isn’t the final part, it was going to be but I JUST HAVE SO MUCH MORE BEFORE I’M DONE WITH THESE ADORABLE FUCKERS.

“How long have you been able to See?” She demanded of both you and El Diablo.
“My whole life. “Diablo stated proudly and you nodded in agreement.

“It is our time Meta-Humans are a sign of change!” She argued to you both.
“Lady, you are evil!” Deadshot shouted at her but The Enchantress had already grown bored of you all and summoned for her brother, Incubus. You heard him before you saw him; his monstrous footsteps shook you all as he came around the pillar. You swore under your breath and beside you Digger squeaked, “What’s this?!”

With a sideways glance at Flag and Deadshot, who both nodded at you, you channelled as much energy as you could into your hands, the electric crackled and spun blue. As Incubus approached you threw the electric at him but it didn’t make it far. When it travelled towards him it branched out into stands of power and when it was equidistant between you and its target it turned and shot into The Enchantress’ machine.
When you charged your hands again, your power was pulled from your hand and into her machine again. You hissed at the sudden loss of energy within you and it took all of your strength to stand upright.
Both of your opponents gave you smug looks.

“Shit.” You growled, “That machine is zapping my powers every time I try to use them.”
“What does that mean?” Harley asked her voice quiet.
“Remember when The Joker hooked me up to that car battery so we could see if I could draw power from it and I did?” You reminded her, it has actually been a really funny experiment.

"Yeah so?” Harley asked.
You rolled your shoulders and rubbed the bandage on your hand, “I’m the car battery.”
“Shit.” She parroted you a moment ago.

Incubus attacked you and Digger first as the rest of the group scattered, Katana came to you aid and cut off his hand, it grew back and you scowled.

How the hell were you supposed to fight this fucker without using your powers?

You didn’t have to ponder on it for long as Diablo brought the big guns to the fight. He was almost drowning Incubus in fire when the later managed to knock him back. Diablo’s roar drew your attention as he came back into the fight only this time as a massive, flaming skeleton who taunted Incubus.
“You’re not gonna do that are you?” Digger squeaked beside you but you paid him no mind, you were too entranced by Diablo’s fighting skills. You’d never seen anyone this power and you doubted you’d ever be so close again. For a moment Diablo was pushing Incubus down.
“Get him mate!” Digger encouraged.

“Diablo drive him into the corner!” Flag commanded and, with a strength you knew that you’d never possess, he managed to until Incubus got the flip on him and pinned the now-human Diablo down by his neck.
You all shouted at him to get out of there, because Flag needed to blow the bomb.
“Get out of there!” You joined the shouts encouraging him to escape.
He shouted for you to do it, to hit the switch.

Flag did.

And Diablo and Incubus were gone.

You’d seen your fair share of death, hell you’d played part in a fair share of deaths under the will of The Joker but Diablo’s hit you like a sucker punch. You’d grown fond of the repentant man, you wanted him to have the chance that he craved to right the wrongs that he had done but maybe he had. You all peered down into the crater that had been created.
Behind you The Enchantress rose to her feet after having fell to her knees with an anguished cry at the loss of her brother.
“You’re next.” Deadshot stated boldly as your rag tag group made your way towards the woman.

She taunted you all about how she’d finished her machine and soon the world would be hers to rule. The Enchantress turned to her machine and with her magic made it pulse, it shot out strands out lightening almost exactly like yours and the power admitted knocked you all off of your feet and sent you hurdling backwards.

“We’ve gotta cut her heart out!” Flag commanded over the howl of the wind.
The Enchantress must have heard him because she turned back around to face you all, but she was different. Her dark hair hung like dirty tendrils, her eyes and clothes were dark and bare. She looked purely animalistic.
She crouched down and you could sense the primal powers within her.


She lunged first, you all fought back but she bated you always as though you weren’t some of the most skilled warriors on the Governments books. Inwardly you thanked The Joker’s investment in wanting you to be the best all-around weapon that you could be and that he’d paid for your lessons.
Without your powers you could now rely solely on your combat skills.

You swung for the witch and were happy when you made contact but if your blow bothered her than she didn’t show it as she pushed you in the chest with an open hand sending you flying back.  You were caught mid-air near the crater and looked down to give Killer Croc a thankful grin. He put you down with a smirk and you both re-joined the assault.
Just when you were sure that you were winning, she disappeared and your weapons were yanked from your hands by an unseen force.

The Enchantress was back in front of her machine facing you all down, “Of all who have faced me you have earned mercy. For the last time, join me or die.”

You looked up and down the row at each other, trying to gage their reaction. You could see Flag’s nervousness; he was surrounded by criminals who would probably sell him out with a moment’s notice. Digger’s expression was heavy with fear, as they all were, but he said nothing.
It was Harley who broke the silence, “I’m not much of a joiner but maybe we should.”

“Harls?” You asked confused, you couldn’t understand her motivation. You, for one, didn’t want to work under this Witch. Yes you were The Joker’s second in command but it had always been mutually beneficial, at first your services were offered in exchanged for a safe place to live until eventually you ran it as an almost family business together.

You had no desire to work as a slave.
“Hey she’s trying to take over the world.” Deadshot explained as though Harley didn’t already know.
“So? What’s the world ever done for us anyway? It hates us!” She argued and turned away from you all. Ignoring both your and Deadshots shouts for her to come back Harley approached The Enchantress and told her show she’d lost her Puddin’.

The Enchantress ordered her to bow and Harley began to you noticed the sword by her feet and everything clicked, god you hoped she knew what she was doing. When Harley snatched the sword and slashed across The Enchantress’ chest you could have sworn that you cheered. Everything happened fast after that, with her heart out they set to destroy the machine, Killer Croc threw the bomb and Deadshot shot it making it explode within the machine.
The powers in the machine crumbled and imploded and the atmosphere was still.

In your peripheral you noticed Flag rushing to hug Deadshot but you didn’t let your amusement distract you as your let your powers buzz through your hands and up your arms, relishing in having back your electric.
What did distract you slightly was a grizzly kiss pressed to your cheek, you gave Digger a smirk and watched as he pushed himself to the floor and started digging under the seats, no doubt looking for stuff he could pawn. As Harley rushed over you stopped your powers just before she jumped into your arms and let out a small squeal in your ear.

Digger pulled the green heart out from under the chair and regarded curiously, he could probably get a bit for it on the Black Market, but his musing were cut short when The Enchantress scuttled onto her hands and knees and begged for Katana to take her life.

But Flag stopped her.

With a groan he stepped up and passed Flag the heart and you gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek as a reward for not keeping it to sell when the evil creature was still alive.
“You bring June back.” Flag demanded as he held out the heart threateningly.
“She’s not coming back.” The Enchantress taunted and your heart sunk as Flag fell to his knees and crushed the heart in his hands.
Digger slipped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you to his chest so that you could hide your face. He knew you wouldn’t mind ruining your tough-girl image with a cuddle but you wouldn’t want anyone to see you crying.

He nudged you and pulled you from his chest when June stepped out from the mud, alive and well. You couldn’t help the grin that spread over your face, Digger and Harley wore the same expression.
You gave Digger a brief kiss and he stepped away from you to explore for anymore goodies that could have been dropped. Killer Croc gave you all a smirk, “If ya’ll don’t mind, I got me a sewer to crawl back into.”

Harley and Deadshot were debating who was driving the three of you back to Gotham when you heard the unmistakable click of heels.


You looked amongst the group, Harley and Deadshot were still arguing away, Flag and June were embracing and Digger was looking back under the seats where he was sure he’d spotted a watch. There was no time to grab Harley, she was too far away. Your heart sank as you realised that you had to leave what you had left of your family behind.

With one last, longing look, you turned and you ran.

No one noticed you’d gone until Digger was shouting at Waller, “Ten years off a triple life sentence? Darlin’ I’m walking outta here and we’re going to have some real fun.” He turned to smirk at you only to find you’d gone. His smirk fell and he felt sadness crept through his anger. He was happy that you’d escaped but he hadn’t got to say a proper goodbye.

“Where is she?” She snapped and pushed at the picture of your face on her phone only to find it still not working.
Harley whipped her head around looking for you and spun around to face the others with a wide grin when she realised that you’d gone.
Waller gestured for Flag to give her his communicator, which he did. She spoke into calmly, making sure to look at Digger and Harley as she spoke, “Y/N L/N has absconded. She’s to be treated as a Class A threat. Until we can reactivate the device in her neck use deadly force.” She made sure to look at Digger’s expression as she added, “Shoot to kill.”

It didn’t take you long to find an underhand doctor still in the city, criminals could always find other criminals, and you made quick work of convincing her to take out the device in your neck. It was hard not to be convinced when you had a master criminal threatening to shock you with their electric.

You didn’t let her put you under any anaesthetic, how could you trust a dodgy doctor not to kill you when you were under? It hurt like a bitch getting it out and you weren’t too big to admit the pain almost brought you to tears but it was easier than thinking about how Digger and Harley must have felt when they realised that you’d left them.

It hurt knowing how upset they’d be at your desertion but this was the only way that you could try to save them. Now you had the device out of your neck all you had to do was get back to Gotham without being caught and round up The Jokers men before they found someone else to work for, like that fucker Harvey Dent.
The Joker’s closest men would have gone up in flames with him but it should be easy to follow his movements through his last few days, well you hoped it would be.

All you needed to do was find out how your Dad had gotten the phone into the prison and you’d be able to build your plan around the same route.  You were lay on the makeshift bed, your neck and hand now properly bandaged watching the doctor busy herself, the device from your neck now on the table next to her. When the explosion came you were rehearsing your apology to Digger and Harley, it blew the doctor into pieces and across the room, her leg coming to knock you from your bed.

Well fuck.

No wonder Slipknot’s head had flown so far.

Waller took great pride in telling Digger and Harley that they’d reactivated your device and set it off. It took five days and a ridiculous amount of drugs to get Digger calm enough for the guard to come in and restrain him. Harley caved in on herself and the night guards often caught her weeping and whispering about her lil Pumpkin and Puddin’.

Strangely it was Zoe Lawton who was the first to spread rumours of you surviving your escape. She stood in her apartment rocking backwards and forwards talking to a nice solider who informed her that she had to wait for them to bring her dad in. He was being polite about it but she could hear the chains being undone.
It was an emotional reunion and after sometime they sat down to the table to work through some of her homework under the watchful eye of Flag. Deadshot could see her curious expression as she continued to give him sideways glances.
Steeling his nerve, Deadshot dreaded her questioning but knew that he needed to be honest with his baby girl, so finally he asked, “You got something that you want to ask me baby?”

"Did you really fight a Witch, Dad?” Zoe asked Deadshot looking up at him with wide expectant eyes.
Deadshot and Flagg both froze and studied her little face closely but it was Deadshot that finally asked, “How do you know about that?”
Zoe’s face flushed and she looked awkwardly between her Dad and his solider escort.
“Zoe it’s important that you tell us how you know, I promise you and your dad won’t be in any trouble.” Flag reassured her.

Zoe looked unsure to told them, “I met your friend, Y/N, she came to see me and she said you beat a witch and saved the world. I didn’t believe her but she showed me the gnarly scar on her hand. I can’t believe you saved the world Dad.”

Both men looked floored.

“Y/N? Y/N L/N?” Flag sounded panicked, “Zoe when was this?”
Zoe looked nervously at the text books on the desk, “Yesterday, she kicked out mum’s boyfriend and brought me those books for school. We had pancakes.”
“Wait your mum left you alone with that asshole?” Deadshot seethed as he rubbed his daughters back reassuringly and silently thanked you for coming over and spending time with Zoe. Thanks to you, his daughter knew that he was a hero; she knew that her father was capable of using his skills to help people.

“I’m going to need to inform Waller that Y/N is still alive.” Flag mused before looking at the reunion before him, “It can wait until after we’re done here.”
Deadshot thanked him and as Rick watched the father-daughter bonding, he couldn’t help but worry, you were alive and you’d be pissed and coming back for revenge.

Gotham was all in a quiver when you returned.

Everyone had heard you were dead, killed running from the Government.
They didn’t expect you to enter the club wrapped up in bandages and use your powers to blow the speakers and the lighting. The reaction of the club was instant, every man working under The Joker instantly flocked to your side, if you were back then they knew that betrayal was something that you wouldn’t tolerate.

But it was your turn to be surprised.

When you went back to your old home, the one you used to share with The Joker and Harley, you were prepared for the devastation that would come at you like waves. You anticipated coming in and collapsing to your knees in their bedroom, knowing that you’d never see your dad again.
That you could never ask him about your real parents and why he felt so desired to kill them.  
Never hear his laugh again.
He was gone and everything that he was blown away as chaotically as he lived his life.

You’d managed to get all the way to your bedroom before the tears won and marked their victory down your cheeks. There was no point in wiping them away; you had no one to be strong for now.

The door of your bedroom was ajar, that was the first thing you noticed. Secondly that your bedroom light must have been on because light was pouring into the otherwise dusky hallway.

Jesus, had that been left on the whole time you been in prison? The electric bill was going to be painful.
Somewhere in the back of your mind you knew you shouldn’t be laughing at such trivial things, that you should be focused on making plans but for once you let yourself wallow in cowardice so that you could hide from your grief.

You slipped your gun from your hip holster and kept it steady as you advanced to the door. After the mission with the Squad, impromptu surgery and staying incognito while making your way back to Gotham, making sure to visit Deadshot’s daughter on the way, you were way too tired to use your powers again after your display in the nightclub.
You jumped into the doorway quickly, gun raised ready to shoot to kill. Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight. Your dad was lay back on your bed, his head resting on the ridiculous amount of pillows Harley had insisted on you having as decoration. He was laid in just his jeans so you could see the bandages wrapped around his chest between his tattoos. You dropped your gun heavily to the floor and the noise made him raise his head slowly.

His hair had fallen around his face madly, he grin spread as he opened his arms slowly, “Princess.”

The tears came fast and before The Joker could brace himself you’d launched yourself at the bed and were hugging into his chest sobbing.
“Da- Dad, I thought you were dead.” You sobbed.
He shh’d you but it came out more like a twisted hiss, his hands came up to run through your hair and rub your back. You’d not cried like this in front of him in years but he seemed to be handling it well. He nudged you so that moved your head away so that he could look at you.

“Now now, that’s enough tears.” He gave you a sliver toothed grin and moved his tattooed hand and rested it over your face so that the grin inked there faced him, “You need to smile more.”

You choked out a laugh into his hand and wiped your tears and as you both lay there bandaged and bruised you told him everything. You told him about Digger, the Squad, your fall, your laugh and your escape. He listened enraptured and smoothed his hair back into its usual sleek style.
He gave you another grin, “Don’t worry Princess, Daddy’s got a plan.”

Getting the bombs out of Digger and Harley was the first stage of the plan and you were pleasantly surprised that The Joker’s man on the inside was the arsehole warden that had made your life a misery.

Pleasantly surprised because you got to torment the poor fucker.

To keep the rouse that The Joker was dead you kept him out of the ‘negotiations’, you took a few of his men and got them to pick up the idiot.
They dropped him off at your funhouse. It was a literal funhouse from back when Gotham was more thriving.

Living with The Joker had made you somewhat mad, well who could blame you?

You used the funhouse as a source of entertainment as well as getting information. Other criminals knew it wasn’t worth going near unless they wanted The Joker coming after them for touching his kid’s toys.

You watched the warden wonder around the abandoned building, he tried to use his phone to light up the various things along the wall. Suppressing your giggle you stepped behind an electronic clown and when the Warden reached the other side of it you pulsed your electric into it and it jumped to life, lights beamed in its cheek and red nose as it rocked and laughed loudly. The Warden screamed and tried to run further into the funhouse but you followed him, making electric characters spring to life to scare the crap out of him.

You stopped when he urinated himself, mostly because of the smell but also because it was going to be hard to interrogate when you were laughing so hard.
When you stepped around from behind one of the decorations The Warden went paler than The Joker. His face fell and stumbled back over himself trying to get away, his eyes were practically screaming every memory of him abusing you, the sedating to stop you using your powers, hooking you up the mains power.
“W-what do you want?” He stammered, his teeth were chatting like a novelty toy.
You crossed your arms and smirked, every inch the powerful criminal, “I want you to do exactly as I say.”

The Warden had strict instructions to get the Squad out of the cell and the bombs out of their neck with as minimal fuss as possible, which was basically fucking impossible.
Luckily, Killer Croc and Harley were smart, they saw The Warden’s blackened eye and the bruise that ran down his face and recognised it for what it was, an electric bruise. So they behaved and had the bomb taken out with minimal arguments, though quite a bit of pain, The Warden couldn’t get hold of pain relief without raising suspicion.

Deadshot saw the same signs in the man’s face and refused to have the device taken out. You respected his decision and knew it must have been hard. When you last saw him all he wanted to do was get back to his daughter but seeing him must have made something click. He could work with the Government and get visitation with her but if he escaped then he’d be on the run again and he’d never get to see her again.
Not to mention that the Government knew all about her.
So you understood his decision and got The Warden to deliver a message to him that you’d keep an eye out for his little girl like he was willing to do for Harley when they though that you’d died.

Getting the bomb out of Digger was a lot harder, he may have been intelligent and perceptive usually but with anger in his veins he couldn’t see the signs that the other had seen. They had to sedate him to get the bomb out of his neck.

When The Warden told you, you couldn’t help but panic. What if he was too angry to see you again?

With all of your joint planning close to fruition, you set about on completing the finishing touches. And that’s why The Joker was sat with his head back in the sink you dyed his hair for him. It had been some weeks since you’d been reunited and both of you were free from your bandages but you doubted you’d ever be free of the scars on your hand from your fall.

The Joker wanted to look his best for when he got his Queen back and you were happy to help him.

It was at times like these, these tender careful moments that reconnected you both as almost-father and daughter. You massaged the colour into his scalp and couldn’t stop the smile on your face as he hummed away to himself.

Times like this helped you turn off your mind.

You were worried about Digger hating you and The Joker knew it, he wasn’t bothered either way. Digger sounded like a fucking idiot but he didn’t like you being distracted or upset. So he tried to keep your mind sharp, keep you alert for breaking out Harley and, if it really came to it, this Captain whatever.
“Dad?” You asked quietly, he hummed for you to continue but you weren’t sure if you dare.

“Why did you kill my parents?” The question slipped from you lips and suffocated you both. The Joker sat up slowly so that you let his hair slip from his fingers. He turned so that he could face you, his head inclined to one side, “Princess-”

You cut him off, “I saw it in the file Waller had on me. I’m not angry; I just want to know the truth.”

He rolled his shoulders slightly and looked, if you dare say it, excited.
“How much do you remember about the night I found you?” He asked slowly.
You shrugged, “Nothing before you finding me in the Alley but I was only a kid.”
The Joker nodded slowly, “Yes. I met mummy and daddy dearest just before you turned nineteen. They didn’t know me but I knew them.” He mumbled in an almost sing song voice, “But they knew me in the end.”

He gave you a sick grin that failed to bother you after all these years, “It was messy.” He sniggered, “But they sang before they died and oooh how they sang. They were going to sell you. Stupid really, you’re such an asset.”

“Thank you.” You mumbled and walked around the basin so you could sit in front of him.

He continued, “You found out they were going to sell you and you ran away and I found you.”
“That’s all there was too it?” You asked, an eyebrow raised.
“Yes.” He gave a dramatic flair of his hands like he’d finished a joke.
“Then why did you kill them?” You asked quietly, you weren’t bothered, only curious.

The Joker leaned forward his eyes finding yours, “Well I always do when someone hurts my Princess.” Then he grinned, “Don’t you want who?”
“Who?” You asked.
“Who they were going to sell you too? Who was the buyer? Who? Who? Who?” He teased you.
“I’ll bite, who?” You asked.

The Joker sat back and grinned wickedly, “The Bat.”
Your stomach dropped and you felt bile rise in your throat, “Excuse me?”
The Joker threw his head back with a manic laugh, “You and Batsy! Together forever.”
“I feel sick.” You groaned and covered your mouth with your hand, “I’d be Miss. Bat.”

“Batsy Jr.” The Joker cackled, “When I found out, well… I had to punish them.”
You nodded and stood, “I completely understand.”
“Now Princess, make me beautiful!” The Joker laughed as he threw his arms out and leaned back into the sink so you could finish his hair.

“Ready Princess?” The Joker asked you in the carrier. You weren’t, you really fucking weren’t.

The fact that you were about to break in to one of the most heavily guarded prisons in the world?


Could you handle using your powers to disarm a ridiculous amount of guards?

Cool, it had been a while.

Having to breakout Killer Croc without him eating any of your men?


Seeing Digger’s look of hatred if he couldn’t forgive you for leaving him?

The idea made you want to be sick.

The Joker took Harley’s cell, he’d missed her and you had a sneaking suspicion that if you left him to go get Digger then one of them would end up dead. So you ran through the halls towards your old cell, you were quick and efficient and luckily most of the guards had rushed to Harley’s cell after the explosions.

When you reached Killer Crocs cell you shot of the lock to the door and used your powers to do the rest. He gave you an evil grin which you gave back. As soon as he was out your threw your arms about his shoulders to give him a big hug.
“We’ve got transport outta here but I need your help with Digger’s door!” You shouted to him over the alarms. He gave you a grin and the two of you were sprinted through the prison, following the map that The Warden had given you, with some persuasion of course.

There was only one guard at his door which you took care of quickly with your powers. You shot the lock and the hinges of the door. You could hear Digger shouting his lungs off over the alarm and the screaming of the metal. Killer Croc grabbed the door and ripped it free of its holding.

The dust swarmed the through the cell and Digger shut up. For once.

Digger stepped out of his cell through the dust in his vest top, his tattoos and ridiculously appealing arms on show. He looked you both up and down; he was a lot calmer than you’d dare to hope. Your heart stopped at the look he gave you.
“Sparky?” His voice was gravelled and deep from his angry rants and it just did things to you.
“Hey Dig, long time no see.” You gave him a confident smile but your heartbeat was screaming in your ears.

Well this was it.

Time to face the man that you’d loved and left.

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