Marvel is more likely to look at the success of Captain Marvel, sit back and go “okay one female superhero movie was enough. We’ve done our job lets go back to male-centric films.” than DC is to say “even though Wonder Woman dominated the box office and broke records, the critics still think it’s not good enough looks like we shouldn’t make any more female superhero films”.

DC took the initiative to give us the first female superhero solo movie. I think that says more than enough about the kind of company they are. Stop acting like its up to Marvel to get female representation they literally pushed Captain Marvel the movie back twice for a yellowface movie, a white spooderboy movie, and GOTG 2 and still haven’t even picked a director for Capt Marvel. That should say more than enough about the kind of company they are.

And stop acting like its somehow DC’s job or responsibility to pave the way for Marvel when it comes to female superhero films. DC is doing what they always do with the DCEU- they take initiative, they take risks, they rake in hella coins, they break box office/dvd sales records, and they take more risks afterwards. Wonder Woman’s success or “failure” (pfft pls) should not be used an excuse for why Captain Marvel isn’t out yet lol. Gtfo.

And even if a female director does get hired to direct Captain Marvel, knowing the way the MCU operates and treats their females and female directors (i.e. Patty Jenkins who has moved to DC to direct the movie of her dreams- Wonder Woman) trust that Kevin fckboi Fiege will be breathing down the female director’s neck with his hands all in her work, tweaking everything to fit Marvel’s formulaic style or to fit his preferences instead of the actual storyline or female directors’. This is the same reason Black Panther’s other director quit early on. Lack of creative control and the fact that Marvel kept pushing for one image of Wakanda/black people and they disagreed with it and left the project. Get real.

DC’s Wonder Woman has jack squat to do with Marvel’s Captain Marvel. Marvel has a long way to go before they can be put on a pedestal when it comes to female lead superhero films. The entire world has waiting for a Wonder Woman film since the beginning of time. Not a Captain Marvel movie. Carol Danvers won’t be little girls’ dreams until 3 years from now. Diana Prince has been a household name for decades even before blockbuster CBMs were the thing. There is a difference in the impact of these female superheroes so let’s stop mmmkay.

And the Wonder Woman movie isn’t gonna be the scapegoat for female superhero films and more specifically- Marvel’s female superhero films. Marvel’s decision to sleep on or make another female superhero film post- Capt Marvel will be solely Marvel’s prerogative. That’s on them. Not on DC. Y'all need to stop with the reach.

i went to a party last night and my drunk ass told a girl i was bisexual and she just laughed and said “aren’t we all” and idk that just made me feel really shitty…. like the casual erasure of bisexuality as a real thing is so prevalent in our society and it makes me so sad

Here’s to all the “bad” bisexuals

The aro ones
The slutty ones
The ones who like threesomes
The teenage ones
The teenage girl ones
The ones who really don’t like labels
The ones who use “bi” because they were sick of “pan” jokes
The ace ones
The ones who have only dated one gender
The ones whose second attracted gender is nb people
The ones who are nb and don’t have a “same gender” to be attracted to
The virgin ones
The non-white ones
The mentally ill ones
The chronically ill ones
The ones with STDs
the rape/abuse survivor ones
The poly ones
The kinky ones
The ones that have cheated
The ones that left a partner for another gender
The ones who choose to date only one gender
The ones who only kiss boys/girls when drunk
The proud queer ones
The closeted ones
The ones who are experimenting
The ones who originally identified as something else
The ones for whom it was a phase or a waypoint to better self-understanding
The ones who feel like they’re stereotypes, that they bring hatred upon themselves and the whole community:

You’re not bad. You’re especially not bad at bisexuality. You’re a person, and your life and love and lust (or not) and even mistakes are yours alone. You aren’t the entire face of bisexuality, especially not these days, and you shouldn’t have to be. Fuck the haters. They can burn.

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