The other day Piff Gang went down to SBTV to check out the ill new book: Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey. Man like Ash Catchem, Black The Ripper, Mystro, G-Fresh, Its Nate & Motive were also in the building. We played a little table tennis and got a chance to speak about Elzhi & Slick Rick, two of our favorite rappers.

Shout outs to Lily Mercer, Jamal Edwards and the rest of the SBTV crew.

Skip to 3:33 to see the Piff.


Straight out of the Piffville the Piff Gang G’s (@piffganguk) came down to kick it on deck at the Dope Chef (@DOPECHEF) headquaters. The weed smoking clan to no surprise came down with a pocket full of Kelly Green, The finger twisting, leaf crushing, rappers from LDN came down ahead of the X-Mas pop store up and after party…

MAS Grabs DJ CABLE, Guest Mixer for 1xtra, RinseFM, & Tour DJ for Yasmin, for a chat!


Busting up speakers and surfing over the absolute trash we are forced to listen to on the airwaves these days, is the very much wired but not tangled DJ Cable.

Cable was born into the music industry in 1999, by the appealing sound of scratching over hip hop, which influenced his actions to pursue spinning.  Over the course of a decade through hard work and natural talent he has established himself 3x DMC Champion, Alize Remixed Champion, Dogs on Acid Mix Winner, and Official Tour DJ for Yasmin.  “I blagged a crappy pair of belt turntables, locked myself in my room practiced and somehow won a few DJ competitions”

His style is something different with personality, shown through his ability to cook up a delicious music stew of scratching,  beat juggling, live remixes and of course an ear wounding collection of Hip Hop, Grime, Dubstep, and Electronica. Being a pioneer of the “Thugstep” sound, gaining recognition and producing guest mixes for 1xtra, Rinse and more, this unapologetic cool dude from Essex,is most probably lurking somewhere in your itunes, and fucking up sets as the borings curl up and sleep.

MAS had the opportunity to seize DJ Cable and blast him with some questions…. 

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