@patmaine and I - inside the hotel in Rio - 2 december

He’s so small,cute and shy.

I want to put him in a jar and …

i’m horrible in the picture,but we are touching heads and i almost died because of his cuteness

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone is asleep including you, I believe, I decided to take a bit of my time to put it out rather than meaning you come to me. I believe it is too cliché to say you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met, despite being the most true, but I know that goes far beyond that. You are not only the most amazing person you are single, owns a unique charisma, I think I never met anyone like you before and I’ll probably never meet, people like you are around the world and most of the time, hidden. Wish you knew how much I admire you, how much I believe in your potential and especially how much I love you. I dont know, then I could be around you and realizing that you actually exist, I made sure that not only love you, like, I want to be like you, learning everyday to be as good a person as I know you are. This was the first time that I could be near you, four years after I had become your admirer. I have faith that I will be able to see you again and when that happens, I hope I can talk all I keep with me about you, let you know that feeling so pure and so intense. Thanks for being the best person in this world, thank you for just being you.

I am literally sitting at the bus station right now trying not to cry. This band means so much to me and I just don’t have the words. @themaineband I will love and support you all until the end. Thank you for all of the amazing times you have afforded me over over the years. I touched a bit on this tonight but there are some out there that only do this for the numbers but that’s not the case with me, the music just means the world to me. I will love and support you all until the end and know that my heart is yours. This band embodies all of my musical ideals and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Thank you for making this journey so amazing! #themaine @crosseyedtiger @patmaine @thefifthjohn @themainegarrett @jaredmaine (at House of Blues Boston)


@themainegarrett is killing it right here with @jaredmaine @crosseyedtiger @patmaine and @thefifthjohn @themaineband 4/30 show #americancandytour #theMaine #pittsburgh #altarbar (at ALTAR BAR)

Tonight was amazing! I got to see one of my favorite bands live and got to meet one of the coolest and most friendly dudes @patmaine! Thanks so much for coming to Utah guys, can’t wait until next time…. And also, forgot to tell ya that I love the new album! #TheMaine #Concert #happy #AmericanCandyTour

Thank you @themaineband for making me feel alive again. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. ❤️ @81twentythree @patmaine @crosseyedtiger @thefifthjohn @jaredmaine @themainegarrett #8123 #americancandy


AMERICAN BOYS DO TOO 💙 @themaineband @themainegarrett @patmaine @thefifthjohn @jaredmaine @crosseyedtiger @81twentythree (at House of Blues Chicago)