Bullet Journal Ideas ♡

These are all ideas that I use and/or plan to use in my BuJo. Hope this inspires many. I know I love stumbling upon new things to put in my journal!  ♡bulletjournaluniverse 

List Making

  • Past home addresses
  • 101 things in 1001 days
  • Disney movies to own checklist
  • Master packing checklist
  • Wishlist
  • Movies we own
  • TV shows we own
  • Things to sale in a yard sale/online/get rid of
  • Dream log
  • Baby names
  • Movies to watch
  • Key page
  • Favorite stores to shop at
  • Favorite places to eat
  • Black Friday game plan
  • Your significant others favorite things
  • Table of contents
  • To do list
  • Level 10 Life
  • Things that make you happy

Creative Layouts

  • Family birthdays tracker, names and dates in balloons for each month
  • Books to read, books drawn on a bookshelf
  • Map of U.S. or other country, color in visited states/areas, add hearts to where you have lived
  • Quotes you like
  • Quotes from your favorite show, movie or book
  • Travel pages: State or city per page, what to do in that city
  • Movies to see in drawings of popcorn

Keeping Track

  • Websites with passwords
  • Year of bills to pay checklist
  • Christmas gifts to get, to who, where from, price
  • Monthly calender spread
  • Weekly spread
  • Daily spread
  • Habbit tracker
  • Family addresses
  • Weekly gym schedule/tracker
  • Countdowns to special dates
  • TV series tracker, with days they air
  • Bills tracker
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Cleaning scedule
  • Starbucks star rewards tracker
  • Meal planner
  • Period tracker
  • Mood tracker
  • Online purchases, item, date purchased, shipped, recieved


  • Log of knitting patterns
  • Things to go in rooms of your dream home
  • Monthly memories with doodles
  • Blog post ideas
  • Tattoo ideas
  • Pokemon Go, caught, evolved
  • Create a mandala

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