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01. Imagine

(Feel the love of loving Harry Styles)

02. Perfect gift

(Cute christmas fluff)

03. Secret

(harry wants to keep y/n’s and his relationship private but she don’t)

04. You’re wrong

(y/n runs into his long back bestie and love and the blossoms of love blooms again)

05. Don’t wanna know

(Harry tells Y/n, his best friend about his love. Little did he knew Y/n loved him)

06. Love me now *

(A cute valentine imagine)

07. Kiss me

(Imagine kissing HS)

08. Bangles ***

(One in which missus is Indian)

09. Moving in

(Harry asks missus to move in with him)

10. Wedding Blues

(Wedding planning wasn’t easy as they thought)

11. Daddy sowwy

(In which Harry yells at their daughter)

12. Not yet

(Harry’s and y/n’s son Noah has a crush)

13. One more chance

(Harry fucked up bad and blames it on y/n )

technically true 

I will always love you

Harry always loves you xx  princess 

Pregnancy Series #22 ~ Photo Shoot

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall (your pov) ~ You and Niall had agreed to keep your child out of the spotlight, and that including keeping your pregnancy private. All the major magazines had been contacting you for a story to the point that it became annoying and infuriating. Though management had pushed you to agree to their requested, Niall had stuck strong and continued denying. 

But you did want pictures- to put in the baby book and hang on the walls of your house. So you hired a private photographer, whom Niall made sign legal document to ensure he wouldn’t share the photos he took of you. 

On the day of your photo shoot, the tour was still going on, and the boys were still in Florida. The sun was shining and the photographer decided to use it to his advantage. The beach was bare on Monday morning, the only time Niall was available. You wore a dress that Caroline Watson had said really accentuated your pregnancy, and Niall just wore his everyday clothes. It was fairly quick, and only after about 45 minutes, the photographer was done. You and Niall still had another hour before he needed to be at the filming for an interview that would air later that month, so you decided to stay on the beach. 

“That cloud looks a bit like a baby,” he said, pointing up at the sky. You squinted up at the clouds and noticed that the cloud, in fact, looked nothing like a baby. You merely shook your head and smirked, replacing your head onto his chest. The sand was surprisingly soft beneath you, and the warm sun felt good on your skin.

“You just have babies on your mind, Ni. It looks nothing like a baby,” you said to him, and he frowned, flicking sand with his toes up at your legs. 

Zayn (your pov) ~ Zayn sensed you were nervous, so he leaned across the bed and rubbed your back, making you relax a bit. Zayn had wanted to give his fans a bit of an insight on your pregnancy, despite the problems between you. Another reason he wanted the photo shoot was to hide those issues. 

You didn’t really want to publicize your pregnancy, but the article in People magazine would boost Zayn’s career that supported you and your unborn child. Zayn knew you wanted that, and made sure the interviewer kept the questions generalized. The interview was basically questions about how your body was taking the pregnancy, and how you and Zayn felt about having a baby. Of course, most of the answers you gave were lies and the way you hung off each other in the presence of the crew was all an act. You were both extremely careful not to show any of the tension between you. 

The photo shoot was simple; some pictures were taken of just you, some of just Zayn, but most were taken of you together. The crew had set up a bed in room with false walls where you would lie down, and sit. It gat intimate sometimes, which made you very self conscious. In one set, you were naked except for skimpy underwear, and Zayn was shirtless. It wasn’t anything you hadn’t done before, but it still felt revealing to do in front of all those people when you were pregnant. 

“Babe, you feeling alright?” Zayn asked when you were nearing the end. You nodded, and leaned against his chest since there were still people around. 

“Exhausted,” you answered. He gave you a sympathetic smile, and told you he would be right back. After a few minuted of watching him talk to the photographer and magazine representer, he came back with a big smile on his face.

“I got it cut short. We just have to go sign a few papers so they can use the pictures. C’mon, get dressed,” he told you, and you leaned up to kiss him for real, for the first time in a few days. 

“You’re amazing,” you told him, and kissed his lips again.

Liam (your pov) ~ Liam, with the consent of you and his management, had agreed to an interview about your adoption experience so far. You were skeptical at first, but once you arrived, you lightened up a bit. You had so many legal documents to review regarding the adoption that had to be filed in a few days, but Liam promised it wouldn’t take long. 

You sat down on the couch, which had cameras and lights all around it. After multiple years of being with Liam, you were no stranger to interviews. When you had first gotten married and management was pushing for an interview, Liam had taught you a few things about answering the questions. He was quite good at it, too. 

The interviewer shook both your hands and sat down in her own chair across from you. She began with introducing herself as soon as the cameras began rolling, and gave a bit of background on your situation while you sat and smiled, before asking the simple question: “How are the two of you?”

Liam answered by telling her about his upcoming solo career and about how the other boys were doing. She then asked a lot of questions about the adoption, which Liam answered most of, except for the ones directed at you. It went on for about an hour and a half, when you then went outside to do a photo shoot. 

They gave you a picture frame when you arrived at the pond where the photo shoot would take place. While you were waiting for the photographer to set up, Liam pulled you off to the side and sat with you on a park bench. “Are you doing all right, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, I just want to get home,” you admitted as as you leaned against his chest and pulled your coat tighter around your body. 

“Were the questions they asked too much?” He said into the top of your head. They were a little, but you knew if you let him know that that he would feel bad for making you come. You shook your head just as the photographer said he was ready. It was a short photo shoot, with only a few position changes. Then you and Liam went home where you began to make a dent in the large pile of documents.

Harry (your pov) ~ Harry was excited to show everyone how happy he was to become a dad. As you two posed in front of the exterior of the house in LA that you Louis, Niall, and their families were renting by the pool, Louis told you how to pose. He had stuck with the watermelon theme as he had used when he helped you announce your pregnancy to the public via Twitter. 

“Just take your damn pants off!” Harry yelled at you and Louis and his wife prepped you for the picture. You looked at him with a humored expression as he smirked playfully at you. Louis sighed and went to talk to Niall so he wouldn’t have to witness anything from you two. 

You began to strip so you were only in your sports bra and very short and tight shorts. You felt insecure since most of the boys and their families were around, but Harry ensured you it wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before because you had worn a bikini around them countless times. 

“You done fucking over there?” Louis yelled in your direction.

“Louis!” Niall scolded as he covered his child’s ears, who seemed unfazed by his uncle’s choice of words. 

“Shut up,” you whined as you handed Harry the two cantaloupes from the table. Harry began to fumble with the fruit as Louis crouched down to take the picture. He put his phone down and looked at your husband with an overly dramatic look of annoyance.

“Harry, I have better shit to do than watch you drop melons,” he sighed, making Niall laugh behind him. You laughed along and turned to put Harry’s sunglasses on. You then turned forward for Lou to take the picture, which he then texted to you. He quickly ran off to take a swim with his five month old sons and wife. 

You posted the picture on Instagram with the simple caption: “harry is due soon, wish him luck! xx”

Louis (your pov) ~ After the interview full of being asked about your pregnancy by four different interviewers, you were exhausted and just wanted to go home. Your back was extremely sore, so while you were waiting for the photographer to set up, you lied down on the grass. 

The sun was warm on your face in the park just outside of London. There were only a few senior citizens walking around in their jump suits and walking their tiny rat-dogs this beautiful monday morning. Your eyes were squinted as you watched Louis talking to the photographer a few meters away and ran your hands over your bare 34-week belly. Your back was beginning to feel better the longer you were on the hard ground, but the grass was beginning to tickle your bare back where your shirt rode up, and you were pretty sure you felt something crawling up your arm. 

So you sat up, which was the easy part. Then came the standing. Standing was not easy, and it was a process that took at least three minutes. Louis saw you halfway through and hurried over to pull you up. His strong hands wrapped around your forearms and he pulled you in one swift movement to your feet, resulting in you bouncing up and your stomach colliding with his abs, nearly knocking him over. You were thankful that he had been able to take a short four day break off tour when Liam got seriously sick, though you felt bad for his bandmate. Lottie had headed back home for a week, but would be returning a few days after Louis left. 

“Ah, there we go,” he said softly as he brushed the grass blades and dirt off your white blouse. You smiled tiredly at him and he responded by brushing your styled hair away from your face. You heard a quiet click and you both turned your head to see the photographer furiously snapping pictures of you. You looked at Louis with your eyebrow raised, saying ‘what’s with this guy?’, and he just chuckled and kissed you, giving the photographer something to take. 

Pregnancy Series #21 ~ How You Sleep

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall (your pov) ~ You tossed and turned a lot during the night as your pregnancy progresses and your stomach grew. Niall would often pull you against him in his sleep and hold a tight grip on you, but you were never comfortable and would end up with your legs twisted and your arms flailed around. Sometimes Niall would wake up and complain about being sore, and you soon realized that his bruised were caused from your limbs hitting him during the night when he woke up from your knee hitting his groin. You were always hot, too, so you would turn the air conditioning on low and kept the blankets off while Niall would only be comfortable with multiple blankets around his body. 

Zayn (your pov) ~ You were constantly tired during your pregnancy. No matter how long you slept, you would still be tired the rest of the day. And sleep didn’t come easy to you. Jaeda would keep you up- kicking you and moving around, especially when she got the hiccups. Trying to get to sleep was difficult, so you would always wake up the next morning with the blankets twisted around you and the pillows in a pile. You had never moved much in your sleep before your pregnancy, but now you would be all over the place during the night. It helped that Zayn wouldn’t sleep in the same bed with you - although you missed him, you would feel bad for your new sleeping patterns. You were still not back to the way you were before you told him you were pregnant, but you were getting there.

Liam (your pov) ~ Since you began the adoption process, you found it difficult to sleep through the night. You would toss and turn with your head filled with nightmares and anticipation while Liam slept soundly beside you. You were jealous of your husbands calm composure and patience since everything about the adoption worried you. When you couldn’t sleep, you would get up and walk around the house, sometimes you would go out to the balcony despite the cold winter air and sit under the street lamps and toy with the leaves of the potted trees beside the bench. When you would return, the only way to fall asleep again was to be in Liam’s arms, so you would slowly lift his arm and put it around your body, careful not to wake him. 

Harry (your pov) ~ Harry hated that he couldn’t hold you close while sleeping like he used to. With your stomach getting in the way every time he tried to cuddle with you, he would get frustrated. One morning he woke up and the first thing he saw was your face, he finally found a way he like to sleep. You were comfortable in any position, so you let Harry hold you any way he wanted to. He would face you, and put his arm around your side while you would curl up your knees against his thighs. He liked being close to you, and not being able to made him upset, but he knew it would all be worth it when your baby girl arrived.

Louis (your pov) ~ As the months went by, your stomach grew bigger and sleeping became a blessing. You would long for the nights all day long. It was so relieving to get off your feet, and as soon as you would lie down the pressure would instantly be lifted off your lower back. In the beginning, Louis had wanted to keep up your old sleeping patterns, where he would hold you all night and keep you close to his chest. He soon learned that you didn’t want that during your pregnancy when he put his arm around you, waking you up, and you reacted by smacking him in the face. He then stayed on his side of the bed and let you enjoy the pure bliss of sleep uninterrupted.

anonymous asked:

Can you do an our life in words TFLN where Harry's on tour for the first time after Rose is born and he misses her?

This is so cute! I can just see him laying in bed gushing over baby pictures of her.

Sorry that it’s taken so long to post, I had to get myself together after exams.

Harry      Y/N





Harry Edward Styles, it is three in the morning

I know, I’m just lonely

Is Rosie up yet?

Why would our two year old be up this early?


I’m sorry, I just miss you guys so much

Especially my little bunny

Harry it’s only been a week

Babe, I’ve never been away from her for this long

I didn’t get to read her a story last night because you didn’t pick up when I called on Skype, which I'm still pretty upset about

Babe, I couldn't get her to go to sleep, she was a mess and I didn’t have time to run and answer

I’m sorry

She misses her daddy

and he misses her

Remember when you took this?

This was the first day we brought her home from the hospital, even then she wouldn’t let go of me

I remember, he was so small and you were so scared “I don’t want to drop her, she so little.” “Do you think she’s hungry?” “Take off your shirt, she's hungry”

It was so funny

I was just nervous, she’s our first little girl and I’m scared I’m going to miss her important milestones

I don’t want to come back home and she already knows how to ride a bike!


She’s two, not five

You know what I mean

But you won’t have to deal with missing important milestones

I have some news

She already knows how to ride a bike!?


Harry, no

What’s the news then?

I’m pregnant

Pregnancy Series #15 ~ He Overhears You Talking to the Baby

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall (his pov) ~ “You’re going to look just like your dad, aren’t you, little one?” I heard her speak softly through the thin hotel room walls. I put a towel to my hair, but removed it when I heard her voice again. I turned the faucet off so I could hear her words more clearly.

“His nose. I love his nose. And you’ll have his beautiful blue eyes. We’ll have to dye your hair, though. I’ll make sure he lets us,” I smiled and sat up against the wall with my ear pressed against it. She was speaking to our child and it was more than precious.

“Bet you’ll have his accent, too. And you’ll learn all his slang and say things funny like he does. Your laugh will sound just like his. His laugh is great, love. You’re going to love his laugh. Dad’s laugh is the best sound in the world. Except his singing. Your dad has the voice of an angel. I love your dad so much, love,” Despite her whispering, I heard every word. Her voice was so calming and I could tell how much she loved our baby by the words she spoke.

“Maybe he’ll teach you to barbecue- he’s really good at that. The food he cooks on his grill is delicious, some of mummy’s favorites. And he’s going to teach you to play footy. You better be a Derby fan, little one. Daddy wouldn’t like it much if you weren’t,” I had to laugh out loud at that one. It was true. My baby better be a Derby fan. She must’ve heard my laugh that she loved so much, though, because she stopped talking.

“Niall? What are you doing in there?” she asked, in a much louder voice than she had been using. I stood to my feet and adjusted the towel on my hips. When I emerged from the bathroom, I saw that she was lying on her side with pillows piled all around her head. She whined, “Did you hear all that?”

I nodded and laughed, climbing under the covers beside her. She pulled one of the many pillows over her head and groaned. “You were supposed to be in the shower.”

“Oh, we’re not dying our baby’s hair blonde,” I told her, tracing random shaped over her stomach.

“Yes, we are,” she mumbled from underneath the pillow.

Zayn (his pov) ~ “Jaeda, gran said you can hear me now. I don’t know if its true, but lets try it, yeah?” I couldn’t help but smile at her words. Y/N was sitting on the balcony, her favorite room in the flat. She like pull one of the chairs up so it was right up against the railing. She could stare out at the skyline all day and night. That’s where I would find her when the pregnancy was making her feel sick, or when she couldn’t sleep at night.

“So, baby, I just want to know that mummy loves you. I love you more than anything in the whole wide world. You’re my everything, my sunshine. I can’t wait to meet you. Where we are right now is mummy’s favorite place. I wish you could see it. From here, you can see the Albert bridge. And you can see the Ferris wheel across the river. Someday I’ll take you there, and we’ll ride to the top. I bet you’ll love it.”

“I’m so excited for you to finally get here, Jaeda. So many people already love you. The whole world, really,” she spoke softly with her head hunched over so she was looking at her bump. Her back was turned to me, so I couldn’t see her face, but I knew she was smiling.

“Your daddy is famous. He goes all over the world to sing to people. I miss him when he’s away, but now I’ll have my baby girl to keep me company. Oh, and maybe you can help me teach his to swim? When we visit Uncle Niall? He has a huge pool. I’ve tried but he’s a cry baby…” she paused and looked up to the sky. The pain was evident in her voice, and it hurt for me to listen.

“I don’t even care that you tore me and your father apart. You’re going to be worth it, and hopefully your daddy figures that out soon. I hope so. I think he loves you, but I can’t tell. I’m trying, for you, Jaeda. He makes it so hard though…” She trailed off, siting in silence and staring out at the view. I couldn’t help the sobs from escaping my lips. She quickly turned her head and stood.

“Zayn?” I stood up and revealed myself from the sliding door. “Are you alright?”

I nodded weakly and stared at the beautiful woman in front of me. I had messed it up so bad with her. “Ya, just what you said. I got to me a bit. I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“I’m perfect.” She said, pressing her hand to my unshaven cheek. She smiled, making my gut twist.

“I want to fix this,” I admitted. “I can’t stand seeing you everyday, and not-” She pressed her finger to my lips, making me stop.

“Shh, we’ll talk about it later; its late. Get to bed.” And with that, she pushed me towards door and into the house. I walked up the stairs behind her and I cringed when she shut herself in the bedroom by herself.

Liam (his pov) ~ I walked into the lounge room, where the Christmas tree was set up. She sat in front of it on the floor, a piece of paper in her hands. She stared down at it with a huge smile on her face, and I instantly knew what it was: the ultrasound photo. I had come looking for her to ask when the ham would be done cooking. We were having a small holiday party with the lads and some of the crew members.

She had been talking about it all week; she was so excited to see everyone since the tour had ended. She wore a green dress with small sleeves that looked amazing on her. The skirt was spread out around her on the floor, making her look like a small child excited for Santa to come.

“I wish you were here already,” she began speaking. I stopped mid-step, and retreated back behind the corner. I wanted to know what she had to say; it would be a good way of finding out what she was feeling.

“All your uncles are coming over tonight. And your aunts. Your cousins, too. They’re all going to love you so much. Especially your cousin Lux. She’s so excited for you to come, Dominic. She already is planning to read to you and play with you. Your auntie Lou is going to spoil you rotten just like all the others. And you have Uncle Andy to play with. He’s going to love you like his own,” she paused, and sighed heavily. I thought she was going to start crying, so I started to make my way towards her, but she began talking again. “I don’t care that you’re not our flesh and blood. But if you call me ‘mummy’, that’s enough for me.”

I felt the need to make myself know, so I said, “I feel the same way, sugar,” I said, kneeling beside her and taking the picture from her hands. “We’re so close.”

Within the hour, the boys all arrived with their wives and kids. Jaeda, who was already five, ran right up to Y/N with a package in her hands. She handed it to her, and told her to open it. Y/N ripped the paper away, revealing a framed drawing of me, my wife, and our baby that was on the way. “I drew it myself,” Jaeda told us proudly.

Harry (his pov) ~ “Hey, Gorgeous, have you-” I stopped in the middle of the hallway leading to our bedroom. I heard her voice; she hated when I eavesdropped, but it was really fun. I tip-toed towards the bedroom door and looked in. There she was, as beautiful as ever, sitting on our bed with a Doctor Seuss book propped on her belly.

“'Inside the nest, the egg jumped. It jumped and jumped and jumped. Until…out came a baby bird!’” she read the book in an animated voice, making it seem like she had an audience of toddlers listening. “’"Where is my mother?” he said.’ I promise, Cor, I’ll never leave. 'He did not see her anywhere!’“

She smiled, shifting her position so one of her hands held the book, and the other was rubbing circles over her bump. She had begun to really grow, to the point where she couldn’t hide it anymore. It was a rapid change; in a span of two weeks she looked like four months had passed.

”’“I will go and look for her,” he said. Out of the nest he went. Down, down, down! Plop!’“ she giggled as she turned the page and tapped on her stomach repeatedly. I had seen her doing it before; she said it made the bean kick. I stepped in the room smiling. She looked over her shoulder at the sound of my boots on the floors. She laughed, and put the book down on her lap.

"Want to join us for story time?” She asked. “Your mum told me that babies can hear voices by now, and I want her to be smart so…And she is kicking like crazy! I think she likes books.” she explained excitedly. Her eyes gleamed with love for our little Cordelia. I kissed her smiling lips as I scooted over so I was right beside her, and rested my head on her lap.

“Keep reading, I want to feel her kick,” I said, picking the book up and putting it into her hands. I placed my palms in the two places she usually kicked, and listened to my wife’s voice.

“'The baby bird could not fly. He could not fly, but he could walk.”

Louis (his pov) ~ “Dada will be home soon, boys. Maybe he’ll sing a song for you,” I heard Y/N say softly as I walked into our bedroom. I softened my steps as I got closer to the bathroom door, which was slightly ajar. Peeking in, I saw her in the bath tub with bubbles coating her face making it look like she had a beard.

“He’s going to come home, and he’s going to lie in bed with us. Your daddy is a very good man,” she continued. I couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. She moved her arms over the surface of the water, clearing away the bubbles. I could see her large baby bump peeking above the water slightly. She piled bubbles on top of it like a mountain, then took her hand and knocked it over, making a crashing sound. “He’s really funny. And he’s good at football. But he’s an awful dancer. I am, too- there’s really no chance of either of you being good dancers. I hope anyways, so then you won’t have to watch us dancing and be super embarrassed of us. Your dad and I will embarrass you a lot, just a warning. And I’m apologizing in advance, right now, while you’re still in the womb- it will start as soon as you pop out. And you guys have a big audience. We’re pretty cool, but you boys will think we’re 'totally lame’.”

I burst out laughing then, not being able to contain it anymore. “Hey! You were spying on me!” she exclaimed, pointing a bubble-covered finger at me accusingly.

“I’m glad I did, that was quite entertaining, babe.” I smiled and began to take my shirt off.

“No, no no no. I was having a relaxing bath and you are not going to come in here and cramp my style. Not happening.” She said, shaking her head frantically. I just laughed and unbuckled my belt. “There are already three people in this tub, I think that is enough. And I have my rubber ducky to keep me company.”

“Come on, move up. I need to get in,” I told her, pushing her forward with my hand on her back. She moved up and I slid in behind her, careful not to hurt her in the process.

“Fine. But I promised the boys you’d sing. And I want to play a game to test out the rest of the bath toys I bought.” She said, forcing a frown to hide the smile on her face. She lifted up a clear bag full of plastic boats and dolphins that sat in swimming tubes and dumped the contents into the water.

“Deal,” I said, turning her head back so I could kiss her lips.