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Hi there! Daddy Harry has got me fucked up :) Here is one more fluff. Hope you like it. Btw talk to me about astrology or if you need any help or just wanna talk, my asks are always open. Feedbacks please:).

Word count :: 1470

You were seven months into pregnancy. Having a round belly whilst having two monkeys at home wasn’t an easy thing. The mood swings and hormones weren’t a much of big help as well. Rose and Noah were only 4 and a half and 3 respectively. quite young the babies were. Plus Harry being busy with the movie promotion and new single coming up was difficult, though he always tried to give you time as much as he can.

You groaned siting down on the couch. The soft spongy stuff giving relief to your hips and your swollen feet as you rest them on the coffee table in front of you. You just had gotten Noah to sleep and now you were beyond exhausted. Harry was at work. Rose in school. Harry had told you that he’d pick Rose up from her school the morning he left so one thing was off your list to worry about.

You closed your eyes and laid head back trying to relax when you sudden pressure on your stomach. She was kicking again. It was a weird thing for you to have her kick during a specific time. In mornings she’s calm but as it makes to afternoon, her hype self starts and so does her legs. You rubbed the swell of your belly trying to get her calm down.

“Hype baby aren’t you? ” you smiled to self with the thought of once again having small bundle of joy in your arms in a few days.  Time went like sand slipping through fingers. It’s like you blinked and your babies were this much big. Though they were pain in nose sometimes, you loved them endlessly. For a mother, her children are her everything. She devotes herself to her kids. So did you. Rose and Noah meant everything to you. They were the centre of your world.

“Can’t wait to meet you Snow.” You whispers as a fast tear rolled down your cheek.

When you found out that this one is gonna be a girl, Harry suggested to name her Snow. Beatiful and pure as it.

“y/n!!!!” Harry came running to you where you stood in the bathroom.

“look its snowing! First Snow fo winter!” He said excitedely. He had so much passion and love in his eyes. No matter how old he grew, he still was a kid at heart. But when his eyes when to the thing which had you distracted from him, he teared up. Blinking your own tears away you nodded smilig. Positve the test showed. One more baby was on the way.

“If it’s a girl can we call her Snow?” he asked with hope in his eyes. All you did was nod and embraced him in a tight hug.

And basically that’s how he came up with it and with the name Rose and Noah as well. Rose because, when she was born she was pink as it and Harry found her immensely delicate. So you guys decided to stop on that name. Noah becasue when he was born, Harry though that he looked more like Ryan Gosling. Though you didn’t think like that, to you he looked like Harry only but for his happiness you let Harry name him Noah. All three names were admirable and suited your kids personality perfectly.

Rose was beautiful and delicate like one. She was kind and was just like her father. Gentle and humble.

Noah was much like you. Bubbly, talkitive and had brown straight hair unlike Rose who had curls at the end. But he too had a kind heart like his father.

Harry was no doubt brought upp a gentleman by his mother. And he was doing the same for kids. Along with you, he gave kids the best habbits he could. How you should always brush your teeth before bed, how you should fold your own clothes, carry your plate to he kitchen etc.Though they were bit too young, he wanted to have it from the beginning. And when kids started following his rules, you could see the happiness and pride in his eyes glistening with love for his kids.

“momma?” You heard small croacked voice. Opening your eyes, you saw Noah standing with tears in his eyes. His hair were messy and his pyajamas was scrunched along with his tee. He had his penguin fluffy toy tucked under his arm. His lips bottom started to wobble so without wasting a time you called him to you.

“baby c'mere. What’s wrong?” You cooed as you opened your arms for the toddler to come in them and being momma’s boy, he gladly did so.

“what happened?” you asked tucking him under your right hand and he insantly hide his face in your chest. You rubbed his back with one hand and ran other in his soft hair.

“yeh wove meh no more afte’ baby come” he said. There was a hint of sadness in his voice, how the tiny baby boy was desperately hurt thinking that his mother won’t love him after the new baby. Hearing those words broke you just like every mother. How could you ever stop loving him? But the poor three year old believed that you could.

“oh no no bubba. Momma can never stop loving her precious baby.” you said holding up your own tears. You felt his grip going tight on you. His tiny arms couldn’t reach your back but rested on the swell of your belly.

“b-because new baby is small and need momma more” he said weeping as he oulled away to face you. His nose pink along with his cheek and ears. You cupped his small face and rubbed his tears strained cheek. Collecting the small tear soff his eyes you leaned in to peck his forehead.

“that’s right. Baby is gonna be so tiny and will need mommy but, that doesn’t mean that mommy will stop loving you. Even Rose had to share me with you when you were born. You were so tiny that you need to be looked after all th etime, but that didn’t made mommy to stop loving Rose. now did it huh?” you asked softly still rubbing his cheek. He shook his head sniffling.

“i-i don’t wanna share mommy” he cried once again clutching onto to you and this time, it was bad. He was so innocent that the thought of him sharing his mommy with the new baby was unbearable for him.

“hey hey. Baby look at meh” you said cradling his face. He stared at you sniffling with those green eyes he resembled from his daddy. You smiled softly and put his hand on your belly. His hand small baby hand scrunched at first but eventually flatend on your belly. And soon there was a kick. And taking you by surprise, Noah eyes were wide open and mouth big agaped.

“momma!!! Something happen!!!” he said. Tears now were forgotten.

“yes baby!! It’s your sister. She says she loves you. She just high fived you from momma’s tummy!” you exclaimed gigglng. His face expression changed from surprise to happiness as he sat properly so that he can look at your tummy properly.

“Really mommy?” he asked.

“yed baby!! try again” you said and so he did it again. And once again you felt the kicks. His smiled grew and next thing you knew was Noah kissing your belly.

“I wove you too baby sister.” he said out of love. The heartwarming scene brought tears to your eyes.

“How was you’ day?” Harry asked rubbing your shoulder with your face hidden in his neck. At last you had your man and all you wanted was to have a nice warm cuddle with him. It was past kids bedtime and they were already tucked in beds.

“good. Noah started crying because he thought after Snow is born i won’t love him.” You mumbled pecking the soft skin of his neck.

“really? wha’ happened next?” he asked showing interest in hearing out about his baby. Harry missed spending time with kids so he made uo by hearing to their stories.

“I made him feel the kick a-” you were going on but the loud thud made you pull away. You saw Noah running through your bedroon door and crawling on the bed betweeen you two. Carefully he leaned in and kissed your belly softly and then hugged it.

“love you snowie. I wove you. Always. I am your bwig brother.” He said and ran off to his room before kissing your tummy one more time.

“He fell in love with his sister.” you smiled watching him go and tilted your head to look at harry who had tears in his eyes. You cuddled to him and let him be. Fathers did needed to cry. They’re fathers after all.

Busy Man~ Harry Styles Imagine

Harry imagine 

this is inspired by the song busy man by ralph 

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“I get a shiver when you come around here                                                      Lose my voice when your body’s near                                                               Are you really no good or is it just talk?”                                                                  Harry could light up any room that he walked in. His charismatic smile and charm could make any girl weak in the knees. You were infatuated by Harry, but everyone warned you that he was no good. Your friends called him a fuckboy, but you refused to listen to them. Harry was way too sweet and caring to be the kind of guy who would use a girl.

“Tell my friends I’m staying in                                                                                    I don’t mind a little lyin’                                                                                    Cause they think you’re no good but they don’t know you”                           Your friends warned you not to get close to Harry, “he’ll only break your heart” they said. So on Friday night when your friends asked you to go out with them and you already had plans with Harry you told them that you were sick and couldn’t go out. They thought Harry was a bad guy, but he wasn’t.

“And I don’t care what they say                                                                            It’s me and you                                                                                                         But don’t prove them right”                                                                                   You had been waiting for an hour at a fancy diner for Harry. You had reservations, “how could he forget?” You thought.                                                      "I told you so!“ Your best friend said.                                                             "He’s a busy man, he probably just got caught up in something.” You said back. Just as your friend was about to retaliate, a buzzing phone caught her off. It was Harry.                                                                                                          "Hello?“ You answered.                                                                                      "Y/N, I’m so sorry baby. My interview went longer then I had expected. I’m so sorry again.” He said                                                                                                 You sighed, “it’s fine.”                                                                                           “No, it’s not Y/N. I feel so bad, let me make it up to you.”                                    "Ok,“ you said.                                                                                                      "Come outside” Harry said.                                                                             Opening your front door, you saw Harry with flowers in his hands.


One Direction Lockscreens
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Black Butterflies - 4

Hello lovelies! How’re you all? I missed you guys. Here  is very much waited part 4. Hope you like it. Please give feedback :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

“aghhhh Stop!!!!” you giggling squirming away from Jake who long slender fingers were working on your belly. Jake was a friend of yours and was your family doctor. He’s like a second friend after Harry and Anne for you upon whom you could always lean on. And not to forget to mention the fact that he was a very handsome and generous man. He had brown eyes and small brown hair to match with. His smile was very charming and so was his personality. And you were very 

It all started when you took Rose to his clinic few days after he returned from the trip with Harry. It was a normal monthly check-up and when Jake noticed how quite she was, he asked her and being attached to him, she told him. Jake wasted no time in approaching you when the kids were gone to school.

“why didn’t you told me?!!?” He asked running his fingers through his hair annoyed.

“I-I don’t know.” you choked as the tears blinded your vision.

“really Y/n?!?! Are you fucking kidding?” He was hurt. Seeing you like that hurt him because you were his friend and maybe, just maybe because he always wished you were his. You remember meeting him through a mutual friend when you were in a relationship with Harry. The look in his eyes when he first saw you was enough to let you know about his feelings and he actually told you one day. But you of course denied him, and since that day he promised to be there for you whenever he can.

“I knew I could treat you better”


“No y/n you don’t deserve this. You deserve better. Someone who knows your worth, like I do. Give me a chance love, you won’t regret it.”


Indeed you said yes. You needed someone and you were tired of being alone. And Jake was the only hope and person you could trust.

“NAHHHH” Jake laughed pulling your squirming body on his lap.  You sat up with your legs on his lap, your arms around his neck. Smiling to self, you traced his sharp features. He was so beautiful and kind that it honestly made you cry. You couldn’t thank him enough for helping you through the tough time. It all reminded you of the romantic and sensual period of love that you shared with Harry but now you didn’t care anymore.

“hi beautiful” Jake said caressing your cheek with the back of his hand. His smile took over his features as he leaned in to connect his lips with yours. His lips moved perfectly against yours as one of his hand went to rest on the back of your neck pulling you closer. With one swift move, his tongue glided inside of your mouth playing with yours lovingly. The taste of his mouth turning on the all sexual hormones making you crave for him.

His hand still on the back of your neck but his lips now on your neck and cheek kissing sloppily the soft skin of yours. His tongue nipping and licking the now goosebumps covered neck. Light purple colored marks covered your skin beautifully making it glow and loving like it should be in  the past. No doubt Jake made you feel loved and needed just like you wished.

“Mommy!!!” He pulled away quickly as soon as the loud call of your son with the house. You got off his lap and sat on the couch. Kids didn’t know that you were with him. Divorce was still a sensitive topic for them and they’d been hurt already by Kristine. You weren’t ready for the confession yet.

“Daddy on the phone” he padded to you and clumsily handed you the phone. That heartwarming smile that was on his face swept away as Harry’s name reached his ear drums. You looked at Jake before pecking Noah’s head and asking him to go back to his room and play.

“What?” You said. Doesn’t matter if you moved on or were trying to. You can never forget what he did to you. You can never forget how much he hurt you. You can never forget that the woman you were you once was snatched away by him. You can never forget the love you still had for him.

“I just wanted t’say that don’t forget to meet me in the court tomorrow.” He said calmly.

“How can I forget such important thing? Finally I’m gonna be away from you” You said with a sarcastic laugh shaking your head. You tried and acted to show how happy you were but inside you were crumbling. You were dead. 

“lis-” he was to say something but you ended the line. You didn’t wanted him to hurt you again. You were strong now. Strong enough to let the hard time come like a storm and destruct your world.Or that’s what you thought.

A whimper left your lips when you realized that you could never be strong without Harry. He was your power. Your strength. And with him you were as petite and delicate as a flower. His love and affection made you that way. Tears ran down your face and you covered your mouth with your hand trying to muffle the cries not wanting the kids to know about it. But soon Jake pulled you to his chest and rubbed your back. 

“It’s okay darling. I’m here for you. You aren’t gonna be alone”

“Without him i always will be” You cried in his chest.

You parked your car and ran inside checking your wrist watch. Shit you were late.

“god !” You ran and bumped into someone falling down on ground thankfully landing on your bum. You looked up wincing and saw that homewrecker. Your eyes flamed up with anger as you stood on your stood.

“well well well. Mrs. Styles can’t even walk properly.What a shame?!?!” She laughed.

“Didn’t know Harry Styles’s girlfriend was blind” you replied and walked inside the room. With every step you took, you feet became heavy with your paining. This was happening. You won’t be Mrs. Styles anyone. The thought made your eyes wet. But wiping the tears with the back of your hand you walked to the room but froze, there he sat.

You were miserable. Devastated and after all what happened still were hoping for it to turn out to be a bad dream and wake up next to him having the time of your lives.

“Y/n come inside” Harry’s raspy voice made your thoughts disappeared as you stepped inside the room. You sat down on the chair and your head turned to your right where he sat when you felt his hand holding yours tightly. He held it as tight as he did during the ultrasound of rose when you were two weeks pregnant. But his touch warmth your body. The coldness of your heart seemed to be fading away as soon as his skin touched yours. Your breath quickened when the lawyer asked if you two agreed and the decision was mutual.

Harry turned his head to yours and you noticed that you weren’t the only one crying there. His eyes were red bloodshot and he too looked exhausted. His hair were greasy, bags under his eyes and lips chewed up. His hand started to sweat as you stared at him blankly. Why was he upset? When he was the one behind the suggestion.

“please please say no” he begged. His lips wobbled as he pleaded. His voice cracking and tears dripping from his mouth resting on his lips. You looked away trying to control yourself but your mascara was already running down your cheeks. You stood up and signed the papers.

“This is for the best Harry” and with that you left. You were now divorced and the pain was enough for you to ran back home and cry your heart out.

On the other hand, Harry realized what was missing. His heart ached when Kristine couldn’t fill up the empty face like your did. And all he could was go home and cry for losing such an amazing thing like you.


“Harry?” Kristine knocked on the room inside of which Harry was crying. He’s been in there since the moment he returned from court after signing the papers.

“yeah?” he sniffed wiping his tears.

“Baby’s asking for chocolate. You see craving happens in pregnancy. ”


Sorry it’s quite short. I promise to make part 5 long. Oh btw..did you notice what i did at the end?! *smirk* do not forget the feedback tho. P.S reblog if you like it so that others can read it too :)


Hi guys, I’ve been writing imagines for a while now but I’ve never published them, hence why this imagine was set when One Direction were still together. Hope you enjoy and I have quite a few more to share with you. Feel free to request any imagines with anyone.

You were currently at one of one directions gigs. You were front row and Harry had insisted that he could see your face when he sung. You and Harry had been friends for about five years now, the boys loved you dearly and so did his family. But no one loved you quite as much as Harry did. You both knew it, however no one would ever act upon it because being best friends was just simply enough. You were both happy, both successful, both young and free.

Until tonight. Tonight was when everything changed. Like something just clicked and both of you realised best friends was never enough, you were just too afraid to make it something more.

But here you were, smiling up at the boys you so dearly loved with all of your heart. Louis looked down at you and pointed it you making everyone scream and made you smile widely, forming a heart with your hands.

Louis was like your brother and Harry loved how close you were with the boys.

They finished performing infinity and Liam picked up his drink, gently splashing some on you, making your squeal and put your middle finger up at him. The girls around you picked there own water bottles up and got him soaked, and you smiled as Harry’s laughter filled the arena.

“Thanks Girls” you said making them squeal because one of there favourite music artists had spoken to them whilst at a one direction concert.

Suddenly Harry’s voice filled the arena making everyone’s screams come to an end.

“Thank yer all for coming tonight. I hope you’re having fun” he said before looking down at you.

“So, someone very special is here tonight. She is a massive part of not only my life, but the boy’s lives too. And today is her birthday. So Laura, I want to let yer know that yer awesome. ‘n I’m so glad yer my best friend, I couldn’t ask for more. Remember love, no matter where you are, I love yer. Happy Birthday Lou” he said making you smile widely and making everyone awww.

“I love you” you mouthed back making him smile.

“This is for you Laura” Niall said before they sung I Want to Write You a Song . Harry had told you plenty of times, this song is about you and it always brought tears to your eyes.

Your friend wrapped one arm around your shoulders, placing a kiss on your cheek and swaying to the music.

“Harry looks hot tonight” she said in your ear making you giggle and look up at Harry who was already looking at you.

“He does” you said back making her jump up and down earning a smile from Harry as he ran a hand through his hair.

You were now back stage waiting for the boys. Your friend had now left with her boyfriend, letting you have some alone time with the boys. You heard loud laughing and instantly smiled and stood up. You were greeted by all four in a group hug.

“Ew. Your all sweaty” you said making them laugh and pull away.

“Happy Birthday love” Louis said pulling you into a tight hug.

“Thanks Lou Bear” you said before pulling away.

“Okay no more hugs until you all shower” you said making Liam, Niall and Louis groan before walking to the showers.

“Not even for me?” Harry said, making you turn around to see Harry smirking.

“hmmm, I think I can make an exception” you said, instantly being pulled into a tight hug.

“Did yer like the speech?” Harry said, placing a kiss against your hair.

“I loved it” you said, tangling your fingers into his hair.

“Love yer” he mumbled making you giggle against his chest.

“What?” he said pulling back to look at your fave properly for the first time that night.

“You’re being very affectionate tonight” you said as Harry tucked a bit of hair behind your ear.

“It’s ya birthday. Wanna make it special” he said placing his hand against your cheek.

“It already is. Because I’m with you and the boys” you said earning a nod from Harry.

“I should go shower” he said going to walk away.

“Not yet” you said pulling him back.

“Okay love” he said hugging you again. Tucking his arms under your bum, he lightly picked you off the ground and spun you around slightly. He placed you back in the ground with a light kiss to your forehead.

“I really should go shower. They’re going to make us leave soon” he said slowly.

“Okay” you said placing a kiss to his cheek and letting him go.

“That looked awfully cosy” Liam said walking back to you, fully cleaned and dressed. His hair still slightly damp.

“Hi Li” you said giving him a hug. “You alright?” he said sitting down on the sofa.

“Never been better” you said slowly. After that, you all went back to the tour bus and relaxed for a bit. You were situated in-between Harry’s legs oh the sofa. Louis and Niall either side of you and Liam strangely lying on the floor.

“I got yer a present” Harry whispered in your ear making you shiver slightly.

“I’m knackered. I’m going to go to bed’ Liam said getting up from the floor. You stood up to give him a hug.

“G'night Liam. You were amazing tonight” you said nicely.

“Happy Birthday” he said before leaving. Next was Niall and then Louis. And you and Harry stayed together on the sofa.

“Let me get your present” he said getting up and getting something from his bag. “It’s nothing too big. Hopefully you like it” he said giving you a little box. You opened it slowly to reveal a little pendant. Inside the pendant was a picture of you and Harry, one of your favourite pictures of you too; a picture Gemma had took whilst you joined them on a family holiday. You were on Harry’s lap and was laughing against his cheek and he smiled happily.

“Harry it’s beautiful. Thank you” you said leaning over a wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him.

“You’re welcome kitten” he said making you smile.

“And thank you for tonight, you’re the best” you said biting your lip slightly whilst putting the pendant on.

“You trust me right?” Harry said making your head shoot up to look him the eyes.

“Of course… Why would you say that?” you said, suddenly worried.

“I just want to try something” Harry said leaning forward and placing his hand against your cheek. His finger grazed against your bottom lip, before he gently kissed you, once. Twice. His lips then touched your gently before his tongue slightly licked it’s way into your mouth. Your tongues slowly fought for dominance  Harry’s strongly massaging against yours.

Slowly he pulled back, your lips still grazing together. Best friends was never enough. Your forehead’s still touching as you both tried to gain your breath back.

“I’m sorry” Harry said slowly, your lips still touching as he spoke and his forehead against yours still.

“Don’t be” you whispered back in reply, feeling him smile against your lips.

“This is what was supposed to happen Lou. We both knew we weren’t supposed to be just best friends” Harry said lovingly, placing a kiss against the palm of your hand.

“I know H. I was just waiting for it to happen” you said truthfully.

“Do you wanna go somewhere?” Harry said, placing his lips against yours once more.

“okay” you said as Harry placed more kiss against your lips.

You gently pushed Harry off you, before standing up and grabbing one of Harry’s jumpers.

“Come back” Harry said making grabby hands at you.

“No more kisses until we’re out of that door” you said pointing to the door making Harry giggle at you trying to be serious.

“I’m being serious” you said trying to hide your own smile.

“Sure yeh are love” Harry said making you raise an eyebrow up at him.

“Harry Edward Styles” you warned.

“Okay okay. I’m coming” Harry said.

“You will be” you winked making him laugh loudly.

“shhh. The boys are asleep” you said making him wrap his arms around your waist and pulling you into his chest.

“Yer sure ya wanna go somewhere? It’s dark out. We could just cuddle here or summat” he said, his deep voice making your face warm at the husk to it.

“I don’t mind. I just wanna be here with you” You said feeling laughter rumble in his chest.

“Make ye mind up love” he said teasing you.

“Stay here” you said, making a final decision. Harry’s arm ran down your arm, reaching your hand and taking the coat from it and throwing it somewhere else.

“Got one more present for ya” he said letting go of you and walking somewhere else. Leaving you alone for a few minutes before returning with a something that looked like a card.

He slowly sat down and pulled you into his lap before placing the card in your hands. You opened it slowly, gasping as you saw two plane tickets to New Zealand. Harry knew you had a weird obsession with the country and knew that you wanted to truly explore the beautiful place, but never had the chance to because when you were there you had shows to perform.

“Thought we could go there while we have a break” Harry said talking about the band. He quickly continued “just us. Yer love it y’know. Thought it would be a romantic gesture or sommat” his voice became quite making you giggle as no one really knew Harry as being “romantic”.

You quickly turned in Harry’s lap, your legs wrapping tightly around his waist.

“I freaking love ya Harry Styles” you said wrapping your arms around his neck and squeezing him. Harry felt butterflies in his stomach as although you confirmed that you felt the same towards him with kisses, that was the first time you said you loved him that night.

“Love- can’t- breathe” Harry said, still laughing somehow. You quickly loosened your grip. He pulled your face away from his neck, wanting to see your beautiful face. Instead, he was looked at your teary eyes.

“Why are ye crying kitten? It’s yer birthday, yer muppet” Harry said, the pet names making you giggle.

“Today has just been perfect Haz. You’re perfect” you said placing a strong kiss against his lips.

“Don’t go all mushy on me now” Harry said pushing you away slightly.

“Just wanna show you, I love ya” you said against his neck again, placing a kiss there.

“How about you show me another way?” Harry said gripping your hips as you continued kissing and sucking at his neck.

“Hmmm” you mumbled against his neck.

“I can’t get enough of ya” Harry groaned out.

“Be mine?” he mumbled as he placed his lips back on yours. “I already am” you said making him shake his head.

“No. Officially be mine. Be m'girlfriend” Harry said making you smile widely.

“Okay Styles” you said making him smile happily.

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technically true 

I will always love you

Harry always loves you xx  princess 

Pregnancy Series #22 ~ Photo Shoot

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall (your pov) ~ You and Niall had agreed to keep your child out of the spotlight, and that including keeping your pregnancy private. All the major magazines had been contacting you for a story to the point that it became annoying and infuriating. Though management had pushed you to agree to their requested, Niall had stuck strong and continued denying. 

But you did want pictures- to put in the baby book and hang on the walls of your house. So you hired a private photographer, whom Niall made sign legal document to ensure he wouldn’t share the photos he took of you. 

On the day of your photo shoot, the tour was still going on, and the boys were still in Florida. The sun was shining and the photographer decided to use it to his advantage. The beach was bare on Monday morning, the only time Niall was available. You wore a dress that Caroline Watson had said really accentuated your pregnancy, and Niall just wore his everyday clothes. It was fairly quick, and only after about 45 minutes, the photographer was done. You and Niall still had another hour before he needed to be at the filming for an interview that would air later that month, so you decided to stay on the beach. 

“That cloud looks a bit like a baby,” he said, pointing up at the sky. You squinted up at the clouds and noticed that the cloud, in fact, looked nothing like a baby. You merely shook your head and smirked, replacing your head onto his chest. The sand was surprisingly soft beneath you, and the warm sun felt good on your skin.

“You just have babies on your mind, Ni. It looks nothing like a baby,” you said to him, and he frowned, flicking sand with his toes up at your legs. 

Zayn (your pov) ~ Zayn sensed you were nervous, so he leaned across the bed and rubbed your back, making you relax a bit. Zayn had wanted to give his fans a bit of an insight on your pregnancy, despite the problems between you. Another reason he wanted the photo shoot was to hide those issues. 

You didn’t really want to publicize your pregnancy, but the article in People magazine would boost Zayn’s career that supported you and your unborn child. Zayn knew you wanted that, and made sure the interviewer kept the questions generalized. The interview was basically questions about how your body was taking the pregnancy, and how you and Zayn felt about having a baby. Of course, most of the answers you gave were lies and the way you hung off each other in the presence of the crew was all an act. You were both extremely careful not to show any of the tension between you. 

The photo shoot was simple; some pictures were taken of just you, some of just Zayn, but most were taken of you together. The crew had set up a bed in room with false walls where you would lie down, and sit. It gat intimate sometimes, which made you very self conscious. In one set, you were naked except for skimpy underwear, and Zayn was shirtless. It wasn’t anything you hadn’t done before, but it still felt revealing to do in front of all those people when you were pregnant. 

“Babe, you feeling alright?” Zayn asked when you were nearing the end. You nodded, and leaned against his chest since there were still people around. 

“Exhausted,” you answered. He gave you a sympathetic smile, and told you he would be right back. After a few minuted of watching him talk to the photographer and magazine representer, he came back with a big smile on his face.

“I got it cut short. We just have to go sign a few papers so they can use the pictures. C’mon, get dressed,” he told you, and you leaned up to kiss him for real, for the first time in a few days. 

“You’re amazing,” you told him, and kissed his lips again.

Liam (your pov) ~ Liam, with the consent of you and his management, had agreed to an interview about your adoption experience so far. You were skeptical at first, but once you arrived, you lightened up a bit. You had so many legal documents to review regarding the adoption that had to be filed in a few days, but Liam promised it wouldn’t take long. 

You sat down on the couch, which had cameras and lights all around it. After multiple years of being with Liam, you were no stranger to interviews. When you had first gotten married and management was pushing for an interview, Liam had taught you a few things about answering the questions. He was quite good at it, too. 

The interviewer shook both your hands and sat down in her own chair across from you. She began with introducing herself as soon as the cameras began rolling, and gave a bit of background on your situation while you sat and smiled, before asking the simple question: “How are the two of you?”

Liam answered by telling her about his upcoming solo career and about how the other boys were doing. She then asked a lot of questions about the adoption, which Liam answered most of, except for the ones directed at you. It went on for about an hour and a half, when you then went outside to do a photo shoot. 

They gave you a picture frame when you arrived at the pond where the photo shoot would take place. While you were waiting for the photographer to set up, Liam pulled you off to the side and sat with you on a park bench. “Are you doing all right, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, I just want to get home,” you admitted as as you leaned against his chest and pulled your coat tighter around your body. 

“Were the questions they asked too much?” He said into the top of your head. They were a little, but you knew if you let him know that that he would feel bad for making you come. You shook your head just as the photographer said he was ready. It was a short photo shoot, with only a few position changes. Then you and Liam went home where you began to make a dent in the large pile of documents.

Harry (your pov) ~ Harry was excited to show everyone how happy he was to become a dad. As you two posed in front of the exterior of the house in LA that you Louis, Niall, and their families were renting by the pool, Louis told you how to pose. He had stuck with the watermelon theme as he had used when he helped you announce your pregnancy to the public via Twitter. 

“Just take your damn pants off!” Harry yelled at you and Louis and his wife prepped you for the picture. You looked at him with a humored expression as he smirked playfully at you. Louis sighed and went to talk to Niall so he wouldn’t have to witness anything from you two. 

You began to strip so you were only in your sports bra and very short and tight shorts. You felt insecure since most of the boys and their families were around, but Harry ensured you it wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before because you had worn a bikini around them countless times. 

“You done fucking over there?” Louis yelled in your direction.

“Louis!” Niall scolded as he covered his child’s ears, who seemed unfazed by his uncle’s choice of words. 

“Shut up,” you whined as you handed Harry the two cantaloupes from the table. Harry began to fumble with the fruit as Louis crouched down to take the picture. He put his phone down and looked at your husband with an overly dramatic look of annoyance.

“Harry, I have better shit to do than watch you drop melons,” he sighed, making Niall laugh behind him. You laughed along and turned to put Harry’s sunglasses on. You then turned forward for Lou to take the picture, which he then texted to you. He quickly ran off to take a swim with his five month old sons and wife. 

You posted the picture on Instagram with the simple caption: “harry is due soon, wish him luck! xx”

Louis (your pov) ~ After the interview full of being asked about your pregnancy by four different interviewers, you were exhausted and just wanted to go home. Your back was extremely sore, so while you were waiting for the photographer to set up, you lied down on the grass. 

The sun was warm on your face in the park just outside of London. There were only a few senior citizens walking around in their jump suits and walking their tiny rat-dogs this beautiful monday morning. Your eyes were squinted as you watched Louis talking to the photographer a few meters away and ran your hands over your bare 34-week belly. Your back was beginning to feel better the longer you were on the hard ground, but the grass was beginning to tickle your bare back where your shirt rode up, and you were pretty sure you felt something crawling up your arm. 

So you sat up, which was the easy part. Then came the standing. Standing was not easy, and it was a process that took at least three minutes. Louis saw you halfway through and hurried over to pull you up. His strong hands wrapped around your forearms and he pulled you in one swift movement to your feet, resulting in you bouncing up and your stomach colliding with his abs, nearly knocking him over. You were thankful that he had been able to take a short four day break off tour when Liam got seriously sick, though you felt bad for his bandmate. Lottie had headed back home for a week, but would be returning a few days after Louis left. 

“Ah, there we go,” he said softly as he brushed the grass blades and dirt off your white blouse. You smiled tiredly at him and he responded by brushing your styled hair away from your face. You heard a quiet click and you both turned your head to see the photographer furiously snapping pictures of you. You looked at Louis with your eyebrow raised, saying ‘what’s with this guy?’, and he just chuckled and kissed you, giving the photographer something to take. 

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Can you do an our life in words TFLN where Harry's on tour for the first time after Rose is born and he misses her?

This is so cute! I can just see him laying in bed gushing over baby pictures of her.

Sorry that it’s taken so long to post, I had to get myself together after exams.

Harry      Y/N





Harry Edward Styles, it is three in the morning

I know, I’m just lonely

Is Rosie up yet?

Why would our two year old be up this early?


I’m sorry, I just miss you guys so much

Especially my little bunny

Harry it’s only been a week

Babe, I’ve never been away from her for this long

I didn’t get to read her a story last night because you didn’t pick up when I called on Skype, which I'm still pretty upset about

Babe, I couldn't get her to go to sleep, she was a mess and I didn’t have time to run and answer

I’m sorry

She misses her daddy

and he misses her

Remember when you took this?

This was the first day we brought her home from the hospital, even then she wouldn’t let go of me

I remember, he was so small and you were so scared “I don’t want to drop her, she so little.” “Do you think she’s hungry?” “Take off your shirt, she's hungry”

It was so funny

I was just nervous, she’s our first little girl and I’m scared I’m going to miss her important milestones

I don’t want to come back home and she already knows how to ride a bike!


She’s two, not five

You know what I mean

But you won’t have to deal with missing important milestones

I have some news

She already knows how to ride a bike!?


Harry, no

What’s the news then?

I’m pregnant