Now that I think about “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” I came up with a small theory/metaphor.

I wrote a summary here for those who haven’t read the short story yet.
So the whole idea is based around this ‘perfect’ town by the sea called Omelas. The people of Omelas have a young child that has been sacrificed to keep the townspeople happy (with happiness comes evil theme). This child is not allowed to be fed nor spoken to by anyone. People can go see the child in person, but some walk away from Omelas not bearing the true horror the townspeople hold.

My point is that Bangtan gave themselves their group name in order to block/guard youth. “So [our name] means that we will boldly defend our music and our value and worth as people.” Maybe the music video will hold a metaphor of Bangtan protecting the neglected child. They’re against what the townspeople of Omelas have done to a child to keep their happiness. So while some walk away and never return to Omelas, they stay to protect the youth. Y’all get me? I’m almost positive this might be the message Bangtan will try to get across in the Spring Day music video.

Some Boba Fett Headcanons:
  • Every time he has to fly planetside, especially in the core, he screams about the traffic like the Brirtish guy from vine.
  • Boba LOVES break-up songs and the country music genres of  “gonna kill my cheatin’ liar of a husband”.
  • He’s never had a long-term romantic relationship but he knows enough people that need killing that he can sympathize.
  • When alone, he sings really loudly and off key.  It’s great for staying awake on long flights.
  • In his youth, Boba once bought space weed from a young Han solo, but neither ever realized they’d met before.
  • Boba owns some sort of fluffy animal that he chronically over-feeds because he has trouble saying “No” to that face.
  • When he’s not working, he wears really soft and too-large clothing because what’s the point of taking large commissions if he can’t have a few nice things.
  • Boba took the news of Han’s death at the hands of his son really hard.  He’d more or less given up on the rivalry after the sarlacc incident, but hearing that someone he’d more or less been a young man with had died bothered him.  Furthermore that Ben had done it.  He was a cute kid.  Boba had nearly abducted him once as a final attempt at getting even with him, but didn’t go through with it.  maybe the galaxy would be a better place now if he had.
  • Boba visits Leia after Han’s death.  He’d never liked her husband or brother, but he’d always admired the iron in her.  Of the extant skywalkers, she’s the most like the original, who while an ass, was a respectable warrior.  The meeting is brief, tense and in one of the deserted halls of the rebel base at 4 AM when she can’t sleep, but she appreciates the chance to be furious and bitter in front of someone who would understand how things go wrong.
  • They part as understanding, if not necessarily friends.
  • Dude drinks SO MUCH caff.  Like, he puts espresso in his black coffee levels of caffeine addiction.
  • Boba ONLY drinks alcohol when he’s in a business meeting where the others insist on doing it too.  He drank really heavily in his late teens and twenties, then one day decided he didn’t like what it did to him and quit cold turkey.
Ruby Slippers

So a friend of mine and her younger sister (8/9 years old) love Once Upon a Time. The sister’s favourites character is Ruby and had recently been upset at her lack of storylines.
Yesterday they watched ‘Ruby Slippers’ and the whole way through the episode the sister kept telling my friend that Ruby was going to be able to give her the kiss to wake her up with Dorothy being her best friend like on frozen with Elsa and Anna’s love as sisters. Upon the kiss scene between Ruby and Dorothy her sister was delighted- my friend took this as the time to tell her the reality of Ruby’s love for Dorothy and vice Versa.
All she said was that the reason Ruby’s kiss worked was because they had a love like Snow White and charming and that they weren’t just friends anymore.
Upon this her sister squealed happily and announced that that was even better because two girls in love was far stronger than just being best friends.

That’s it.
That’s how easy it is to explain same sex relationships to kids.
No drama about it.

(Ps. My friends sister then proceeded to grab her wolf toy-aptly named Wolfie- and announced she needed to find her a Kansas)

Hatefuck seems a very angry title for a song, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to encounter irate scowling, aggro raging music upon hitting the play button. But I went into it knowing the song comes from Cruel Youth, the soulful pop project formed by Natalia Kills or Teddy Sinclair and her husband, artist/producer Willy Moon. This Hatefuck, despite biting lyrics much anguished and distressed, is a bittersweet melter. Cruel Youth once again evokes Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse with their brandy wined, husky deep vocals and their retro crackling 60′s pop charm. At times, I nearly forget I’m not listening to Hatefuck off of an old record player. Hatefuck will be on Cruel Youth’s debut EP, +30mg, out September 16th. The single can be purchased now from iTunes.

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 Joey K’s father was an overbearing guy to say the least, forcing baby K into all manner of unwanted extracurricular activities: Lacrosse, softball, debate team. He even forced the kid into a church youth group once. It didn’t go over well.

 The only extra lessons K actually enjoyed, though, were the piano lessons.

 Music, after all, soothes the savage beast.

 K’s music was one of the few things that his wild, restless pack could sit still through.

 Proko sat on the bench beside him, one hand on his thigh, the other pillowing his cheek against the shorter boy’s shoulder.

 Jiang sat behind the bench, his head tilted back, pressing the back of his head to the base of K’s spine.

 Skov and Swan laid together under the piano.

 Skov kept his arms crossed, pillowing his head on them, his eyes closed, just listening.

 Swan, being the most physical of the pack, laid on his back, pressing one hand to his own chest, the other to the belly of the piano, trying in vain to match his heartbeat to the rhythm pulsing through his fingertips.

 After K’s death and Proko’s fall into the dream place, none of the pack boys could bear to listen to classical music anymore, save Jiang, who’s loaded his iPod with it, playing it for Proko anytime he visits him in the hospital.


There once was a youth
loved by the gods,
pulled from above and below
like a man being quartered

They gave him gifts 
and forced him to choose:
the Sun, with his blinding beams
or Spring, with its flowering dreams

But the boy couldn’t see 
the blossom for the light
and the Sun whisked him away
as he does to the night

And in misguided frustration
Spring contradicted itself
and with a sweet, westward breeze
brought death to youth
seasons too soon

Life faded, blood drained
a flow yarrow could not staunch
and remorseful and furious
the two mourned the boy together:

From Spring’s sorrow
sprung petals and stems
blood turned to nectar
and hollow bones to bouquets;
a display of nature’s creativity

And from the Sun’s anger
came nourishment for the lost
warming and welcoming
like an apology to a flower 
plucked before it’s time


You are somehow adventure and home all at once. 

Music: Wasted Youth - Fletcher