the signs as people i’ve known

aries: passionate verging on obsessive.  defensive of both themselves and the people they love.  few layers; what you see is more or less what you get.  good-hearted, intelligent.  always up for a challenge, but becomes stressed out very easily and handles stress very poorly.  even when they’re tired, they somehow seem so alert and two steps ahead of you.  responsible.  they prefer to lead and lead very well.  interesting, competitive, loyal.  although they like to be correct and love to prove people wrong, more than anything they just want someone to listen and expand on their point, not disagree with it. romantic but they like to pretend that they aren’t.  they seek instant gratification and hate doing things that they’re not naturally great at (but they’re naturally great at a lot).  can be very self-absorbed, but it’s not conscious.  so loving and so lovely.  the yang to my yin, the storm to my calm.  a friend who completes me.

taurus: extremely nice, and they never want to hurt anybody’s feelings, so they tend to skirt around the truth or omit their opinion.  truly, genuinely kind, the sort of person you hope will always stay in your life, the sort of person you feel like you really need.  dependable, hardworking, stable.  they have been through a lot, but looking at them, you wouldn’t know it.  will ultimately put themselves before you (which is a good thing), but is always there for you when they can be. very realistic; they know what they can achieve and expect themselves to do so.  private to a fault, and doesn’t usually express their feelings. there is something about their soul that makes me smile whenever i think of them. one of the people i love most in this world.  my equal, the friend who i hope knows how much i love them.

gemini: endlessly charming, supportive, and brave.  always wants to make everyone happy, often at the expense of their own desires, so they’ll do things they don’t want to do but be kind of grouchy about it, leading others to believe that they are picky and that they change their mind too much.  frequently changes the details of a story to either make it more interesting or get out of trouble.  wants more than anything to see and experience the good in the world but is very often a victim of the bad.  overly-trusting.  they can make any experience memorable, and they are the most fun you’ll ever have. quite self-critical but they also know that they have a certain power over people. forgetful, tolerant, warm.  often feels quite overwhelmed and may not handle this feeling wisely.  crazy but kind.  the one whom words fail to describe.  the biggest piece of my heart, my mother.

cancer: both friendly and intimidating.  difficult to read.  patient and cooperative but more often than not, they think their idea/opinion is better than yours.  very, very smart.  super dependable, so sensitive, hold grudges like it’s their life’s calling. courageous.  behave very differently around authority figures, likes being seen as innocent and cute. they will keep your secrets but they will kind of hold them over you, and they tend to taunt others by saying, “i know [x] about [y] and you don’t.”  very funny, dark, and sarcastic once you get to know them, but initially sweet and sugary.  survivalists; they protect themselves first and their loved ones second and don’t really care about everyone else. friendly. once they’re in a relationship, they become rather absorbed by it and neglect the other parts of their life.  dramatic, obsessive. rather strong-willed.  when they’re having an off day, get out of their way.  they will never forget anything you tell them.  they see life as an inside joke.  my figurative fraternal twin.  the friend who is just like me but whom i’ll never understand.

leo: impressively loving, astonishingly generous, the whole universe in one person.  soft and loud, wild and cautious.  they are full of power, grace, and energy, and they awaken within you the sense that you are good and that you can do whatever you want to do. even when they’re quiet, their presence is felt. very self-critical, constantly questioning their worth. always in need of validation, which is why they like to be the center of attention; in order to know that they’re a star, they require a standing ovation. they want to love themselves, they need to love themselves. such a romantic, wants to be wooed and adored, and they’ll gladly return the favor.  soothing.  they are so easy to trust, but they are more careful with their own secrets than they seem. they love with every bone in their body.  they want, more than anything, a best friend. loyal, inventive, go-getters. great listeners.  can somehow empathize with every situation, but are mildly obsessed with themselves. love winning. my idol, the part of myself i hope i grow into, my aunt.

virgo: hilarious, dependable, treats you like their kid.  trustworthy, sympathetic. they are fascinating and unique, but they are too attached to their own magic. more obsessive than they like to think they are.  they take criticism very well, perhaps because they dish it out even better. level-headed but aspirational. they prefer to be the less loving one in all of their relationships.  feels guilty for feeling sad or emotional. curious and interested.  can talk for hours if you let them.  kind and smart, wants to be special and different from everyone else. treats the people closest to them the worst. believes in tough love.  loves to joke and be sarcastic but usually takes it a few steps too far.  perfectionistic, which leads them to put little effort into things that they feel they can’t do flawlessly.  the one i protect who thinks they’re protecting me.  the friend whom i loved right away.

libra: angelic, enchanting, sweet.  picky. they are so afraid of offending someone that they have to know someone really likes them before they’ll be honest with them.  so many layers.  funny and diligent. treats everyone like their best friend, but when you are their best friend, there is just something so slightly different about how they treat you, something that makes you feel amazing. good at everything.  completely unable to make decisions. gossipers. they want to like everyone, but they just don’t.  absolutely hates saying no, but will do it if it’s 100% necessary.  sleepy and goofy around people they love. works hard to look good, trendy.  smart, fair.  nervous around authority figures. fearful of loss and of growing up.  secret control freaks.  they are at once youthful and wise.  crazy patient on the outside, just crazy on the inside. always somewhere on my mind, the one who i was always meant to know. my very best friend, my soul’s sister.

scorpio: the best listener. truly wants to know everything about you. extremely devoted, passionate.  knows you very, very well.  so funny, so kind.  will stick with you through thick and thin, always on your side.  gives great advice. the person across the room who you can’t stop staring at.  secretive, fearful, romantic.  both observant and judgmental. will hate you for judging them while they judge you.  their heart is bigger than anyone else’s, and all they really want is to fill it to its brim with love. very often the sidekick, but they stand out to me. they are quite obsessive and they rarely wait for explanations. they want to own the people they love.  intuitive.  loves you soooo much.  impossible to know fully. deep, powerful. the ocean flows inside them, yet all too often that ocean is stormy.  the person many people think i am, the person i sometimes i wish i was.  my confidante, my partner in crime, my heart, my friend.

sagittarius: the most supportive and dependable person on the planet.  an amazing friend, the best person to have in your corner.  honest and disorganized, friendly and capable.  very quick to anger and has a hard time admitting they’re wrong.  devotes themselves wholly and completely to their partner and puts them on a pedestal, but once they’ve moved on, they’ve really moved on.  tends to succeed, lucky.  has a hard time seeing the truth of a situation and often must be told what’s really going on.  charismatic and caring, overly generous.  can spread themselves thin.  guided chiefly by morals which they never abandon.  has a strong sense of right and wrong (specifically, they’re right, you’re wrong).  my backbone, my other mother.

capricorn: pensive and stoic.  has a brain that never stops going.  they wake up every morning in the climax of a novel they’ve written in their sleep.  loyal, just, intimidating.  cold and private.  mean to people who are mean to them.  shuts down entirely for seemingly no reason.  the wisest of all.  mature.  silently romantic. victim of their thoughts.  intense, original.  they want someone to fall really deeply in love with them, but they close themselves off to everyone. admires the beauty of the world, moved by small details that many people miss. always thinking of the future, no matter how good the present is.  judgmental. wants to be better than everyone else. exceptionally smart. often falling apart on the inside.  can think themselves into sickness, into joy, into anything. loves to be alone, hates more than anything to be lonely.  soft on the inside. the best leaders but they don’t like to lead.  kind-hearted and always doubting it. immensely fatalistic.  the dreamy head behind my eyes.  myself.

aquarius: very patient.  analytical, detached.  they have favorite people and things and they will be honest about who and what these favorites are.  they love you, they just can’t tell you.  wants to be cared for without caring in return. easy to talk to, somehow always makes you feel safe.  impressive intellect. generous with the people they love.  genuinely good, inspiring.  easily overwhelmed.  resorts to humor when offended.  doesn’t try very hard to act like they like someone they hate.  wants to be special.  artificially nice to authority figures.  can be surprisingly mean without intending to.  very good liars.  super funny.  compliments mean a lot coming from them.  the person i forget i am, the friend i should talk to more.

pisces: kind-hearted, funny.  to really know them, you kind of have to know them forever.  so easy to love.  hates to think about the difficulties of the world and prefers to just have fun.  very much in the present and tries not to think about the future.  as such, they sometimes behave without thinking and wind up messing things up for themselves.  they tend to be kind of lazy in regards to some things and extremely passionate in regards to others; there isn’t a lot of balance.  can be very mean and very angry.  won’t apologize first when you’ve made them mad. must express themselves in some way.  no matter how much they say that they love you, they always love you more than that.  quite sensitive, hates few things more than being called annoying. super generous, always wants to be there for you but hates not being able to make you happier. truly the sweetest. my favorite person, my brother.

Blackwall is such a nuanced character, it’s really amazing.

I get why some people think he’s boring, because on the surface he comes across as a reserved noble warrior, and those are dime-a-dozen in fantasy fiction. Being a quiet middle-aged soldier isn’t something as immediately interesting as, say, Sera’s colourful boldness or Solas’s air of mystery. But when you look a little deeper, Blackwall has so many different sides to him. His personality isn’t based around any single trait that really defines him - he’s a collection of many things.

He’s the grizzled Warden he appears to be on the surface, the man who’s seen war and fought darkspawn and seen (and caused) death, the lone wanderer who’s had no friends or companions in his life for years, who knows how messed-up and harsh the world is but who’s still determined to make what little difference he can.

He’s the absolutely broken man consumed by self-loathing, chronically lying because he can’t find any other way forward, who doesn’t think he deserves happiness or love or trust, who devalues his own life again and again because he thinks death is the only way he could ever be redeemed.

He’s the thoughtful craftsman who can create intricate shapes from wood, who carves out a wooden rocking griffon because he thinks the children of Skyhold have a right to play even in the midst of war.

He’s the gentleman who bows to a romanced Inquisitor and calls her his lady, who knows more about the Game than he lets on, who’s been among the nobility of Thedas and knows how they work - he may not fit in among them like Vivienne, never could, but he has the measure of them - who’s more cultured, more courteous, than anyone would expect from a gruff wanderer who sleeps in a stable.

He’s the cocksure, carefree soldier he once was in his youth, the playful rogue whose sense of humour is as dirty and infantile as Sera’s, who’s willing to goof around with her - you’re looking for ‘titsicles’, I stole all the beards and all the power held within - who swears the way you’d expect a soldier to (and surely once this side of him was full of arrogance and contempt, but that’s gone now, drowned out by his determination not to be everything Rainier was.)

He’s the gentle, uncertain and yet passionate man you only see if you romance him, the man who backs away from the first kiss but pins the Inquisitor against the banisters on the second, who opens himself up to her in a way he does with no one else, I’m just a man with his heart laid bare, who’d be ripped apart if he ever lost her - Maker, let her keep breathing - who finally comes to understand that he is her choice, that she stands with him, that he doesn’t need to be afraid, the man who smiles the most damn beautiful smile when he’s with her.

He’s the man who, pardoned, forgiven, is able to make a new life. To either continue his wandering protector-Warden life but not feel like he’s lying to himself when he does it this time, or else to seek out the most hopeless people in Thedas and show them ways to move forward. Either way, he’s a bringer of hope.

He’s a soldier, a Warden (at heart, if not in title), a recluse, a friend, a warrior, a craftsman, an atoner, an idealist. He’s so many things. And that makes him an incredible character.

(And there’s one thing he’s emphatically not: a boring stick in the mud. Seriously, put him in a party with Sera. You won’t regret it.)

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Hey Ria, in terms of deep, dark secrets, could you possibly tell us how you'd interpret the boys' Chiron asteroid (if you're versed in that) and how to best handle them with care? Please and thank you!

of course i can do that! chiron is a powerful asteroid that represents our “wounds” and insecurities, often due to childhood trauma and just bad experience in general. whatever house and signs it lies in reveals things that we feel aren’t good enough, or cause constant pain throughout life. it’s also associated with healing. once we heal our chiron wounds, we can help others who felt the same

anyways let’s look at the tea on bts:

jin - leo chiron in the sixth house

  • leo is the sign of the spotlight and center stage
  • he feels that his talents are constantly overlooked and unappreciated, especially in his work (6th house)
  • is constantly pushed to the back which causes him to doubt his self worth and abilities
  • “chiron in leo needs to find a way to touch their inner child and reawaken their creativity” 
  • and i think he’s been doing that really well recently! he’s transformed a lot from the reserved, quiet guy he once was 

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yoongi - leo chiron in the 5th house

  • just like jin, a feeling of not being in the spotlight
  • (interesting that they both have leo chirons and are in a group that was disregarded heavily when they first debuted)
  • as a child, parental figures rejected his creative expression (5th house = creativity, music) 
  • had to learn that it’s okay to be expressive, different, and not have to conform to others
  • can be a great role model to suppressed youth once he overcomes this

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hoseok - virgo chiron in the 5th house

  • another chiron in the 5th, suppressed creative expression in childhood
  • virgo chiron is a big indicator of a perfectionist. 
  • can lead to compulsive behaviors
  • struggles with anxiety, pressure, and stress
  • never feels good enough, especially in areas dealing with music and dance
  • needs to learn to accept imperfection, that it’s ok to not be perfect

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namjoon - virgo chiron in the 10th house

  • another virgo chiron: a perfection, quite hard on himself
  • now with the 10th house, wounds and trauma come from his career, reputation, public image, and maybe the father
  • public rejection or humiliation has a long lasting effect on him
  • father may have rejected him or was overly strict or critical. never was good enough in his eyes
  • struggled with finding courage to follow his dreams, but once he did he became a prominent public figure who used his influence to help others find their place in the world

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jimin - libra chiron in the 4th house

  • chiron in the 4th can mean many things but usually manifests in trauma related to the home, family, and youth
  • may have felt that he didn’t belong anywhere when he was younger
  • unstable home, parents are emotionally or physically absent 
  • this can lead to him relying on others to provide a sense of security
  • libra chiron: trauma in relationships and love. may have experienced unrequited love, feels constantly betrayed and disappointed by others 
  • this can create someone who seeks approval from others throughout life and is willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to gain it
  • but he’s graced with an amazing ability to provide for others and give people that feeling of acceptance he never felt

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taehyung - libra chiron in the 10th house

  • you can kinda combine namjoon’s (10th house) and jimin’s (libra)
  • for him i think it manifested through feeling rejected by peers and society
  • i believe he mentioned being bullied or made fun of in school
  • however once he feels that he has gotten the recognition and level of success he’s dreamt of, he feels content

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jungkook - libra/scorpio chiron in the 1st house

  • his chiron is 29 degrees in libra so it’s right on that libra-scorpio cusp so i’ll look at both 
  • wounds and fear relating to love (libra) and sex (scorpio)
  • many failed relationships, depending too much on others 
  • feeling powerless, scared of being taken advantage of
  • chiron in the 1st is quite a tricky placement 
  • can be an indication of self hate and insecurity
  • highly critical of his appearance. trouble expressing himself
  • self acceptance is a big journey 

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Being cryogenically frozen for ten thousand years has left me with three things. The first, a recurring case of the sleep-chamber knees. The second, a penchant for standing up while I sleep. And lastly, your voice. A voice for which I thank the Ancients each quintant.

You know I considered myself a bit of a thespian in my youth. I once wrote, produced, directed and starred in a one-man musical entitled: “A Most Magnificently Humbled Servant.” A musical which I now dedicate to you.

Doppelgangrily yours,
Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe

You once said that a step towards recovery means I’ll need to break myself into pieces, darling I’ve been trying to put my heart back together. I like to step on myself sometimes, I don’t take compliments well because I don’t think too highly of myself. When you step on the same lego piece everyday even your ego starts to melt a little. You once said that if I find someone to hold my thoughts before I hold their heart– then maybe she’s the one. Or maybe there’s no one out there, who knows, right? We can circle around this a little longer than always, but I’ll always run back to the why. Why do I want to conquer my memories? Each city that I’ve built for them inside of my head is still bright and I’ve not let a single light bulb blow out, I’m so out of it– while thoughtlessly I’ve been reaching out of my head, my heart likes to beat me to it. It says that love can only be achieved if I chase after it. You once said that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Do you still believe in those words? Because if I’m not cruel to myself, I could be cruel to someone else. If I read enough books, do you think I’d finally own a chapter in my own life? If I open up some more, will I close off opportunities for myself to the prospect of loving myself? And what about them? Vanity is my master and I’m a slave. It’s okay to be a little vain sometimes, right? I’ve got it in my veins, maybe I’m the only honest one. You once said that if I trip over the same rock and stub my toe a million times within a week, you’d still say it’s okay. Like falling requires gravity to bend to my whispers. Like drowning demands my lies to swim back to shore. Like dying seeps through my eyes, how can I love if all I’ve got is missing pieces? You once said that a river flows like time and if I’m out of seconds– you’ll just record your voice saying I love you until I finally get it. I remember everything that love has to offer, but never the person. I remember the feeling of infection that is affection. And if I walk alone and get hit by a car, maybe it’s just another story that I won’t write. Some words live in between the lines, I’ve been seeing dualities. Life and death is just a kiss and hug. Black and white, storms and clouds are just pears and apples. Poetry and prose likes to sound sweet, but it’s the bitter bits of me that’s suicidal. Love and hate was born from strangers, so you never knew the difference between the moon and the sun– the lightness of tomorrow likes to coat the darkness of past days. Cigarettes and lung cancer, a dance of smoke that disguises itself as stress free, do you think I’ll die healthy? Drugs and my body, which one will make me feel better if I’ve been sweating for a week? You once said that we’re spinning around in a circle just waiting for someone to stop by– grab my attention and you can have my voice, steal from my hands and you can have my poems, which hurts more to have loved or to not have loved at all? An empty silence that’s so full of itself– I can’t hear myself think inside of my own head. I’ve got file cabinets tagged under read later, but I’m a sucker for love– so I feed into it. You once said if the sky breaks into a brighter day, you’ll be there. That is wishful thinking, my favorite kind. Words can’t give meaning to our story, but we still write. You once said that it has to mean something. Every statement paused long enough for several lifetimes to become real again. It feels like such a long time, but we’re still in love with them in there somewhere. It’s buried. It’s in a coffin, but it’s there and we know it. We can hear it. We can hear it. Fuck, we can hear it. That little beating that isn’t ours, it’s always theirs. And that’s my fear, you once said that maybe that’s my fate– I’m supposed to cling onto that strand of innocence, of who I used to be, to remember what it feels like to feel, it has to mean something. Giving meaning to nothing, my favorite pastime. Giving something to someone, the only way that I’ve been living. You once said that until I learn to keep more for myself, I’ll always end up in square one– alone, but as long as I’ve got you, it’s not true, right? Some thoughts like to sleep alone, that’s not one of them. Hold onto that piece of us, the poetic storm that is joy. Keep your kindness to a burn, a stretched out sunrise screaming your name is my simmer. I know about nothing and that’s my one redeeming quality. I know that I don’t know shit, and that’s why I write like this. I know that I don’t love like I used to, and that’s why I love like this. I know that I’m not the same person from last year, and that’s why my guilt likes to trip up. I know that I’m no longer in love with her, but I can’t seem to explain the empty feeling unless I spell her name backwards under a star somewhere that I can’t touch. I know that I’m still messed up, but I’m just taking advantage of my youth. You once said some people will get over you in a week, but it’ll take you a lifetime to get over someone. If forever is a drug then I’ve overdosed. If always is a lie then I’ll take the beautiful. If never is more and a secret is sore– then I’m sorry about the words that didn’t stop, I am trying. I am always trying. You once said that if we kiss the ocean long enough, the mountains will answer. I’ve buried my love letters on the highest mountain and emptied my heart into my art. If I live long enough to spread my wings, do you think I’d still be condemned? Life is too short to live in the past, but I can’t stop asking about my what ifs. Love is too long to just be over, but I’ll just keep painting over it with a new layer of red. If you’re still reading, then I’m still writing. This yin and yang battle of ours has no meaning. Tortured souls live in the canvas and I’ve seen enough chains– I shall be unbound someday. You once said I love you– darling, that’s the only fucking truth that I believe in. You once said that soulmates aren’t always lovers– I guess it’s just you. You once said that flowers don’t just bloom, they wilt– so I guess I’m just withered. You once said that if you had your way, I’d own the universe. You don’t get it. When you became my best friend, I got it.
—  You once said
Call Me Mistress – Prologue

Series Summary: A collection of stories recounting the titillating work of the domme known only as the Mistress.

Genre: Smut (for the series, but specific stories may include other genres)

Word Count: 2,011

Warning: Sub!BTS, Domme!Reader, sex work, BDSM, femdom, sexual themes, profanity (additional warnings in future releases)

A/N: I want to stress that this is a series about sex work in which the main character works as a domme/prostitute by choice to make a living. Traditionally, dommes don’t have sex with their clients, but the Mistress has expanded her repertoire over the years to include sexual acts if both parties consented and the price is right. The Client List will update as members’ stories are released.

Client List: Prologue | River (Namjoon) | Ramen (Jungkook): Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 | (more forthcoming)

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Now that I think about “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” I came up with a small theory/metaphor.

I wrote a summary here for those who haven’t read the short story yet.
So the whole idea is based around this ‘perfect’ town by the sea called Omelas. The people of Omelas have a young child that has been sacrificed to keep the townspeople happy (with happiness comes evil theme). This child is not allowed to be fed nor spoken to by anyone. People can go see the child in person, but some walk away from Omelas not bearing the true horror the townspeople hold.

My point is that Bangtan gave themselves their group name in order to block/guard youth. “So [our name] means that we will boldly defend our music and our value and worth as people.” Maybe the music video will hold a metaphor of Bangtan protecting the neglected child. They’re against what the townspeople of Omelas have done to a child to keep their happiness. So while some walk away and never return to Omelas, they stay to protect the youth. Y’all get me? I’m almost positive this might be the message Bangtan will try to get across in the Spring Day music video.

I grow older day by day, and with each day that passes, I know that you grow old as well. The smile that once was filled with youth is now beginning to show lines of age. The laugh that once came so easily now choked out by coughs. You used to ask me once, now you ask me so many times that I am worried. You are precious to me, you brought me into this world. You taught me so much, you have loved me beyond what I deserved. You are growing old, and all I want to do is stop time so that I will always have you. I’m not ready to say goodbye, I don’t think I ever will be.
—  T.B. LaBerge // Parents
Some Boba Fett Headcanons:
  • Every time he has to fly planetside, especially in the core, he screams about the traffic like the Brirtish guy from vine.
  • Boba LOVES break-up songs and the country music genres of  “gonna kill my cheatin’ liar of a husband”.
  • He’s never had a long-term romantic relationship but he knows enough people that need killing that he can sympathize.
  • When alone, he sings really loudly and off key.  It’s great for staying awake on long flights.
  • In his youth, Boba once bought space weed from a young Han solo, but neither ever realized they’d met before.
  • Boba owns some sort of fluffy animal that he chronically over-feeds because he has trouble saying “No” to that face.
  • When he’s not working, he wears really soft and too-large clothing because what’s the point of taking large commissions if he can’t have a few nice things.
  • Boba took the news of Han’s death at the hands of his son really hard.  He’d more or less given up on the rivalry after the sarlacc incident, but hearing that someone he’d more or less been a young man with had died bothered him.  Furthermore that Ben had done it.  He was a cute kid.  Boba had nearly abducted him once as a final attempt at getting even with him, but didn’t go through with it.  maybe the galaxy would be a better place now if he had.
  • Boba visits Leia after Han’s death.  He’d never liked her husband or brother, but he’d always admired the iron in her.  Of the extant skywalkers, she’s the most like the original, who while an ass, was a respectable warrior.  The meeting is brief, tense and in one of the deserted halls of the rebel base at 4 AM when she can’t sleep, but she appreciates the chance to be furious and bitter in front of someone who would understand how things go wrong.
  • They part as understanding, if not necessarily friends.
  • Dude drinks SO MUCH caff.  Like, he puts espresso in his black coffee levels of caffeine addiction.
  • Boba ONLY drinks alcohol when he’s in a business meeting where the others insist on doing it too.  He drank really heavily in his late teens and twenties, then one day decided he didn’t like what it did to him and quit cold turkey.

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Prompt: Selene and Endymion

i was once a youth molten, crimson,
shapeless. now i am shadows & pressed
dust, a creature of distant desire, but should
that mean i mustn’t still be full of warmth
deep in the hidden core of me?

listen, my flesh & fire-smoke man:
do you hear even through sleep how tides
churn, how the white-petaled datura bloom, how
this earth aches? my shepherd with callouses
on your mortally golden hands, the gravity

of your soul draws me in with such
tenderness, you needn’t even look at me
for this love to rise. come here, my sun-blooded
dreamer: let me free you from the heavy
tomb of your waking bones. let me take

your beauty captive with the touch
of my ancient mouth.

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Oh, you literally just posted the first part of #someonecares and I already want more. Dooku realising how talented Obi-Wan is with his words, what a natural Anakin is with a lightsaber, how quickly he is catching up. Proud Grandmaster Dooku, and damn all the masters who ever doubted these boys.

Glancing over to the bench, Yan felt a smile cross his face as he watched Obi-Wan just breath, the young knight sitting cross legged by the bench that contained Anakin’s lesson bag. He looked a lot better, a pink glow in his cheeks with the dreadful bags beneath his eyes gone from his grief and stress.

His ramrod spine yet relaxed expression and hands proved once again the youth Yan almost envied him and there was a sense of tranquility around the redhead that hadn’t been present on that night Yan had returned to Coruscant to find a knight on the verge of shattering and a confused and too old padawan struggling to remain afloat.

Speaking of too old padawan…

He turned back to the mat and carefully eyed Anakin who was still moving through the shii-cho forms with precision. The blond took to saber work like a fish to water, moving lightly and with ease and Yan had no trouble believing that he would be able to teach the boy makasih as soon as he had fully mastered the first form.

If Obi-Wan allowed it that was.

Though Obi-Wan was also in the process of learning Soresu, a quiet confession that ataru was lacking in defense that made Yan ache to the reason Obi-Wan had discovered that. Qui-Gon had been the spark that had ignited a fire but at the moment that fire was doused even as it was nourishing and becoming the inferno Yan knew Obi-Wan could be.

They were a pride to his linage, both of them.

Obi-Wan as the person he was, now that his confidence was coming back.

And Anakin as the person he was growing to be, that keen mind hidden beneath golden strands of hair and blue eyes.


Of course, not everything could be good always.

Even if they mostly returned intact and with successful missions, mistakes did happen, things outside of Jedi control, missions gone askew because of lacking information or betrayal.

Which explained the current situation, Anakin slowly limping along a hoverbed that contained Obi-Wan’s bandage covered and unconscious body as Quinlan Vos carefully guided it down the ramp and into the hanger for the healers to take to the Halls.

Marching to the kiffar, Yan spared a minute to catch sight of Obi-Wan’s chest slowly rising and falling and the neck collar keeping him still before catching Anakin carefully by the shoulder and pulling the boy too his side. “What happened?” He growled out, tucking his robe around the boy who leaned into his side.

“Faulty information, that wasn’t a minor slavery ring we were sent to shadow.” Quinlan offered grimly, Yan only now able to pick out the multitude of bruises peeking up the mans collar over his neck and down his exposed arms. “They caught wind of us almost before we landed and had us shadowed, we had to split up to get away and… well it didn’t go as planned.” The knight then grinned and reached out, ruffling Anakin’s short hair. “But if it wasn’t for this one, we would have died.” He laughed shakily.

Anakin shot the man a small grin, shaking a bit into Yan’s body as he looked up at him. “I found a bomb in the hyperdrive… I disabled it before Knight Vos entered hyperspace or it would have blown us all up…”

Tucking the boy against him, Yan gave him a thin smile. “Well done, your skills are a credit to your intelligence.” He murmured before looking the way the healers had gone, he almost didn’t want to ask…

“Speeder hit him, hard. He broke every rib and two vertebrates.” Quinlan crossed his arms over his chest.

“…I see… he’s going to need to be in the Halls for quite some time then.” Yan mused before looking down at Anakin who stared back at him with wide, tired eyes. “…I imagine you do not need Anakin to report to the council Knight Vos? No? Good. How about I take a look at your ankle Anakin and then we go see if we can visit Obi-Wan before they place him in a bacta tube?” He offered.

“I’d like that Master Dooku.” Anakin whispered, following him to his and Obi-Wan’s quarters slowly, feeling himself relax with the safety of Yan’s robe around his shoulders.

“Yan.” The salt and pepper man hummed.

“…Master Yan.” Anakin agreed quietly, smiling.

Hatefuck seems a very angry title for a song, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to encounter irate scowling, aggro raging music upon hitting the play button. But I went into it knowing the song comes from Cruel Youth, the soulful pop project formed by Natalia Kills or Teddy Sinclair and her husband, artist/producer Willy Moon. This Hatefuck, despite biting lyrics much anguished and distressed, is a bittersweet melter. Cruel Youth once again evokes Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse with their brandy wined, husky deep vocals and their retro crackling 60′s pop charm. At times, I nearly forget I’m not listening to Hatefuck off of an old record player. Hatefuck will be on Cruel Youth’s debut EP, +30mg, out September 16th. The single can be purchased now from iTunes.

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I’m more than a little concerned about the messages I’m reading and receiving about Erin being jealous of Ellie. I feel an overwhelming need to speak up on Ellie’s and Erin’s behalf.

I just don’t think people understand Ellie and why she acted the way she did. She wasn’t “after” Jay. It was a conditioned response based on survival. The girl was being pimped out and abused by god knows how many people. Repeat: this young GIRL has been ABUSED. She though Jay was just another john looking to exploit her. She honestly believed that in order to stay alive she had to do these things. That the only way to secure her future was to sacrifice her body. But yeah let’s turn the victim into a villain.

It took Ellie so long to believe Jay actually wanted to help her because that kind of person doesn’t exist in her world. You see her demeanour change when she realized Jay was trying to help her? She didn’t want to have sex with him. She wasn’t trying to steal Erin’s man. She thought she had to have sex with him to get what she needed and once she realized she was safe all sexualized behaviours stopped towards Jay.

You see her smile when she realized Erin was his girlfriend? That was the smile of a young girl who witnessed true love in front of her, maybe for the first time. And he’s now a role model for her. She now believes there are good guys, love does exist, relationships don’t have to be about trading favours. He’s turned her perspective on men on its side and that is going to change her life. It’s going to change the self talk in her head. An honourable honest guy like Jay who turned down all her advances and who clearly has a successful strong woman as his life partner tells Ellie he believes her and thinks she’s worth helping…. kinda sounds like how Voight giving a shit about Erin changed her life too doesn’t it?

But this is a perfect example of the hate culture with women. They automatically pit woman against woman and ignore the deeper issues that drive the behaviour. You want to sit here and tell me Erin is going to be jealous of a sexually abused child who’s doing the only thing she knows how to survive? You want to discredit how obviously uncomfortable Jay was and how tortured he was? This is the same mentality that tells rape victims they deserved it because of the clothes they were wearing.

Never mind the narrative that’s playing in Erin’s head… she was (almost) one of these girls. She knows what they would do/ need to do to stay alive. Her heart is probably breaking for Ellie (and Jay) she made sure Ellie had a good safe place to go. She handled her with genuine care and nurturing because she knows how pivotal this moment can be for her. Not the actions of a jealous woman.

And Erin TRUSTS her partner. So much so she didn’t realize he needed to hear the reassurance that he did right by this girl until he projects all his frustration and discomfort on the unit, accusing them of not believing him (even though this is not what they think). For Erin, Jay doing the right thing was a given. A foregone conclusion. She knew, just as she did with Terry and Ethan, her role here was to help her partner navigate a difficult case.

And just stop with the Erin was marking her territory when she said “meet you at home” NO Erin was paying Jay the ultimate moment of respect and trust, walking away and letting him get closure with this girl while reminding him she will be there for him when he needs her.


And if you think Erin would be jealous in this scenario, I’m sorry but I think you may have missed the whole basis and beauty of Linstead.

This was a compelling story about marginalized youth and once again we got to dive deep into Jay’s character and the inner conflicts of the officers who have to work cases like this.

This is not a teen relationship drama. Yes they have screwed up the writing of linstead in the past but in this episode it was perfect. The writer captured perfectly the subtle beauty of the unwavering trust, love, support and respect Jay and Erin have for each other. If you want a story based solely on linstead and relationship dramas I can highly recommend some great fanfic… hell I even write some of it.

I have so much praise to give everyone involved in this episode. This episode, the right balance of case and character development, is an example of why I’m so passionate about this show.

It was a fortnight’s hard ride, in hot weather. The skin had lost all the freshness that youth had once lent it. The blue eyes, always his best feature, were gone. But his tumbled brown hair was dressed with star-like pearls, and from the shape of his face, you could see that he had been beautiful.

Damen remembered him stabbing a fork into his thigh, remembered him insulting Laurent, blue eyes bright with invective. Remembered him standing alone and uncertain in a hallway dressed in bedclothes, a young boy poised on the edge of adolescence, fearing it, dreading it.
Don’t tell him I came, he’d said.

—  Prince’s Gambit by C. S. Pacat
I'm Not Her {Robert Baratheon x Stark!Reader}

@andtheytoldustotellyouhello requested: “Or how about a Robert baratheon x Stark!reader where she married Robert after the rebellion instead of cersi but lyanna still died and she plays second fiddle?”

[This is just pure angst. Thanks for the request!]


Y/N Stark kept her head low as her brother led her and her husband into the crypt below Winterfell. Statues of her ancestors loomed on either side of the dark hallways, but it was clear which one Ned was leading them too.

Robert paused in front of the statue of Lyanna, stroking her stone face, ever youthful and eternal.

Ned shot his sister a regretful and pity filled glance, aware of how gut-wrenching it must feel watching your husband love another- especially her own sister.

He didn’t know how numb she was to it already, he didn’t know how long ago she’d accepted that Robert would never love her.

Robert would never love her because she was not Lyanna.

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