Initial`L おくり火

Oops, I totally forgot that I created this blog xD … but anyways, this is my transliation of okuribi, this song is so beautiful, I just had to translate it *.*



many lights have been carried away, and vanished one by one

how many thousand, how many ten-thousand voices have overlapped and resounded in the distance

I want to find you, I want to love you

With a voice that does not become a voice I shout again and again

In order to reach you, in this dark cosmos

My body dissolved into stars and I look town on you

On this earth I once walked

And I dive through those sadly missed rifts between the clouds

I want to understand you and I want to make you happy

Because I am always with you, although I have no body

I have a warm home, inside of your heart

Sea, sky, blue, crying

You, I, did we die?

Resounding silence

The cry of the earth2 could be heard

Okuribi into the sky, without gathering into the sky

High, far, to the ends of the earth

Fly away to calm the sky

Place your pain and dreams on the wind

Into the distant sky

Forever like a shining star

Do not forget me

Listen carefully to my voice that fails to reach you


1 “okuribi” literally means something like “sending-light”, and those lights seem to be used at the final night of obon, to see off spirits

2I’m not sure about this part, because the kanji say 大地(daichi) which means earth, but yuuki sings “hoshi” which means stars

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