I hope you know how happy she is with me, all of you. I hope you know she says I’m the best ever. I hope you know how happy she makes me, and how special I make her feel. I hope you know how good we are. She’s handful, but I have two hands, and Im willing to give one up just for her. It sucks if you had her, and didn’t know how to pluck her heart strings, but man, I’m a man of music, and those strings have been tuned to the perfect tune, not too sharp, not too flat. I guess you guys were just tone-deaf. Well be jealous lads, for I have her now, along with all the little moments that are compliments of our relationship. I get to kiss her, to cuddle with her, to tell her how beautiful she is, to sing to and with her, to hold her waist whilst dancing with her, to give and receive gifts from her, and ultimately, love her to death until I can’t love anymore, then I love just a little more. So suck it bitches!…with a cute blurry picture of us.


I kinda sang her ingrid micahelson in the morning