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More American History - How the Hell Did We Manage to Found a Country?

- when Maria Reynolds divorced her husband, her attorney was Aaron Burr

- (Not technically American History but still adorable) when Lafayette returned to France in the middle of the war, Adrienne was so happy to see him she fainted

- Lafayette crying at the hanging of John Andrè

- Abigail Adams basically taking over the ship carrying her to Europe to clean in up and get everything in shape

- The Eggnog Riot of 1826

- When Lafayette negotiated a deal with the french for whale oil, the island of Nantucket all got together to make him a 500 pound wheel of cheese

- Thomas Jefferson trying to get a dead moose shipped to France to prove American animals were cooler

- Gouverneur Morris and the “whale bone in his dick” incident

- Oboes being called “haut-boys”

- George Washington riding in General Braddock’s campaign on a padded saddle because he had just recovered from disentary

- When Lafayette returned to America in 1824, a lady had gloves made with his face on them, and he said “a few graceful words words to the effect that he did not care to kiss himself”

- Deborah Franklin refusing to leave her house and arming herself with a gun when threatened by an angry mob

- Cornwallis missing out on capturing Jefferson as governor of Virginia by 10 minutes

- Joseph Warren showing up to a memorial of the Boston Massacre in a toga

- General Gage having to ask Hancock for help when he was occupying Boston after pissing him off earlier. Hancock refused

- Joseph Warren being a dramatic hoe 100% of the time

- Lafayette mcfucking dying at 4:20 am

- John Adams calling Edward Rutledge a peacock because he was young and southern and dressed very lavishly

- Henry Clinton calling himself “a shy bitch”

- Washington going down and jumping on the ice every morning during the siege of Boston to check the thickness for an invasion

- John Paul Jones being so passive aggressive that he responded to a failed broadside by a British ship with a single musket shot

- Silas Deane being such an inept ambassador that British spies knew what he was having for dinner before he did

Without You (ch. 4)

|Alright you guyysss I am suuuuper tired, but I’m doing this for you because I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and I REALLY HOPE YOU’LL LOVE IT and maybe continue along with me when I write other fanfics? Eh? Eeehh??|
• Chris Evans x Reader •
//soulmate au. you wake up on your eighteenth birthday having switched bodies with your soulmate.//
(Also, you guys holy shit this was not supposed to turn out this long I am very sorry)

   It was around 10 pm, and Chris literally had no idea how time passed by like that. He guessed maybe it was because they were having such a great time, which made him wonder how you were doing, but he knew for a fact you were being well taken care of.
   He had learned so much about your family and it really made him happy and thankful. It made everyone happy and thankful.
   He learned that your dad waited 16 years for your mom, to which he joked, “Looks like I still got one year on ya’ Pops,” as your mom and dad grinned at him.
   He learned that your mom was- well, she’s just plain great. She reminded him a lot of his own mom, and she gives the best hugs.
   Which led him to wonder how your hugs feel. It gave him butterflies and that may sound cliche as fuck but that’s just what he felt.
   Apparently, Curtis was a monster at Mario Kart, which he learned the hard way. “Dude, if you think I’m brutal, wait ‘til you play against (y/n),” the youngest brother warned with raised eyebrows. He learned that your eldest brother, the taller Chris, was just Chris while the shorter was Christopher. Your Chris sat in complete concentration for about 2 minutes until he threw his- your hands in the air and huffed, “Fuck it. We’re all Chris plural, plus we can piss way more people off this way.” Let’s just say it was absolutely no question that they all got along just fine.
   He learned that your best friends love the fact that he initially suspected them to be your sisters. Faith was the physical support, Keara was more on moral support, while Julia was the loyal sister figure. He learned that even though all four of you were those things, you each had a certain role you took credit for.
   Right now he was sat on the couch in your living room using your laptop to book his ticket.
   "You know what would make a lot more sense?“ said your dad as he sat down next to him. "If you booked the ticket for (y/n) headed to Boston,” he said as he handed Chris your passport.
   "Wh- What do you mean?“ Chris asked with furrowed eyebrows.
   "Chris, son,” your dad said with a chuckle, “You don’t switch back with her until you meet. So you have to book the ticket for (y/n)’s body, which you are occupying, to fly to Boston.”
   "Oh my God,“ Chris exhaled as he held his- your head in his- your hands. "So my first impression on all of you was a romantic clutter brain? Wow, Chris, you really are a meatball.”
   Your dad laughed and patted him on his- your shoulder, “Don’t sweat it, kid. We are the literal poster family for clutter brains,” he reassured Chris with a grin.
   "But would that really be okay with you, sir?“ Chris asked your dad nervously.
   "Oh, of course! There’s nothing less to be expected! You obviously need to get to know the person you’ve been destined to be with,” your dad nodded to Chris.
   "Well then,“ Chris grinned as he changed the flight information. "I’ll be flying over later around 2 am.”
   "You should ask the girls for help packing for (y/n),“ your mom smiled at Chris as she sat next to your dad.
   "JUST REMEMBER, EVANS. IF I FIND OUT (Y/N) GOT HURT WHILE UNDER YOUR CARE I WILL NOT HESITATE TO SNAP ALL YOUR SEXY LIMBS WITH MY BARE HANDS,” Faith yelled from the kitchen. “Also, be a sweetie and tell her I love her. I’ll be off, it was really nice meeting you,” she smiled sweetly at Chris as she approached the front door.
   When she was on the front porch steps, she yelled into your house, “ALSO I ATE ALL THE COSMIC BROWNIES BYE!” And suddenly your brothers and sisters all came pouring out of your front door and ran after Faith, but she was already backing out of the driveway.
   "I LOVE YOU TOO, BYE!” Faith laughed as she drove away.
   "We are quite the family,“ your mom shook her head while she laughed at the sight of your siblings.
   "Well, it’s a complete honor to be a part of it,” Chris grinned at your parents.
Time skip to 2 am
   Chris was thankful that Keara and Julia easily obliged to packing for him, well for you technically. “Of course! Packing for her wouldn’t be such a great idea seeing as you haven’t met the dame yet,” Julia quipped with a laugh. Their help made getting to the airport on time a breeze.
   He was now boarded on the plane headed to Boston. To you. It gave him millions and millions of fluttering wings in his tummy and whenever he imagined finally courting you it gave him the giggles. It made him laugh to think that you probably felt this way long before finding out he’s your soulmate.
   Not getting papped gave him time to really unwind and think, which gave way for him to remember he still had to tell the gang. Which led to him thinking of the best possible way to do just that. He logged into his Apple ID using your phone and rang up everyone. Scarlet, Jeremy, Sebastian, Anthony, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Robert, Mark, Tom, Liz, and Aaron. It rang for about 3 times before they all answered. “Yo biznitches,” Chris said nonchalantly. There was a moment of silence, most definitely confused silence. They were in a conference call with Chris’ number for sure, but a woman’s voice is what greeted them. In a very Chris Evans manner no less. Scarlet inhaled, about to say something but Chris interrupted her.
   "Guess who’s finally got his soulmate,“ he said with an ear-to-ear grin plastered on his- your face.
   Wolf whistles from the girls, squeals from the guys, and congratulatory statements from everyone ensued on the other lines. You could hear everyone’s excitement, it was crazy.
   "I want you guys to meet her,” Chris said giddily, he couldn’t contain his joy whatsoever. He was like a child on a sugar high. “After I do of course.”
   "We’ll definitely be there! Just call us when you’re ready,“ Scarlet answered for the bunch.
   "I will,” Chris confirmed and they all congratulated him one last time before he hung up.
   'That just made you even more ecstatic, Chris,’  laughed to himself.

   "Hey, sweetheart,“ Lisa said excitedly as she woke you up. "Sweetheart Chris is on his way here.”
   "What? R- Really?“ you said shocked as you got up and faced Chris’ mom.
   "Yes! He was incredibly excited on the phone, honey. You could practically feel his excitement,” she grinned at you as she hugged you. “He’s been waiting so long for you, (y/n),” she told you reassuringly as she looked you in the eyes. “He won’t back out, he won’t leave you. He wants this, (y/n), don’t worry.”
   You smiled at her grateful for her loving consideration. You’re very ecstatic yourself, even if you were still scared. Your excitement kinda overruled your anxiety, it was nice for once.
   "It’s 8:30, he said he’ll be at the airport around 10,“ she smiled at you brightly. "It’ll take about an hour to get there, so you should get ready. I’ve already set out Chris’ clothes for you,” she said before she got up and headed for the door.
   "Don’t worry honey, he’ll love you, no doubt,“ she beamed as she closed Chris’ bedroom door.
   You couldn’t help but squeal at the thought of it. The thought of being his soulmate.
   However, your fangirling was abruptly interrupted by the realization that you were in Chris’ body. A man’s body. Which you had to bathe and dress. ‘How the fuck are you gonna pull this off, (y/n)?’ you thought as you stared dreadingly at the clothes laid out on the foot of his bed.
   As if this wasn’t already a wild ride.

   You eventually did pull it of and are currently standing where others waited  for the ones arriving. You nervously pulled the baseball cap you were wearing to hide his identity lower as you scanned the arrivees for yourself. Your- Chris’ hands were sweating and you felt queasy, but oddly happy as well.
   About ten minutes passed and you finally saw Chris- technically you, back facing you- or him, looking around, searching for himself. You didn’t know what happened, but you suddenly found yourself running to Chris (or technically yourself, man this was weird) as soon as you found him. Your- his feet moved too fast for you to stop and think about how people were starting to recognize whose body you were occupying. You tapped his- your leather jacket clad shoulder and turned him- you (fuck, this is confusing) around to face your direction.
   Your eyes locked and sparkled purple as the switch back happened. It was amazing, you couldn’t describe it. Suddenly you were staring up at him in your own body and felt the unforgiving hole in your heart disappear. You felt so many things at once, so many that you couldn’t process them. All you could process at the moment was how beautiful his eyes looked staring into yours with so mcuh love in them. The ones who recognized Chris were all silent, they didn’t bother coming any closer when they saw the exchange, the purple sparkle.
   "Bathing and dressing you was the most surreal fucking thing I have ever experienced I’m so glad I won’t have to do that again,” was the only thing your brain thought to say after about 5 minutes of silently staring at each other.
   "Well, not until I’m sick, old and wrinkly at least,“ he chuckled and you grinned at him widely, not knowing what else to say. Next thing you knew he had already swept you up off the ground, and twirled you into the greatest hug you’ve ever received.
   After he finally set you down, he grabbed your luggage and held out his arm to you, which you took gratefully as you walked- practically skipped to his car. Even after your luggage was loaded into the trunk of his car and you were both driving back to his parents’ house, neither of your smiles had dropped. You couldn’t if you wanted to, and you didn’t.
   You arrived at his parents’ house to leave your luggage. All that was exchanged when his family saw you two with laced fingers were shit-eating grins that you both returned faster than a heartbeat. You both got back into his car and as he pulled out of the drive way he looked to you and beamed, "Our first date.”
   "Our first date,“  you repeated with a grin, and then you were off to spend the rest of the day with each other.

   You had first gone to a coffee shop and talked for what seemed like years, about anything and everything. About how the other’s first day switched went, interests, disinterests, passions, careers, anything and everything to get to know the other better. It was incredible. It was so natural, which you guessed was to be expected, you are destined after all. The last topic before you had left the coffee shop was your hobbies. You had said you were a killer at puns, to which he challenged an, "Oh  really, now?” You grinned and said, “I know what we’re doing next.”
   What you were doing next was having a pun war. And what better place than Ikea? So you drove to Ikea with competitive grins on each your faces. When you arrived you shook each others hands.
   “May the best pun-ner win,” he grinned at you. To which you replied childishly with, “Eat my shorts, Evans,” before you ran laughing as he chased after you laughing as well.
   You spent 2 hours minimum running around Ikea making terrible puns, competing for nothing really. The staff who were nearby would try to mask their laughter when either of you made a pun, at one point a staff member fell off a stool in the diy furniture aisle and started losing their shit at a pun you made. Though both of you were good, you still won.  You kissed your imaginary biceps and started doing a victory dance as Chris tried his very best not to join your laughter, and kept his face in a pout.
   "Awww, is Chrissy sad?“ you cooed as you gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. He nodded yes, to which you smirked evily. "Well, he’ll just have to suck it up because he can’t do shit about it! (Y/N) IS THE CHAMP WHOO WHOO!” you shouted in victory as you ran away from him to get a head start knowing he’d chase you. He did. Yelling, “THAT WAS FIGHTING DIRTY GIVE ME A REAL KISS!”
   You eventually stopped running because your stomach was seriously hurting from laughing so much, once he saw you did, he tackled you and started tickling you, ”I. DEMAND. A . REAL. KISS.
   "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT CHRIS I WILL I WILL!” he stopped and you shared your first real kiss. Among many that followed.
    After Ikea he drove you to the park where you bought snow cones and continued to fool around.
    At about 7:30, while you were lying on the grass he received a text from Lisa. “Family dinner?” he smiled at you.
   "Fuck yes, family din-din! I’m starving!“ you shouted as you stood up, dusting yourself off while Chris was still lying on the ground. "Chriiisss, there is no time for dilly-dallying I’m starving!” you whined to him while desperately yanking his arm up. “Do you really want to have to admit to everyone you know that you lost your soulmate to hunger?? Do you realize how lame that is??” you asked him with your hands on your hips.
   He closed his eyes for a few second and then sat up, “Okay, yeah that is very lame. I’ll get up. But I needs a kiss,” he said childishly with a smile as he pointed to his lips.
   "Oh my God, my soulmate is a meatball,“ you groaned playfully before he pulled your hand toward him and your lips touched (for probably the eleventeenth time that day). It was amazing, the sparks never left. "But that’s okay because my soulmate is a meatball too,” Chris said as he booped your nose after the kiss, “The most meatballiest of the bunch, in fact!” he shouted with a laugh as you chased him to his car in the park’s parking lot.
   When you arrived at his parents’ home it was about 8 o'clock which was great, because you wanted to help Lisa cook. You had learned to bake when you were around 8 years old and learned how to cook meals at 11, according to everyone you had baked or cooked for you were actually pretty good. You walked in hand in hand to a livingroom filled with more of his family, nieces, nephews, and in-laws. When they all saw you, they sped to you and Chris and hugged you both with such warmth it made it hard for you to be nervous. You’re shy and you’re not great with people, but this family was an exception to that you’ve learned They easily smooth out your nervousness with their love and kindness along with the help of Chris’ radiantly reassuring grin.
   They all introduced themselves to you, the little ones loved you (though everyone did just the same), it was quite adorable how they each tried to outdo each other with stories about cool memories they’ve had with “Uncle Kwiss”. Small talk and congratulatory cheers were exchanged as Chris’ hand never let go of yours.
   There was soon an opening for you to excuse yourself to help Lisa in the kitchen, so you did, the last thing you heard being, “BRO SHE IS EVERYTHING,” most likely said by Scott.
  “Good evening, Lisa,” you smiled to her as you approached her side.
   "A very good evening to you as well, dear!“ she hugged you tightly.
   "So what'cha cookin’ sweet momma?” you teased as she giggled. “Mind if I help?”
   "Oh, sweetie that would be so wonderful!“ she exclaimed. "I’m running out of recipes, they’ve tasted everything I’ve ever cooked,” she laughed, “I’m drained.”
   "Well, I know one or two,“ you shrugged to her, "I can cook a mean Chicken Curry? And I’m pretty great at baking?” you offered her with a nervous smile.
   "You truly are a gift from the heavens!“ she kissed your cheek, "Now, what’ll you need help with?” you both grinned at each other, excited to bond with each other over cooking.

   Your first family dinner went wonderfully, it was hard to tell you just joined their family that same day. They had accepted you wholeheartedly with love and then some. It was truly blissful. They accepted your weirdness completely, which was a hard thing to come by.
   Puns and dad jokes courtesy of you, Scott and Bob were answered with laughs and groans. Your Marbled Caramel Brownies, Mild Chicken Curry, and Broccoli Beef was loved by all, giving you a swarm of butterflies in your stomach. You were never a blushing kinda gal, but you blushed a whole lot since you met Chris and his family, and you’ve only known each other a day. It was really nice. That’s all your brain could suffice, it was nice.
   By the time everyone went home it was around 11 o'clock, and you were exhausted. Chris sould clearly see this by your undereyes getting slightly darker, and your droopy eyes. So once you two had locked the doors, done the dishes, cleaned the table, and swept the floor, he turned to you with his signature shit-eating grin and swung you over his shoulder. “Chris what the fuck are you doing I swear to Odin if you fart I will slash all your tires, yank the breaks out of your car, and kidnap your dog friends,” you whisper yelled, knowing full well that his parents were already asleep. He laughed as he walked up the stairs headed to his bedroom, knowing you couldn’t yell at him. “Oww! Are you coming onto me?” he gasped as he put you down, rubbing the spot on his butt where you had pinched him, slightly irritated that he found your attempt at scolding him amusing. “Yeah, you fucking wish, son,” you scoffed as he laughed and wrapped his arms round your waist, kissing you.
    He lent you one of his sweatshirts that were cozy and big on you because Keara and Julia (*cough* purposely *cough*) forgot to pack you some of yours. He had offered to sleep on the floor like the gentleman he was, but you refused to let him, “Dude, it’s your bed. And plus, I might really love the cold, but I am physically unable to keep myself warm.”
   As you lie facing each other in his bed with smiles on each your faces, everything was quiet for once. No battle was going on in your head, you couldn’t hear your anxiety haunting you, you could only hear his shallow breaths. You stayed like that for a while until he pushed stray hairs out of your face and pulled you into his warm arms, “Thank you for finally coming,” he whispered into your hair as he kissed your head.
   "Thank you for wanting me,“ you smiled into his chest. "Goodnight, darlin’,” you rubbed patterns on his back.
   "Goodnight, darlin’,“ he yawned and before you knew it you were both out like a light. Hands intertwined even in your dreams.
{AAAAYYYYYYYEEEEE!! This took me so long to write, I fucking swear. I hope it wasn’t too long a chapter for you guys! I’m so happy you guys liked this story idea, it really warms my heart that you do <3. I’ll be editing later, I just really wanted to put it up now to make up for the delay, so please excuse any typos. PLEASE DON’T BE SHY TO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, IT REALLY MEANS A LOT TO ME WHEN YOU DO *dolphin noises and seal claps* I LOVE YOU ALL AND I PRAY YOU’LL HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY! Iris, out *tries to be cool* yo}

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Nick, how do you normally spend Evacuation Day?


Kelly: No, it’s not babe.

Nick: YES IT IS!>

Ty: What’s Evacuation Day?

Nick: YAY!

Kelly: No no no.

Nick: YAY! Evacuation Day is the celebration of the day the British troops finally abandoned Boston during the early parts of the Revolutionary War! See most of Boston was occupied early in the war because back then, it was essentially an island. There was only one land bridge to the city, and the British controlled that bridge, the city, and the harbor. Evacuation Day is March 17th, it’s the day they finally said fuck it and gave up on Boston and got the hell out. In Boston, it was a holiday for a long time, where government workers got the day off and schools were out.

Zane: Is he still high? Is he doing this while high?

Kelly: You should see it when he’s not high, there are usually more … hand gestures.

Zane: Fascinating …

Ty: My boy Irish is a history nerd. He knows EVERYTHING.

Zane: But he’s so stoned …

Nick: It’s not a holiday anymore, because the city decided it had too many days off and it was costing money and shit, but it’s the same day as St. Patrick’s Day so everyone celebrates Evacuation Day whether they know it or not. Usually by getting shitfaced and waking up in the morning with Lucky Charms in their pockets.

Kelly: Don’t you usually work the St. Patrick’s Day parade?

Nick: Yeah, I get paid overtime and it keeps me from getting shitfaced and waking up in the morning with Lucky Charms in my pockets.