the sadness comes in waves and today it’s a downpour. it will be okay, the rain will cease and so will the memories. you do not control my happiness. you do not get the pleasure of occupying my thoughts. it’s not you nor has it ever been. i am letting you go. 

Care To Explain?

Summary: Steve x Avengers x an adorable otter friend - Some strange things have been happening in the Avengers tower lately…

Warnings: Some language, a very flustered Steve Rogers

A/N: So a couple of days ago, I was talking with Victoria (a.k.a @pleasecallmecaptain) about how only the best people would have an otter as a pet, and how you probably had to be a saint in a past life or something to be so blessed as to have a sweet little pet otter. We then concluded that Steve Rogers would definitely have a pet otter. And thus this story was born.

(The video that started it all

There aren’t many who can say they know what sort of things go on in the common lounge of the Avengers Tower. Only nine, to be exact. Six of who were currently enjoying the uncharacteristically quiet afternoon in that exact place.

There was Steve, sitting at the dining table, occupied with reading the daily newspaper (a habit he was yet to let go of), across the room, dozing on one of the plush couches was Clint, Bucky was tucked up in the armchair next to him, fiddling with the drawstrings of his maroon hoodie, Tony was leant over the kitchen counter, engrossed in the millions of tabs he had open on his Stark tablet, Natasha was gazing out of the floor-to-ceiling window, earphones in, lost the world, and Sam, who had left the room to grab the book he was in the middle of reading.

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Topazolite garnet

The garnets are a pair of related but not interchangeable mineral families that share a common structure, with different elements occupying crucial points in the lattice forming the various members. The most common family is called pyralspite, from the combination of pyrope (often found in the mantle, coloured by chromium), almandine (brownish red to pale pink, coloured by iron) and spessartine )orange, coloured by manganese.

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anonymous asked:

I went to your page to see some great dogs and I noticed your bg picture is a berner. I have one, he's my first dog, my true baby -- I'm starting to get kind of stressed because I know I only have a couple more years with him before I'll have to, hmm, let him go.. So many health problems in the breed ! What advice do you have for a first time dog owner about staying strong and letting go when their time comes?

Berners are such good pups. It is a shame that they come with health conditions. Everyone grieves differently, so your methods of coping may be different than others. Trying not to think about the end, and living every moment with them now, is key.

Some like to get another puppy before their dog passes, it not only lifts your spirits and keeps you occupied, but it can also improve your dog’s attitude having a playmate around. Although some dogs turn into grumps and despise puppies, so before they are too old is best.

Other people like to just ride out their dogs life, giving them all of the attention they deserve, and taking time to grieve after they’ve left.

The best thing to remember, though, is that bringing a dog into your home is the best thing you can do for them. Loving them unconditionally, and treating them with respect. Every dog deserves that. Your grieving period, however long, should not discourage you from gifting the same life you gave to your dog to another.

@threeberners is a good Berner blog!

When he takes care of you [G-Dragon]
  • G-Dragon
  • Fluff/Romance
  • Request: Can I get a scenario where Jiyong’s sister calls him and tells him you were taken to the hospital due to passing out from a high fever. And since he is on his world tour he rushes back on the next flight to be by your side.

AN: hiii guys, I’m so sorry for the long wait. I’m back now – it’s still exam season so slow updates, but I’ve finished school and so I’m a lot freer to write. anyways, hope you enjoy this.

At first, you’d thought it was only a harmless fever.

Sure, your temperature rose above your normal digits a considerable amount, but other than that you were still able to do everything just fine… Well, kind of. Since Jiyong was away on his world tour with the other boys and clearly very occupied with it (as well as being extremely exhausted) you didn’t want to bother him by telling him you had a really high fever. Jiyong was very fussy and protective over you, so if your health was even just slightly off he would go insane on the other side of the world.

You didn’t want that, of course.

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WINTER: Maybe we should try and help our Maker occupy this island…

ARCH: You mean….babies?

WINTER: I guess.. Maybe we should work on our relationship first though. Get to know each other a little bit better?

ARCH: I’d like that. I could even get rid of a few devices if that would make you feel better?

WINTER: :)))

ARCH: For the record, Avocado is not going to leave though.

WINTER: :(((


Winston Churchill to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 5/29/1941

File Unit: 1941 Correspondence, 1941 - 1941Series: The Franklin D. Roosevelt/Winston Churchill Correspondence, 1939 - 1945Collection: Papers as President, Map Room File, 1939 - 1945

Another installment in the on-going correspondence between British Prime Minister (and former First Lord of the Admiralty, hence the “Former Naval Person”) Winston Churchill to President Franklin Roosevelt. Churchill had kept FDR apprised of the latest developments in the war with Germany, as well making entreaties for materiel assistance in Great Britain’s war efforts. 

This telegram references the impending U.S. military occupation of Iceland, which began in June of 1941, relieving the British forces which had occupied the neutral island a year earlier on May 10, 1940.

So, So Right

This is for @timewillpassbyanyways​. Thank you so, so much for your incredible patience, I rewrote this story like four times because of two reasons: first, this is my first request and not gonna lie, it freaked me out and second, I’ve never really written a WA story that focused on a younger Westallen, so I wanted to make it just right. Hope you like it! WA loving each other and are virgins, and Iris decides that it’s time to make the next step.

“I just don’t want it to be a big deal,” Iris shrugged as they walked out of the cafeteria, leaving their friends behind.

Somewhere, somehow during lunch, the sex topic came up. She could recall Linda bringing up the intense hookup with a football player she had at Becky Cooper’s party the other weekend then asked the table’s lovebirds for their opinion on her complicated sex life. They both waved her off and fed her a line about knowing when the time is right. Not that they were the ones to talk though because they still hadn’t done it yet.

Barry glanced down at Iris, who was tucked under his arm as she sipped on a bottle of water. He could tell that the idea brought her immediate nervousness when her knee bounced unsteadily. He waited until the rest of their friends were occupied into the conversation and quietly asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she nodded quickly.

“Are you sure?” Barry asked.

She nodded once more, but sighed because she couldn’t pull off this lie. Not with Barry, the guy who was her best friend since childhood turned boyfriend. It was like they knew each other like the back of their hands and he knew when something was wrong.

“It’s just that,” she started to say then looked up at his attentive eyes that were amused yet concerned, “Well we haven’t done it yet, and I don’t know. I–”

Barry’s hand ran up and down her arm absentmindedly in an attempt to soothe her. The bell rang before he could speak again and Iris quickly gathered their garbage and he took their used trays over to the garbage bins. He turned back to her, grabbed his backpack and they left their friends without so much of a glance over the shoulder.

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#coralreefs occupy less than 0.1% of the world’s #ocean surface, yet they are home for at least 25% of all marine species. The annual global economic value of coral reefs is estimated between US$29.8-375 billion

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France: Workers battling labor law occupy refineries
Some 220,000 workers hit the streets May 17, with thousands more on picket lines, blockading fuel depots and occupying refineries in the ongoing battle against the new anti-labor law.

By G. Dunkel

Over 400,000 workers came out on May 19 to protest the law. These are the sixth and seventh national demonstrations against the regressive labor law in the past two months.

The demand of the workers is simple: They want the new labor law completely withdrawn.

SPAIN. Barcelona. May 29, 2016. Demonstrators shout slogans at police during a protest in the surroundings of an occupied old bank branch, which was cleared from squatters, in the Gracia neighbourhood. Police clashed with some 200 demonstrators who took part in the protest against the evictions. The squatters had been living there since 2011. 

Photograph: Andreeu Dalmau/EPA

Tokyo Ghoul :Re Chapter 78 Review/Predictions - Torso & Mutsuki Arc

So firstly, Mutsuki is still alive but we can assume that the events in this chapter take place before the cliffhanger in chapter 77. So below are some points/theories I want to discuss.

1. I don’t think Mutsuki is displaying full on Stockholm Syndrome. I think there is a big difference between compassion and affection, and Torso has not redeemed himself in anyway possible for Mutsuki to go as far as develop any feelings towards him.

  • Mutsuki uses the word ‘dear’ when addressing Torso about his past. But note, Mutsuki immediately follows this dialogue by thinking “just keep him talking, at least while he’s going on he won’t hit me”. She’s trying to keep him occupied/distracted by making him think he’s getting what he wants and thus letting his guard down. In chapter 73 when Torso asks Mutsuki if she’s happy etc after beating her up, Mutsuki goes along and answers complacently. This worried people into thinking she’d given up resisting. But in this chapter we can clearly see that Mutsuki is still very rational and is prioritising her survival. She humours and appeases Torso in order to protect herself and stall any additional abuse. And maybe it’s because she’s been playing along that Torso is happy to feed her. She’s more likely to regenerate (and be strong enough to fight back) when the opportunity arises if she’s being fed and not beaten half to death.
  • Mutsuki displays sympathy for Torso after hearing his backstory. We’re all aware that Mutsuki had a very similar history of abuse with her father and she can relate to that as a victim. In the same way that we as readers were made to feel sorry for Torso’s tragic upbringing, Mutsuki of all people will do too - it’s natural. But have we forgiven Torso now that we have an inkling of compassion for him? No. So does Mutsuki? No, I seriously doubt it. Afterall Mutsuki has always been a very compassionate person, (Can I remind people when she comforted Urie in chapter 29 as just one example? Despite being impaled in the stomach by him, and at that point in the story Urie had been an arse to almost all the other Qs, she chose to console him anyway?). Mutsuki acknowledging her sympathy for Torso does not equal stockholm syndrome. If anything I’m glad we got this insight because it shows that Mutsuki is still Mutsuki despite everything that’s happened since her capture. She hasn’t become cold or desensitised (yet!)

2. Mutsuki may have been involved in the death of her family, and more specifically her abusive father. Okay, so the brief flashback we got at the beginning of the chapter raises some heavy implications about the validity of Mutsuki’s story and the circumstances in which her family died. It’s heavily implied that she was involved in it more than she’s letting on. She’s either genuinely forgotten, “I remember what happened before and what happens after, but it’s like the middle’s just rotted away” or she’s consciously repressed this trauma and chosen to forget because her involvement was too horrible a truth to deal with. The big hint we get is that she may have finally snapped and killed her father in defence, much like Torso killed his father in his flashback.

3. Mutsuki fighting back against Torso in Chapter 79+. I think Torso may do something that triggers the memory of Mutsuki killing her father (her previous abuser), and she will subsequently fight back and kill Torso (her current abuser) in a similar fashion of retaliation. Torso trying to move her out of the cave and to the “ocean” could potentially be the trigger. Another reason I think Mutsuki has tried to appease Torso is that she may suspect (or at least hope) that help is on it’s way and if they stay put, the CCG will probably find them eventually. However if Torso moves her, the likelihood of them being found becomes very unlikely. Because of that Mutsuki may feel the need to fight back immediately after the end of this chapter. And this would also fit the speculation that the torso we saw in the cliffhanger is indeed Torso’s if this theory is correct.

4. Urie is going to be a key role in Mutsuki’s recovery (both physically and mentally). Mutsuki will either repress this traumatic experience (as she did with her father’s abuse) as a coping mechanism. Or she will take a much darker turn if she acknowledges what she’s done/what’s happened to her (in Kaneki post-torture style). If so, I think Urie will be significant in helping bring her back, as she did for him when he lost it in chapter 29. The only difference is that this arc has done a lot more damage and if Mutsuki does lose it like Kaneki, I don’t think Urie will cope with it very well.

5. Could Mutsuki evolve into a one-eyed ghoul because of this arc? So I have another crazy theory and that is regarding quinx biology. Ishida has been dropping hints that Urie is walking a dangerous line in becoming more ghoul-like (there are hints that his sense of smell/taste is changing since opening up his frames), but it would be an unexpected twist if due to this trauma, Mutsuki actually ends up being the one that becomes a one-eyed ghoul (again in parallel to Kaneki). I believe that could be possible if Mutsuki decides to eat Torso (as Torso is a full ghoul, eating him would probably increase her RC count dramatically as well as speed up her regeneration). If by consuming ghoul, a quinx could potentially evolve into a one-eyed ghoul, then by doing so Mutsuki will have become what she was so afraid of. She mentions in an earlier chapter that she’s scared of losing her control like Kaneki. Becoming a one-eyed ghoul could be another catalyst for Mutsuki to go a little batshit crazy.

Bottom line is I’m seriously worried about Mutsuki’s sanity after this arc. I sense more agony to come…but I need the shit to hit the fan, because not knowing is worse.

P.S. Can someone please break down for me how long Mutsuki’s been kidnapped?? Her hair had grown out significantly in this chapter. It’s clearly been more than 5+ days.

Mushin (mental state)

Mushin (無心; Japanese mushin; English translation “no mind”) is a mental state into which very highly trained martial artists are said to enter during combat.[1] They also practice this mental state during everyday activities. The term is shortened from mushin no shin (無心の心), a Zen expression meaning the mind without mind and is also referred to as the state of “no-mindness”. That is, a mind not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything.

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“Do you mind?” Ollie questioned as they looked at the individual in front of them. “This is a gym, not your hook up spot. Stop laying on the equipment and strutting around when people actually want to use the equipment you’re occupying needlessly,” they raised an eyebrow and looked the person over. “I could show you how to actually use the equipment, if you want. Unless you’re too engrossed in your phone to do so.”