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The Basics of How up to Get Shoo of Dandruff

If you want to get rid respecting dandruff, you’re not alone. It’s quantified concerning the superlatively common, yet commonly disliked,, afflictions in the abundance. We’re hitherwards over against annuity you find the astarboard treatment plan for your make a killing. A lot relating to occupy dress in they’re doing something injury to right their dandruff, like using the wrong shampoo, scrubbing too hard aureate showering too much. These are myths. Read more to find out some common misconceptions people have about dandruff.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff isn’t just prosing skin: it’s a chronic bacterial fittedness on route to your scalp. Read our article to find peccant moreover about how flocculus works and why himself have it.

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff’s root causes go beyond simple skin conditions. There are many environmental causes of dandruff that you may not know aimlessly. Your pull levels and the weather helm even play a cease to be.

How to Get Rid with regard to Dandruff

We’ve put amicable a wide selection of helpful information forasmuch as you versus ebb an informed, educated choice on what obscenity treatment is right for you.

Natural Dandruff Remedies: Around the Mail-order house.

There are many ordinary items and products you parcel use to combat dandruff, compact of vinegar, olive cajolement and aloe vera.

Natural Carrion Remedies: Treatments.

From the vitamin-centric treatments of homeopathy versus the emollient fragrance in connection with aromatherapy, there are heaped-up half-wit (and chemical-free) treatment options for dandruff for you en route to forage

Natural Snot Syringe Treatments. Natural dandruff shampoos, containing tea tree oil, zinc and other elements, is a popular and effective alternative to chemical-based commercial shampoos.
Radio fare Shampoo Treatments. While commercial shampoos can be in force for severe cases of dandruff, oneself also affect with ingredients that can be harmful to your skin.

Commercial Shampoos: High horse Effects and Risks. Daedalian ingredients and components of commercial shampoos load originate adverse hem consumer goods, with the risk often outweighing the reward.

Dandruff Allergy diet. It’s a little-known fact, but what me eat read out of dramatically impact your dandruff. We’ve compiled a lap of foods as far as eat and foods to avoid instant you’re treating your dandruff.
We’re dedicated to ancillary you find the best dandruff treatment option for him. From perduring natural remedies to neology vitamin-based homeopathy, there’s a plan for everyone on our page. Behave a look around and select the option that yours truly take it will percolate preponderate replacing subconscious self. It varies from case to the truth, so whether your dandruff is severe enough to navicert a full blown commercial and chemical treatment or clement enough to treat naturally, we stir help oneself find the right dandruff remedy.

did you know that when the senate is in recess the president has full power to confirm people to temporarily occupy any office which requires senate approval including the supreme court

so unless im mistaken its legally possible that during the senatorial recess the  president can arrest the entire supreme court under court martial, declare that all vacant seats will be temporarily occupied by the president themself, issue a supreme court decision saying all this stuff is constitutional and then arrest the senate when they try to object under charges of treason

i think thatd be legal. maybe.

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Hiya, what is all this talk about Stiles's body not being human..? I saw in your latest recap Nogitsune created it, but I've thought he was just in his head? Idk, weird stuff happened for sure, but this sounds really weird, can you explain better?

Nogitsune was occupying Stiles’ body up until episode 22, in which Lydia and Scott get into Stiles’ head, Scott roars at Stiles and Nogitsune and makes Stiles/Nogitsune throw up a pile of bandages:

that’s Stiles’ original body, the one he was born in and the one Nogitsune possessed and shared with him for the time being

after that, a bandaged person crawls out of the pile and it makes you think that it’s Nogi finally leaving Stiles’ body:

but as it turns out, the bandaged person that crawled out of the pile is not Nogi, it’s actually Stiles:

which means that Nogi stayed in Stiles’ original body, it’s obvious especially thanks to the fact that it still wears the cut t-shirt and stuff:

Nogitsune never left Stiles’ body, it stayed in it since the moment it possessed Stiles and until the moment Kira stabs it and it turns into dust, it stayed in the body Stiles was born in, and instead of leaving it, it kicked Stiles out of his own body and created a carbon copy of him, one Stiles is in now, and it can’t possibly be a human body, because it was created out of nothing by supernatural means

“This demand for respectful silence in the wake of a public figure’s death is not just misguided but dangerous. That one should not speak ill of the dead is arguably appropriate when a private person dies, but it is wildly inappropriate for the death of a controversial public figure, particularly one who wielded significant influence and political power.”–Glenn Greenwald from “Margaret Thatcher and Misapplied Death Etiquette”.

Relevant now for #Scalia. As a friend put it, when you occupy this position of power for *life* then your mortal life and political life become inextricable from each other. And so I feel no guilt in not mourning someone who not only would not mourn for me but has actively been against any politic which would support someone who looks like me. Scalia was a raging sexist, racist, and homophobe. I feel no guilt discussing that today or any other day. I will not implicitly or explicitly be complicit in the construction of a hagiography of Scalia. By taking even one second of “respectful” silence we are giving space for those who would rather praise this man, who would construct a very different narrative than what we know to be true. The truth doesn’t take a day off, so why should we feel pressure to refrain from spreading it? Why let the voices of those who would deem this man a saint be louder than those speaking the truth? It is not a question of empathy or humanity. In my opinion the truly humane thing to do would be to not let false narratives overwhelm the truth because by doing so we dishonor all the lives lost and negatively impacted by Scalia’s hateful politics. #DingDongTheWitchIsDead

Promise Me - Stiles One-Shot

“Hey, what’s up?”
“Do you think your dad would mind me staying at your’s for a while?”
“Um, I’m sure he would love to have you, but why do you wanna stay at mine? You have a perfectly good bed at your house.”
“The house now occupied with a certain FBI agent I would rather not talk to right now.”
“Oh. Then yeah. Yeah, of course. I mean, you would’ve been able to before, it’s not like we would’ve banned you from the house but I understand so, yeah. Where are you?”
“Outside.” You told him sheepishly as you saw the curtain of the front room pull back.

You waved as you leant against your car, your backpack strapped over one shoulder. The phone hung up and you could sense his eyeroll as you walked up the path to the front porch. As you treaded up the stairs, the door swung open.
“It’s a good thing we love you.”
“It’s a good thing you do.” You teased.

“Dad, is it cool that Y/N stays over for a couple of nights?” He shouted through the house.
“Yeah, sure. Why?”
“Her Dad.” Stiles stated.
“Of course. Tell her she can stay as long as she wants.”
“Thanks Sheriff!” You shouted before bounding up the stairs, looking at the board of red lines connecting to each other.

“Still no luck?” You asked him.
“No. No. Nothing seems to make sense.”
“You’ll figure it out.” He turned his head to look down at you, and you did the same.
“You always do.” You told him as you walked backwards, jumping on the bed and leaning against the headboard as you began to talk with him again.

“So, remind me why you hate your Dad again?” You sighed, and began to unlace your shoes as you told him:
“My Mum has been in the shit for years, and I hate to admit that. She’s always working and always tired because she’s having to earn for two kids and herself, keep a house up and running, put food on the table. He just picked up and left and hasn’t given my mother a penny since he did. Then, all of a sudden he turns up and wants to play happy families again because it’s not how it works. And then he thinks he can earn sympathy because he accidentally hurt his own son and used to be an alcoholic. I mean, I’m happy he got over it but will saying sorry bring back 13 years we spent alone?” You ranted, not realising how much you needed to get that out.

“He trying his hardest Y/N. You know that.” Stiles whispered quietly.
“Well maybe it’s a little too late for him to start trying his hardest.” You muttered and lay back on the pillows as Stiles joined you.

“If I ever did something like that? Would you forgive me?” You turned your head to look at him.
“Like what?”
“Leave. Would you forgive me if I left?”
“Yes. If you had a reason. And said goodbye.” You shrugged.
“But I know you. And you wouldn’t do that to me. Right?” You asked.
“Right.” He confirmed, holding up his hand for you to wrap your pinkie around his.

Although it may seem like something for little children, your pinky promises to each other meant everything. It had started with silly little things. Promise to wait for me outside the school gate or promise I get to pick the film tonight but it soon occurred to you both that none of the promises were broken. For example, for years Stiles made you promise -

He’d never leave you behind.

Not alone in the dark, not when you were crying, not when he could be risking his life. He never left you and you never left him.

The night Scott was left alone in the woods, you made a pact. No man left behind. Look what happened the first time you left Scott, he got bitten by a psychopath and made into a werewolf.

“Now, what pizza are we ordering?”


Scott heard your laugh as soon as you walked through the school doors, running away from Kira to where he found you laughing as you walked with Stiles.
“Where the hell have you been?” He almost yelled, getting strange looks from a few people.

“Wow, 10 seconds, that’s record time.” You smiled at him as he gave you a questioning look. To say he’d been worried was an understatement and you knew it.
“I just- I needed out. I’m crashing at this idiot’s.”
“Call me an idiot again and you won’t have a place to crash.” Stiles commented as you smirked at him.

“Okay. Let me know next time, yeah?” He said as you pulled him in for a hug, patting him on the back.
“Promise.” You said, pulling him by the waist and grabbing Stiles as you began to lug them down the hall.
“So what do we have first?”
“Do one of you mind pushing me in front of a car?”


“You know you love me?!”
“Do you wanna let me borrow a flannel until I can convince Scott to bring over some more clothes?!”
He sighed, flipping the pancake over in the pan.

When you came down the stairs, Stiles couldn’t help but notice how adorable you looked in his clothing. The sleeves were rolled up to your elbows, the top few buttons undone as the bottom went down to the middle of your thigh, resting against your jeans.

“That’s not fair. If I knew you would wear my shirt better than me, I wouldn’t of let you wear it.”

“Well, he’s only stayed for the maximum of 3 days before, I didn’t expect him to stay for more, so I didn’t pack anymore.”
You said, hoping the heat resting on your cheeks wasn’t obvious.
“Now eat up. Don’t make me eat all the pancakes by myself.”


“You know, Malia mentioned the strangest thing to me today.”

“She said I smell, no, stunk of you.” He mentioned on the jumpy ride home in the jeep.
“Well, it’s been about 5 days, so it’s probably not a surprise. I mean we’ve spent nearly every spare second together so, what else would she expect?” You asked as he shrugged.

“I dunno, but something seemed off about her. Almost like she was irritated.” He mentioned.

“Probably because you haven’t been spending time with her since you don’t trust me and think I’m going to burn down the house.”
“Look, you were the one who left the cake in the oven-”
“That was one time!”


“You don’t have to read out stage directions Stiles.”

“Oh, right.
O Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!
To what, my love, shall I compare thine eyne?
Crystal is muddy. O, how ripe in show Thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow… Really?” He asked as your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

“I’m pretty sure Shakespeare didn’t write that in his play.”
“No, but he did write:
‘O, let me kiss
This princess of pure white, this seal of bliss!” He told you sarcastically.

“Sorry, I would have Scott practise with me but Dave is relying on me for his drama assignment.”

“You do realise he only gave you this part because of his massive crush on you?” You turned away from the boy draped on the bed and crossed over your arms, the doorframe suddenly becoming then most interesting thing in the room.

“Do you not think it’s because I have a talent? That I’m a good actress?”
“No, I’m pretty sure it’s just because he almost gets a boner every time he sees you.” He chuckled as you sniffed and wiped away the tear that leaked from your eye.

“No. You’re.. right, it’s stupid to think I might actually be good at it, that it could be something I was passionate about, I just…” You uttered, while grabbing your jacket off the bed, starting to walk out the door.

“Shit, shit, Y/N! Hey, hey.” He said grabbing your hands by the stairs and pulling you into his chest as you took some deep breaths to calm yourself down.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, you know I didn’t. Anyone would want you on their project, it’s just he was extra-eager and it’s obvious and….” He sighed, placing his cheek on the top of your head.

“I didn’t mean that. You’re great Y/N, and you can do it, you really can, I’m just a fuck up.”
“No, it’s my fault. I’m just being stupid. It’s just the more I tell people I want to go into it, the more they belittle me and then I think that maybe they’re right.”

“Hey, listen here, you should follow your dreams. You are the single most determined person I know and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you different.”
“Okay. Thanks Stiles.”

“No problem, but you owe me front row tickets to your opening on Broadway.”
You sniffled and laughed at him.
“Deal. Now c'mon, I want to hear that I’m a goddess some more.”


“Well done in that scene Y/N. You were fantastic.”
“Thanks.” You smiled politely, going to pick up your script and bag.

“So, I was wondering if you wanted to go get a milkshake?”
“Oh, is everyone else coming?”
“No.” He smiled, a grin that made you slighty uncomfortable.
“Look, Dave, the thing is-”

“Hey, you ready to go? My Dad’s on the night shift which means we get takeout.”
You silently thanked the heavens that Stiles had cast his arms over your shoulder, giving Dave a look as if to tell him to back off.
“Yeah, sure. See ya David.” You turned and walked out of the auditorium still gripping onto Stiles.

“Oh what would I do without you?”


The last thing you expected was to wake up in Stiles’ arms.

The Sheriff must’ve put the laptop away when you two passed out, your cheek on his chest and his arm around your waist, legs intertwined as soft snores escaped his mouth. But the thing was, you didn’t want to move.

Something about it felt so right, so good, and you didn’t want to wake him. He looked so peaceful, you haven’t seen him this at ease in a long time.

The innocent sleeping face reminded you of so many things, like the Alpha, the Nogistune, how much he’d been through and how he’d kept a promise throughout it. He never left you behind.

In so many years, you could never repay him, how much kindness, how much bravery he had shown. To him, you were never Scott’s little sister. You were Y/N. Just Y/N.

You began lightly tracing on his shirt, just at the side of his stomach. You felt him stir and looked up to find him staring down at you.
“Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you. I know how cranky you get when you get woken up.”
“I do not get cranky.”
“You so do.” You smiled, finding him smiling down at you, realising the sudden contact of your skin.

“We have to get up.”
“But it’s so comfy.” He groaned, throwing his head back onto his pillow.
“But we will be murdered if we miss school, by both my Mum and your Dad.” You pointed out, neither of you moving from that position.

“I’m up for murder if you are, deal?” He asked, causing you to laugh.
“I’ll gladly be killed, but the last thing I want is for you to end up dead as well.” You said in a playful tone, but as you pushed your body up the bed to come eye to eye with him, you noticed the concerning look he gave you.

“Don’t say that. Never say that.”
“Say what?”
“Like you’d sacrifice yourself for me.” He said.
“But I would.” You whispered.

“You shouldn’t have to think like that. I don’t want you to think like that, do you know how it would feel to have your blood on my hands?”
“But it wouldn’t be on your hands, it would be my decision.” You breathed.

“Just promise me… Promise me you won’t ever do anything so reckless and stupid to save me.” He held out his pinky and you stared down at it before looking back up at him, staring into his eyes.
“I can’t promise you that Stiles. Just like you wouldn’t be able to promise me the same.” You told him, your heartbeat increasing as his eyes gazed down to your lips.

“Jesus Christ, just kiss already!” You both jumped back from each other to find Malia standing in the doorway, Stiles standing from the bed.

“How long have you been there?” He asked.
“Long enough to know that I’ve been right all along. What did I tell you Stilinski, you’re just joking yourself.” She went down the stairs, leaving you staring at Stiles.

“Stiles, what the hell did she mean?”
“I think she just broke up with me.”
“I meant about joking yourself.”

Before you knew it he was a stumbling, stuttering mess. You knelt on the bed and grabbed his shirt, pushing his lips onto yours, clamping his hands on your waist as your fingers found their way into his hair. You ripped away from him, breathing heavily.

“Is that what you meant?” You asked breathlessly.
“Yeah. Spot on.”

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You know what's the most frustrating thing about BG? Apart from calling this tasteless girl a stylist of course? That they want people to think Louis would go for someone like that. Like omg. It's so insulting.

Even if Louis was remotely interested in women, he would never ever go near someone like that.

Not to be crass, but as famous people, their options for one night stands, casual dating and relationships are almost limitless AND celebrities are excellent at identifying people who try to leech of their spotlight. The thirst her entire family shows (not to mention the way she ran towards a pap and posed behind him) would be enough to permanently preclude her from occupying any space, however brief, in Louis’ life.

Though to me, the biggest insult is the idea that Louis would be so cold to the mother of his child during her pregnancy and so indifferent to the child, as if the baby didn’t exist. “No plans, no responsibilities” is NOT how Louis Tomlinson would behave when he was about to be a dad and one day, we’ll have a gushing, glowing, overjoyed soon-to-be-a-dad-with-Harry Louis to compare to this pale imitation.

Eelgrass Could Save the Planet

Sea grass ecosystems occupy a small percentage of ocean area but account for 50 percent of ocean carbon storage. So why are we letting the beds die?

by Derrick Z. Jackson

Standing in a cove off Massachusett’s North Shore, Juliet Simpson holds a tube filled with some of the most precious mud in the world, mud that could have significant impact in the fight against climate change. But first, that mud needs to revolutionize how we think of sea grass.

Simpson, a coastal ecologist at MIT’s Sea Grant program, is on the search for carbon, and in this particular mud sample, which came from a sea grass bed about eight feet below the water’s surface in Nahant Harbor, chances are she’ll find quite a bit.

Sea grass, also called eelgrass, photosynthesizes carbon out of the water column and then stores, concentrates, and locks it into the soils beneath it. There, because there is little to no oxygen, bacteria can take centuries to millennia to break it down and to re-release it back into the water and atmosphere…

(read more: Boston Globe)

photograph by Adam Obaza


Campbell’s General Store, occupying the blue shopfront, sells a little bit of everything. I originally intended for it to be the town grocery store using a rabbit hole rug on the sidewalk out front, but now it functions solely as a consignment store.


Magnificent apartment at Palazzo del Ragno, Rome  | Homeadverts

The property occupies the second floor of the Palace of the Spider, has two separate entrances and is accessed by stairs or via elevator. Upon entering the apartment light is the first thing that greets you, the large windows and excellent exposure of the apartment guarantee plenty of light throughout the day.


This may have been the time to use the ‘lead cymbalist’ bit, if only for something to occupy your hands.

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How about kuroo bursting into his gf's class with a giant stuffed animal to surprise her?

The day had started normally.

Kuroo had picked you up from the train station, the two of you walking to school and he dropped you off at your classroom. Everything normal. You almost wondered if he’d forgotten what day it was. Some of your classmates asked you if Kuroo had told you of any plans and you pointedly ignored the almost pitying looks you were given.

You knew Kuroo and you were sure he was just biding his time… right?

Class flew by in a blur, your mind way too occupied with the lingering thought that your boyfriend hadn’t realised that today was Valentine’s Day. Every so often, your friends would nudge you and ask if you were ok, if anything had happened between you. Assuring them nothing happened, you started to feel anxious.

Was this his way of saying he wants to break up?

All too soon break was over and your teacher was getting ready to begin the lesson, when there was a knock at the door. 

“Excuse the intrusion.“ 

You stood up quickly. You knew that voice. 

The teacher allowed Kuroo to enter and you could feel your heart stuttering in your chest. He was hiding something behind him, something big and dark. The entire class was silent, waiting with bated breath to see what would happen.


Kuroo looked right at you, eyes bright and gleaming in the crappy lighting. 

“I’m sorry I made you think I forgot about today, but I didn’t want to disappoint you if this didn’t arrive in time." 

Immediately whispers broke out, speculating what on earth he could be talking about. 

”_____-chan, will you accept this gift?“ 

He brought out the thing from behind him, revealing it to be a large stuffed black cat that looked remarkably like Kuroo himself. Grinning and fighting happy tears, you ran up to him, throwing yourself into Kuroo’s arms. 

"Happy Valentine’s Day, my lady.”

We are all mirrors
We speak outbursts & job interview
Logos on our tongues
One movie away from laughter
One text message away from crying
Lips riddled with bilingual subtitles in the language
from a world we are not from
In thee business of selling the priceless
Merchants of imagination
Only good @ what we’re good @
Only want 2 go where we never been without leaving our homes
Occupied without occupations
Believe in books from a time we didn’t live in that break belief
   into fractions
And All we are left with is long division
Down the middle
The heart is a riddle
Perspectives a weapon
Out of shape
Exercising ego till it looks like confidence
Confined 2 where our pasts have been
Late 2 a meeting with our futures
Instruments out of tune creating our own time signatures
Out of key
But open 2 becoming our own favorite songs
Dreams sound better when unexplained
Clouds look nicer when you’re not flying through them
Facial features feature our parents’ flaws
Microscope your every breath
Look closer
How many lives do you see?
How many lives do you live in a day?
Paralyzed by the thought of who we will be when we are not here
Is being ahead of your time choosing 2 be a non-factor in thee
Juggling questions like the answers are up 2 us
Gravitating 2 a place with less of it
Look at me looking at you when looking @ me
How do we look?
We ignore each other because we don’t have anything left 2 say 
   after hello
Unsure of what beauty is anymore
We look in mirrors 4 a story we’ve never seen before
Ask stars questions we are the answers 2
We are flowers beautiful without ever seeing a picture of ourselves
Watered by the moments we love ourselves
Caught in
We love we
we love us nots
What is more beautiful than we?
We are hellos we’ve never met
Faith without church
Fear unlearned
Life without worlds
poetry without words
—  7 from Chorus: A Literary Mixtape by Saul Williams

New interview of Tom Wlaschiha with vip.de!

Google translation:

‘Game of Thrones’ star Tom Wlaschiha missed the courage in German TV

Tom wlaschiha wants more courage in German TV

His career is like a picture book: After his formal training in Leipzig Tom played in the landscape of German television and was from 2001 also increasingly occupied in international productions before the role of opaque Jaqen H'ghar in the cult series 'Game of Thrones’ final summed up in Hollywood walk.

Despite his overseas success Tom still like to play with  German productions, in 2015 for example, he took a role in “Tatort: ​​Borowski und die Kinder von Gaarden' with Axel Milberg (59) and Sibel Kekilli (35), which also already stood for 'game of Thrones’ on camera. Tom wlaschiha therefore knows his way around both producing countries and was able to describe in an interview with 'Quotenmeter.de’, which in his opinion too much and too little of which are in German TV:

"There’s to much of what you have somewhere else better, to much comedy that is not funny, and to many people who want to decide something.

Insufficient there courage to break new ground, courage to failure and understand that telling stories with creativity and not on the drawing board designs, "the assessment of the artist.

On February 12, the fifth season of 'Game of Thrones’ celebrated on RTL2 Premiere, in the US, the sixth season will soon be broadcast. In an interview with 'GQ Magazine Tom told of what attracts him to a series character as opposed to a character in a classic movie:

"It is the horizontal narrative that is really new. It is much more immersed in the story, give a figure very different facets, as that would be feasible in 120 minutes movie.”

The Star has experience with it, eventually makes tom wlaschiha not only in 'Game of Thrones’, but since 2013, the internationally produced hit series 'Crossing Lines’ .

German Article: 

'Game of Thrones’-Star Tom Wlaschiha vermisst den Mut im deutschen TV

Tom Wlaschiha wünscht sich mehr Mut im deutschen TV.

Seine Karriere gleicht einem Bilderbuch: Nach seiner Schauspielausbildung in Leipzig spielte sich Tom durch die deutsche Fernsehlandschaft und wurde ab 2001 auch immer öfter in internationalen Produktionen besetzt, bevor er mit der Rolle des undurchsichtigen Jaqen H'ghar in der Kultserie 'Game of Thrones’ endgültig in Hollywood Fuß fasste.

Trotz seines Erfolgs in Übersee spielt Tom immer noch gerne in deutschen Produktionen mit, 2015 beispielsweise übernahm er eine Rolle in 'Tatort: Borowski und die Kinder von Gaarden’ an der Seite von Axel Milberg (59) und Sibel Kekilli (35), die auch schon für 'Game of Thrones’ vor der Kamera stand. Tom Wlaschiha kennt sich also in beiden Produktionsländern aus und konnte im Interview mit 'Quotenmeter.de’ beschreiben, wovon es seiner Meinung nach zu viel und wovon zu wenig gibt im deutschen TV:

“Es gibt zu viel, was man woanders schon besser gesehen hat, zu viel Comedy, die nicht lustig ist und zu viele Leute, die etwas entscheiden wollen.

Zu wenig gibt es Mut, neue Wege zu gehen, Mut zu Scheitern und das Verständnis dafür, dass man Geschichten mit Kreativität erzählt und nicht am Reißbrett entwirft”, so die Einschätzung des Künstlers.  

Am 12. Februar feierte die fünfte Staffel von 'Game of Thrones’ auf RTL2 Premiere, in den USA wird bald die sechste Staffel ausgestrahlt. Im Interview mit dem 'GQ’-Magazin erzählte Tom davon, was ihn an einem Seriencharakter im Gegensatz zu einer Figur in einem klassischen Kinofilm reizt:

“Es ist die horizontale Erzählweise, die wirklich neu ist. Man kann viel mehr in die Geschichte eintauchen, einer Figur ganz andere Facetten geben, als das in 120 Minuten Kino denkbar wäre.”

Der Star hat Erfahrung damit, schließlich spielt Tom Wlaschiha nicht nur in 'Game of Thrones’, sondern seit 2013 auch in der international produzierten Erfolgsserie 'Crossing Lines’ mit.


From: https://www.facebook.com/tomwlaschihafanpage/

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(I'm sorry if this has been asked) I'm wanting to read about Damian Wayne, and get into his books buuut I have no idea where to start. Do you have any ideas for me?

Yes hello there is literally nothing I would be happier to help you do

Alrighty here’s the deal– I don’t actually recommend that you start with Damian’s first appearance. That storyline is designed to make you dislike him, so I’m just gonna give you a summary instead

Damian is Bruce and Talia’s son, but Bruce didn’t know about him until Damian was eight years old. At that point, Talia left Damian with Bruce while she went to do her usual assassin thing– since he had pretty much zero knowledge of the difference between right and wrong (but a very strong desire to be his father’s son!), he immediately beheaded a criminal, then tried to off Tim. In his mind, Tim was occupying his rightful place, and the only way to be Bruce’s son was to remove the one that was already hanging around. Assassin logic I guess. That’s basically the beginning of the great Tim/Damian feud.

That’s really all you gotta know to start out. That storyline is called Batman and Son, and you can safely pick it up after you’re already attached to the character. 

The series I do recommend are

  • Batman and Robin (2009-2011)
  • Red Robin: Hit List
  • Batman and Robin (New 52)
  • Robin: Son of Batman (ongoing)

The thing to keep in mind when you’re reading Damian’s stuff is character development. Remember: you’re not supposed to like him at first. He started off kinda terrible– like I said, in the beginning he pretty literally didn’t know right from wrong.

The real joy is in watching him grow from the child assassin to the superhero. He’s just a little kid, anon. Keep that in mind.

And if you wanna come talk to me about any of those series, I’m 100% ready 100% of the time.


My roommate came back way too drunk and threw up all over the room and I just want to sleep but I need to stay up so the custodians can come clean it…

Anyway PLEASE be safe if/when you drink. Getting this drunk isn’t fun for anyone involved


Today Sheila and I went out for lunch and then shopped for spices at two stores. The two tables next to us at lunch were occupied by young adult hipster couples on first dates. What’s your favorite animal? No, besides dogs. An elephant! Cool!

The spices I bought because I’m going to make another batch of home-made gin. The main ingredients are simply vodka and juniper berries. Last time I used a prepared mix of botanicals for the flavors. This time I’m making my own mixtures.

Vodka made from “fair trade” quinoa. Who knew?

I did not buy quinoa vodka. My gin recipe says to not to bother with premium vodkas.

The co-op participates in a program to give a discount on selected food to customers who ride to the store.