the signs as quotes from hsm: a bad lip reading
  • aries:"my ears are scared and the baby ostrich is cold"
  • taurus:"when lumpkinella laughed it felt like fireworks were going off. also fireworks were going off"
  • gemini:"i saw a beaver jogging over the top of that dune"
  • cancer:"but all i really need are apples and lasagna before i go to bed"
  • leo:"my friends all congratulated me on my cool hallway stance"
  • libra:"i just ate a peanut"
  • scorpio:"you could not pick a pony that is better than daryl the pony of love"
  • sagittarius:“and this and this and this and wheeeee”
  • capricorn:"i want a monkey friend"
  • aquarius:"i guess she wasn't interested in conveniently priced dishware"
  • pisces:"NYAAT NYAAT"