@nomadrj Happy Birthday @angelcandices 🎂🎉! I can’t count the amount of adventures and good laughs we have survived around this amazing world - falling out of trees, rolling on wet sand on cold beaches at night - anything for the shot. What others may not have seen though is how often you donate your time, image and energy to powerful causes. Your passion for the environment and other important issues inspire me to look harder, do better and remember what is truly important.
And ironically this campaign came out today from the very company who brought us together - @victoriassecret. In just two weeks you will be running down those backstage halls at #vsfs and I will be chasing you with my camera yelling ‘Candy, let’s grab a shot here!’ And you will stop, through a crazy move then go back to running in those 4 inch spikes. How do you do that?
You rock.
Happy birthday Candy!

@nomadrj: Just waiting for the weekend to pass to get to the show.
CBS March 9 @ 9pm
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