Amedot Anniversary

It’s wonderful to see so many people saying they’re in for the Amedot one year-nniversary this October 15th! So you guys told me on the replies to this post, that some of you are gonna be drawing, doing a screenshot redraw, playlists, livebloging the Amedot episodes or just watching them, and an Amedot convention (I really hope someday we can do that last one). I personally will be doing a screenshot redraw :D
And any of you who wanna join to this event can do it too! In any way you want. The important thing here is commemorate this special date :3
Oh and I was wondering too if we should give this a special name, I’m not really good with names haha, so if have an idea I would love to hear it!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris took their love to Los Angeles on Tuesday, looking incredibly happy as they enjoyed a steakhouse date night.

The pair were spotted getting cozy at CUT by Wolfgang Puck at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. The country-turned-pop singer donned a flowy, beige cashmere jacket over a black dress with an open back and coordinating heels. Meanwhile, her DJ boyfriend opted for a leather jacket and a red shirt with skinny jeans and tennis shoes.

A source tells E! News they both enjoyed steaks, and while Swift ordered a cocktail, Harris did not. “It was definitely a date, but there was no overt PDA,” the onlooker tells us.

Perhaps the date was in celebration of their one year “anniversary.” As we learned last week, the couple met for the first time at the Elle Style Awards on Feb. 24, 2015. Though we don’t know when their official anniversary date is, we wouldn’t be surprised if they used the “faux-nniversary” (if you will) as a reason to celebrate.

Not to mention, we’ve learned the couple have also been thinking about an engagement, too.

A source recently told us, “They are definitely talking about their future together and the possibility of one day getting engaged.”

The insider added, “Making it work, despite their huge demanding schedules, and her tour, has proved to both of them that this is something that is serious and that could last. It’s really cemented their commitment to one another.”

Yeah, a Taylor Swift wedding is something we can all hop on board with (fingers crossed)! - Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Enjoy Steakhouse Date Night in Los Angeles: All the Details

After following him and his bands for many years, I was finally able to meet him. He’s always been so sweet to me, and is even sweeter in person. He even mentioned me on stage in his MC lol. I was so confused when I was literally dragged to take photo with him, hahah! I would’ve never dreamed about this opportunity. Thank you -A-♥

New York City, NY | June 28, 2015

Scott Parent and Tiger Ferguson pose together at the tail end of the NYC Pride Parade.
Their “Gay-nniversary,” 12 years ago they were illegally married in NY, but have since been married several times in various places and are now legally recognized by the state.
“We get to switch the roles of Bride and Groom so we both get a chance!” said Ferguson. “Too many people in too many places don’t have the right to be with their loved ones, now that has changed!”

On Friday June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned all state bans on Gay marriage and made it a legal right across the United States.

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Merry Christmas (and squad-nniversary) to my Three Hoursemen!

First of all, time truly does fly! I am baffled, almost, I cannot believe I have been lucky enough to be friends with these fine ladies for no less than twelve – for Madi and Jeweles, fourteen – months which I have cherished dearly despite the million one crossroads and all of the issues we have faced, let’s be real: this year kick us all in our pretty asses, but that is nothing to worry about when you have people like you to lift you up the ground (once again, I am afraid I have been the drama queen of the batch) and put a smile on your face. That is what you girls have been to me, utter and unaffected happiness, making me unafraid of saying I would gladly step over the head of whoever messes or tries to pry me away from my baby… Not in vain of all characters I was given The Devil herself! I love you, gals, whenever you are feeling blue or alone remember I am here for you, always and forever – Your Regina George. 

❄ Gretchen Weiners, @mvrgots never let the chosen character fool you, rather than Brutus you are Caesar himself and whoever says otherwise deserves a kick in the rear. Madi, you were the very first of my girls I met and I remember I was highkey terrified because I thought of you as very intimidating? Turns out you are bunny tail soft and I am so glad I made that decision of boarding you over. Derek Kapule and Cheyenne Wilde formed one of my favorite ships in the history of roleplaying, I loved every second we had them and I still giggle at their antics. Thank you for being my beta reader for Poisonous even if it flopped horribly, thank you for sharing the puppy enthusiasm and thank you for making the freaking gif tutorial that made this set possible! #YodaToMyLuke.

❄ Karen Smith, @jewelsjaywritcs thus far I’ve come with about a million nicknames namely Jay, JayJay, JayBae, Jaylly Bean and Momma Jay and I still surprised you hadn’t slapped the bitch off of me, Jeweles, you’re an angel. If there is someone strong, beautiful, supportive and kind in this world, that is you so it has been an honor being your friend and I hope it continues to be this way. We met at a very tricky point of my life and I thank you for the high school horror stories we shared, as I thank you for our babies Marcella Sawyer and Francesca Abbatiello: those two were absolute dynamite and even if I don’t know what they’re up to know, I am pretty much sure those two got hitched and spent that mafia money in a European Honeymoon. 

❄ Cady Heron, @zombiexwrites the reason behind choosing Carrie as my alias was crystal clear, I mean who could possibly forget Adam Larsson and Carrie Sutton in the back of that black sedan? God, I am so lucky you decided to stick around this shithole of a site and that you gave me the honor of being your very first partner (aka Tumblr mentor and cherry popper, you’re welcome) I adore you, Skylar, thank you for encouraging me to ask that one person to go to hell after all the ugly stuff they put me through, thank you for making me cackle until my ribs hurt, thank you for proof-seeing my nudes  #ThatsSomeConfidenceRightThere. If there is someone who brightens even the darkest of my days, that would be you, I can only hope I return the favor to some extent!.


Watch the trash queen #Go.