Monsta X as Pokémon Go Players

- captures only the fighting types
- ends up with way too many Rattatas
- doesn’t have the heart to transfer them
- always finds himself with zero Pokéballs

- uses game as a way to talk to people he finds cute
- keeps the unique and strong Pokémon to make better conversations
- trash for Clefairy
- Team Valor pride

- “I have a cp 10 Pidgey, cp 45 Pidgey, cp 80 Pidgey, cp 82 Pidgey”
- wishes he could feed the Pokémon
- squeals way too loud when he sees an Abra
- gets into arguments with kids on who has the cutest Pidgey and ignores their claim that tHEY’RE ALL THE SAME

- walks into the trees … and lampposts … and parked cars … and doors
- swears he knows how to figure out the tracking system
- only manages to take on the gyms where no one else goes to
- walked into the ladies’ restroom once, okay, four times

- miraculously opts out of sleep to play the game
- maintains gym leader status only during odd hours of the night
- Squirtle Squad
- once shut the door on a kid who said they wanted to catch a Pikachu in their dorm so he could get it instead

- avid player who wants to be the very best like no one ever was (ever was, ever was)
- to catch them is his real test
- to actually beat a gym is his cau~se
- Team Mystic member who has 12 year olds yell “Team Yellow” when he can’t beat their gym

- has all the rare Pokémon + Mewtwo
- slips his phone into Hyungwon’s pocket so the hyung can walk the eggs to hatch
- the mastermind behind the 12 year olds beating Jooheon
- stares down at his managers on opposing teams when they beat his gym

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Cuộc đời này, ai có thể thoát khỏi đôi lần tự hỏi lòng một câu: “Nếu không phải họ, người khác đến liệu có còn ý nghĩa gì nữa không”.
—  IEphong
Monsta X’s reaction to waking up from a dream of losing you and not finding you in bed

Requested by anonymous
A/N: I decided to create a short drabble for each. Hope you like it!


Shownu furrowed his brow, hands unconsciously gripping the sheets, as he dreamt of you drowning in the ocean. The nightmare took a turn for the worst when he wasn’t able to move in the water and was forced to watch you struggle for air as you plunged deeper and deeper into the depths of the sea.

His eyes opened wide with his body breaking out a sweat from the dream. Calming his heartbeat, he glanced to his right where you slept … only to find the ruffled sheets on your side.

Exasperation took over as he jumped off the bed and whipped his head left and right in search of you. “Y/N!”

“Wha~t?” You sleepily replied with the almost same volume as you waddled into the room. “It’s five a.m. What’s got you– Oof!”

Shownu enveloped you in a tight embrace as he nestled his face on top of your head. “Thought I lost you.”

Chuckling you, you gently smacked his chest before wrapping you arms around his firm build. “I just went to the use the toilet, silly.”

Shownu wouldn’t hear any of it, lifting you back into bed so he could snuggle the rest of the night away with you.


Tossing and turning, Wonho was agitated in his dream where you were sharing a deep kiss with another man. He was unable to run to you for some reason and was forced to watch your lips and hands mold against the man’s. His heart pained with utter defeat, seeing you so madly in love with someone else. He couldn’t bear to watch anymore and his sadness and anger rose to new heights when the clothes started to peel off-

Wonho shot up from the bed, sitting wide eyed with the covers knocked off the bed. He blinked several times until he realized that it was only a bad dream; he didn’t really lose you to some their guy.

Letting out a breathy chuckle, he turned to face you, only to have anxiety rush up through his system again when you weren’t there. He quickly jumped out of bed to look for you and was relieved to see you by the kitchen sink. He walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, nestling his chin on your shoulder as he pecked your cheek.

“Wonho. What are you doing up so early?”

“I just missed you.” His hands hugged your hips as he placed a kiss on you neck. “Promise you’ll never leave me.”

Dumbfounded by his request, you decided to agree instead of questioning what he was asking for. “I promise.”

“Good. Now let’s get back into bed so we can do things only I’m allowed to do with you.”

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anonymous asked:

"levi has a CANONICAL SIZE KINK jesus fucking christ" still laughing at this XDD

ngngnrrk right!?!?!?!! isayama could have said anything. “who knows” “i’ll leave it to your imagination” “he’s too busy fighting to think about those things”

but no, it had to be “well ~particularly tall~ people i guess,” people like erwin smith, 13th commander of the survey corps, the person levi cares for & trusts body and soul, whatever!!

god think about levi purposefully standing next to erwin all the time & constantly comparing their sizes like 👌👀👌👀👌 feeling a frisson when he has to crane his neck up to meet erwin’s gaze. he’s so big. so tall. his moobs are the perfect height all i need to do is tilt forward a bit & i can bury my face in them 👀💦💦 

or sort of a comfort thing idk. i like the thought that erwin’s existence makes levi feel more secure & this translating into the physical– like erwin is so big. warm. solid. he can fully enclose levi in his arm/s & makes levi feel anchored enough to drop his guard, be vulnerable, to not have to be strong, which is next to impossible normally. & erwin is grateful that he can cause something so purely good & simple for once. welp this went into feels territory sorry. eruri is amazing tho

thank u for dropping by & being so nice, anon!!!! <3

Monsta X's reaction to you accidentally grabbing their crotch instead of the popcorn

Requested by anonymous

Quickly flinches and stares awkwardly at you. Doesn’t have a clue if you were trying to lead on to something more. Resumes eating and watching. Very aware of how physically close you two are. Timid blushes only crawl up on his cheeks when the movie comes to an end when he realizes where his mind has wandered of to. Doesn’t bring up the touch afterwards and acts normally. 

Arches brow with a smirk creeping on his face with a look that says “You want to do that right here and right now?” Snuggles closer against you even after you deny that you touched him on purpose. Initiates a series of pecks and light touches because touchy Wonho mode is on. Will not deny he’s been craving a bit more from you. Steals a kiss from you when the credits come on.

Blushes hard with an awkward chuckle. Shares a shy glance with you, understanding how embarrassed you must be feeling. Tries to brush it off by focusing on the movie, but fails hard at wiping that cheeky smile on his face. Reacts a bit too much every time you two accidentally make skin contact. Can’t keep his mind off of it. Remains awkward about it until the next day.

Feigns innocence and tries to keep a straight face on. Catches you staring, but only smiles back to make you feel at ease. Scoots much closer to you so you don’t feel as though he’s uncomfortable. Things remain normal until the end of the movie when he gazes down at you with a mischievous look in his eyes. Questions you about the touch, only to shut you up with a deep kiss. 

Lips curl up into a small smile as he attempts to remain calm with his eyes forcefully glued to the screen. Shares your embarrassment but continues to watch the movie and eat popcorn. Accidentally brushes fingers with you when reaching to grab more popcorn, instigating a heated blush on his cheeks. His mind wanders elsewhere into very dirty thoughts.

Freezes mid-munch and slowly draws his eyes towards you. Ears redden as his cheeks get hot. Totally clueless as how he should appropriately react to that. Ends up exchanging a goofy and uncomfortable smile with you that basically shares the embarrassment. Returns to normal on the outside, but completely analyzing his actions and whether your touch was intentional or not.

Glances shyly at you before a playful smile creeps up. Teases you with a joke that mentions how you had sexual intentions. Laughs it off with you then continues watching the movie. Casually drapes an arm over your shoulders to prove how not uncomfortable he is. Ends up leaning very close to you until the end of the film, then gives you a quick peck on the cheek.

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Shower of Kisses and Etc


Requested by anonymous:

Scenario where girlfriend and Kihyun take a bath together, like how would that go with him (the two never had sex before or seen each other’s bodies)

Vibes: completely nsfw vibes with lustful Kihyun
Word Count: 2227

Originally posted by jooneh

The night was spilling well past the stroke of midnight for you and your boyfriend, Yoo Kihyun. You two had just pulled up to the driveway of your apartment complex after spending an evening of fine dining and classy conversations with everyone dressed in something to match the expensive air. It wasn’t a scene the two of you were normally caught in; it just so happened that Kihyun was invited by his boss and he figured he shouldn’t pass up on an opportunity for free, high class food and delicious wine.

But putting you two in such an environment the both of you normally mocked ended up making your night filled with silent teases and tricks to make the night amusing. Bored of the same discussions regarding world politics and the stock market, Kihyun was the first to pass on a sexual innuendo right in front of his manager without them even knowing, causing you to struggle with holding a straight face.

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777winemaressong  asked:

Looking forward to the new blog! Do you know if it's a filly or a colt yet?

Main character is an adult lady pegasus horse! But then the supporting cast is just like a mess of everything and it’s great and i’M PUMPED

but you guys will hear more about it SOONNNNN

nnonsta-x’s monster masterlist

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A Shownu Confession
Booze and Boo’s
Maid of Honor and Miscommunication
A Drink by the Pool *
Only to You (All In drabble)

Captain Sexy Pt 1, Pt 2 *
Be Excited  (All In drabble)

Hearts and Flowers

Summer Sweetness
Hit the Books
Shower of Kisses and Etc *

The Art of Endearment Pt 1, Pt 2 *

In Strong Arms
Touch No Body

Reunited and It Feels So Good
Kisses and Giggles
In Dire Need of Comfort
Saluting to Your Lips (All In drabble)

Series : Monsta Avengers
Meet the Monsta Avengers
Collecting the Squad

Series : All In Drabbles

MX as/in …
College House Party
Walmart Employees
Resort Staff Members
Plane Crash Survivors
Disney Princes
(Types of) Anime Characters
Joseon Dynasty
High School Students (and how they’d react if they liked you)
Daycare Employees
Pokémon Go Players

Getting bird poop on them
You coming out as an asexual
Dating a person under 5 ft
You accidentally grabbing their crotch instead of the popcorn
MX waking up from a dream of losing you and not finding you in bed

Click and Drag
Gang Life

A Drink By the Pool


Requested by anonymous (and basically all Shownu stans)
Vibes: (nsfw!) Smutty Shownu
Word Count: 1,082
A/N: Hot Shownu is hot. Pay attention to that tongue and those arms and hands and that face in this gif below … because you’ll be reading about it under the cut.

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