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This season is probably when they admitted that they have feelings for each other

It’s possible.

I’m going to quote Bob and say that “Bellamy’s feelings have been realized.” I think that he has realized the true nature of his feelings. At this point, he knows he’s in love with her. Clarke is a different story. IMO she realized she has feelings for Bellamy in season 2 and that’s why she sent him to MW (love is weakness). After that, she buried those feelings deep inside of herself. During the time she was isolated from Skaikru, she fell for L/xa. But her feelings for Bellamy have never left. Actually, those feelings have been going back to the surface during 3b. And now? Well, I think she is slowly becoming aware of her feelings for Bellamy again.

Everyone else knows they have feelings for each other except for Bellamy and Clarke themselves.

They just need to admit it to each other. But tbh I don’t think it will be stated in canon like that. There won’t be any scene where they admit and vocalize their feelings for each other. There will be little details, small confessions, the others calling them out again but it won’t be fully vocalized. I think s4 will end with something like “a promise of the possible future together”.

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If Dani and Sam had kids, they would most definitely be a pair of terrible twins.

  • Name: Anakin “Niki” Nikolai Floros-Savin 
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Witch – affinity for fire magic
  • General Appearance: Dark, curly hair just like both his parents; brown eyes; features more similar to Sam’s; roughly 5′ 9″ – very bohemian grunge sort of style
  • Personality: Niki is one of the chillest, most down-to-earth individuals you will ever meet. Despite his chaotic gift of fire magic, he has a strong love and connection with nature. He spends much of his time out in the local forests hosting outdoor yoga courses and helps out with Meadowsweet business on the weekends. He is preternaturally kind, forgiving, free-spirited, and optimistic. However, when he’s in one of his moods, he becomes impossibly stubborn and will often lock himself up in his personal space to smoke the day away with some of dad’s magical pot. He is a vegetarian and has a female racer snake named India as his familiar.      
  • Special Talents: Born with a green thumb and a natural talent for guitar - but can’t sing worth a damn; has a hobby of glass blowing; extremely flexible
  • Who they like better: Sam, for sure. He has far more in common with his father than his mother, though he loves her just the same. 
  • Who they take after more: Again, Sam. It’s his moods that are more a product of Dani’s genes.
  • Personal Headcanon: Niki grew up hating his gift of fire magic. He wanted to be an earth witch, like his father, and couldn’t seem to understand why he’d turned out otherwise. Fire was a destructive element in his eyes. It was hurtful and negative and he wanted no part of it. But eventually, with the insistence of his parents and sister, he confronted these issues with a therapist. Since that time, he’s been able to reshape his perception of his powers in a more positive light. He took up glass blowing as a hobby, which allows him to create rather than destroy. 
  • Face Claim: Luke Arnold
  • Name: Arya Gwyneth Floros-Savin
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Witch – affinity for storm magic
  • General Appearance: Born with dark, curly hair like both her parents but has been dying it various colors since she was 15; expressive amber eyes, like her mother; features more similar to Dani’s; roughly 5′ 5″ – dresses like a true-blooded hipster   
  • Personality: Half of the time, she’s an absolute cinnamon roll ray of sunshine; the other half, she is grumpy and moody and as testy as the electricity that runs in her veins. It’s all highs and lows with Arya. She doesn’t have too much of an in-between unless she’s around family or friends. You do not want to get on her bad side. She can hold a grudge like you wouldn’t believe. Magic is everything to her. She couldn’t possibly live without it. In fact, she’s built it into her very career as a nightclub DJ. It’s a rarity to see her walking around town without a set of headphones covering her ears. She is very much an introvert and has few close friends outside of her familiar, a male ferret named Skip. 
  • Special Talents: An exceptional musician - she can sing and spin, but she never actually took up any other instruments besides a rough few lessons of piano and ukulele; loves to skateboard; sometimes causes it to rain indoors when she’s upset; a fair soccer player
  • Who they like better: She doesn’t necessarily like one of her parents over the other, but she does tend to lean toward Dani for advice and comfort when she needs it.
  • Who they take after more: Absolutely Dani. Arya’s wild, electric spirit is a close product of her mother’s. 
  • Personal Headcanon: Arya has a number of tattoos. Some of them were done by her own mother under the supervision of a professional tattoo artist. Others she picked up while on a three month long backpacking trip across Europe and Asia. The trip was Dani’s idea - a way to help her daughter find herself when she decided not to attend university and pursue something musical. 
  • Face Claim: Tuppence Middleton

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Does Bellamy even like echo like that more them in love with Clark

No. Bellamy hates her. Kane literally said “I know how you feel about her but you can’t lose control.”

Yes she saved his life and helped him in MW. E/cho was supposed to free the caged Grounders but L/xa betrayed Skaikru and E/cho left along with everyone else and as a result Bellamy, Clarke and Monty had to kill everyone in MW.
E/cho lied and led them to a trap and is literally the reason Gina and the majority of Farm Station died. She is the reason Bellamy’s girlfriend was brutally murdered!!! This is not something he can just get over. This is not somehing he can forgive and forget.
She hold a sword to Clarke’s throat, almost killed her (she would kill her if Roan didn’t wake up and stop her). She also hold a knife to Bellamy’s troat in 4x01. ??? like seriously just rewatch the negotiation scene in 4x01. He hates her.

E/cho on the other hand obviously wants him.