Arsenal, Nike, 1994/95 from David John 

The 90s were a great era for GK shirts and this is a great entry to our #firstfootballshirt comp from David John. “Not exactly my very first kit, but what childhood shirt collection is complete without their first keeper jersey? Never saw Seaman wear this, but sure didn’t stop me! Theres an image of a streaker doing pressups, with David in the back ground laughing, wearning this exact top somewhere out there-classic.

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Arsenal, Nike, 2000-02 from @jjhammersno2 Thierry Henry

Another Thierry Henry special.  As Thierry Henry retires from football what shirt most reminds you of the big man? Is it the;

New York Red Bulls, Adidas shirt

The sophisticated Arsenal, Nike shirt from the final year at Highbury

The Invincible shirt - Darren Byfield’s favourite

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The peeps over at nikefootball gearing up for the World Cup.  Brazilians play with so much swag it’s sick.