Miz & Maryse are having a baby girl I’m so happy for the them! #ItBaby

I really didn’t want to rant about this because I didn’t want to be That person, but I honestly can’t take it anymore. Secret Sessions are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who else can say they got invited to Taylor’s HOME to hear her unreleased album before the rest of the WORLD? Taylor trusted you. Taylor hand picked you herself, so to see some of you hopping back on to the internet to directly quote her, spread lyrics, leak track titles, or to see that you even TOOK SOMETHING from her house that you were so sweetly invited into? Why are some of you taking this all for granted? Why is it so hard to just keep your mouth shut and keep the quotes and lyrics and titles to yourself? There’s no excuse for you to break Taylor’s trust the way some of you have done. There’s no excuse for you to brag the way some you have done. There’s no excuse for you to hold this over people’s heads. Everyone wants to meet Taylor, just be happy you got to do it in the most special, intimate way possible. Do not ruin it. Do not take this for granted. Taylor saw something in you, don’t do this to her.

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Can you do a super fluff imagine where Y/n falls asleep next to Shawn like in the couch or something and he just stays there being a puppy in love like “Dude I’m gonna marry this woman one day”

a/n: puppy dog Shawn is my favourite Shawn

Got your head on his tracksuit bottom clad legs, and he’s fiddling with your hair, running his fingers through the strands as he ignores the movie. 

The credits are rolling, the black screen illuminating the curve of your jaw and dip of your neck, and Shawn’s lost in the way you let out a soft, sleepy sound every now and again – snuggling your head deeper into his thigh.

You’re dressed in his t-shirt and a pair of shorts, the fabric pulled up revealing the smooth skin of your thigh; the blanket is wrapped up between your bare legs, but he knows your skin is softer than the fleece. 

Shawn’s about 99% sure that he’s in love with you. Not quite at 100% yet, because he’s scared. Scared of how deep he’s fallen, scared of how much he craves moments like this: wrapped up in you. 

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