(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_rwGs-yru0)

Sherlock narrates what was whizzing through his mind during the Stag Night. The audio IS Benedict, it’s my remix of “Flat of Angles”.  If you like this style of video, check out my other two narrations: ‘Sherlock Leaves John’s Wedding’ and ‘Jim Moriarty Narrates Series 4

Tagging some people who might like to watch under the cut.  Enjoy!

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nct as texts in my class chat
  • Taeil:#whyareyouallsogay
  • Hansol:that was my plan and if you steal it i will break a coconut with your head
  • Johnny:*at 1am* what was the homework and did anyone do it and can you send it to me. *1:50am* please?
  • Taeyong:you all should be studying instead of writing here
  • Yuta:*only ever writes happy birthday and happy new year*
  • Kun:oops sorry, wrong chat
  • Doyoung:wow! great! i would've never! ever! thought of that!! you! deserve! a medal!!!!
  • Ten:*only ever sends dog pics captioned 'look how cute, just like me'*
  • Jaehyun:i just met my old teacher, should i fuck him?
  • WinWin:why did i even get up
  • Mark:i'll explain the homework to you but you gotta do it yourself i'm not THAT nice
  • Renjun:*the one who always sends the material*
  • Jeno:*uses fish and noodle as insults*
  • Haechan:Guys…I have to tell you something…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT
  • Jaemin:Shirts do weird things sometimes, you never know what they’re up to in your closet
  • Chenle:i'll bring watermelon. or some other fruit. fruits are great.
  • Jisung:*8pm* good night, i'm going to sleep