Seriously I have been so excited for this episode to air! It’s got action, adventure, neon nights, sweet synthesizer music, new characters, EVERYTHING!  It was one of my all time favorite episodes to work on and I hope you all enjoy it too! (•̀o•́)ง✧

(promo line art by me and colored awesomely by Louie!)

blue night radio ♡ 161021
translation: fantaemsie

topic: the movie, me before you.
jonghyun: (…) also, the male lead in it is really handsome.
nine: that’s right.
jonghyun: you know i really like handsome actors. (laughs)
nine: me too. (laughs)
jonghyun: empathy, empathy. (laughs) these days …, i’m liking chang wook-ssi like that. he’s too handsome, whoa. k2’s ji chang woo, whoa, also …, snsd’s yoona comes on it as the female lead…, she’s really charming but i like ji chang wook even more. (laughs) chang wook more. (laughs) whoa, ji chang wook-ssi is really too handsome. (stops himself from giggling) okay, now to end this embarrassing / strange part of our talk, let’s listen to jack garratt’s “surprise yourself” and come back~.


cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞