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Chapter 40: Moving Too Fast?


“Mommy! Daddy’s behind you!” Amarie warned me but it was too late. He had already picked me up before I could run away. I swear, he’s been happy asf ever since he woke up this morning. Too happy..

“Chris, please don’t throw me in pool!” I begged him as I noticed that he started walking towards the pool. “Girl relax, I just wanna put my feet in the water. You should too, your feet’s kind of crusty.” He said as he sat us down by the edge of the pool and playfully scrunched up his face.

“Daddy, what did you do to mommy last night?” Amarie asked as she sat next to Chris, pinching his cheeks. She’s never asleep when we think she is. She stays up all night on 3 way with August and Lexi talking about lord knows what.

“What you mean?” Chris furrowed his eyebrows, acting like he didnt know what she was talking about. I knew what she was talking about, but I didnt wanna believe that shge heard it. 

“I was trying to nap but mommy kept screaming and you kept saying bad words.” She dramatically rolled her eyes. I wonder where she got that from.

“Oh, that’s just something you do when you love somebody to make them feel good.” Chris smirked as he nonchalantly explained to Amarie while she nodde. I swear I was gonna slap this nigga for telling her that. 

“Can I do it then? It’s a boy that I wike’ at scwhool’.” She asked as Chris sucked his teeth. He hated when she talked to boys at school. He wants her to go to an all girls school so bad. 

“Nah, you ain’t gone never do nothing like that. Ion’ want you dating none of these nappy headed lil boys.”

“But mommy’s dating you.” Ri said back causing me to bust out laughing. That was a good one. 

“That’s cold Ri. I thought we was like this.” Chris said faking as if he was hurt as he crossed his fingers together to demonstrate how close they are.

“Uncle Aug kweeps showing me how to be funny.” She giggled as Chris mumbled something under his breath before shaking his head. Every week, August was always teaching her something new.

“August!” Chris called out as August stopped dancing on Lexi while she was sleep in the shade. When she wakes up and sees his ass all in her face she’s gonna be mad.

“Wassup woadie?” He cheesed as he approached us. Chris mugged him so he mugged back and flicked him off.

“Fuck yo daddy Ri, say it.” August said as Ri smirked and shook her head no.

“Ri who you love more?” August asked as Ri pointed to Chris and Chris stuck his tongue out at August while August was hurt. I wasnt sure if he was serious or if he was playing. 

“Of course nigga.” Chris smirked cockily. 

“That’s fine, that’s why Lexi my new bestfriend.” August said as he stuck his tongue out at Ri while her mouth formed in the shape of an O.

“Fuck you!” Ri yelled out to August causing all of us to look at her in shock except Chris. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Where in the hell did she learn that from?

“Amarie Aria Brown, where the hell did you learn that from?” I asked as she slid behind Chris to hide away from me. “I’m sorry, mommy.” She mmbled in a babyish tone, but thatdidnt phase me at all. 

“Give me your phone.” I said sternly, holding my hand out. She gasped and started pouting but I didn’t care. She went too far. She slowly handed it to me as Chris took it and gave it back to her as she ran away. Just when I was about to punch him, he wrapped his arms around it.

“Calm down, it’s only words.” He chuckled,not taking me serious which pissed me off. “I hate you so much.” I said as I looked into his eyes before, rolling mine. It didn’t phase him one bit though, because he knew I was lying.

“I hate you too.” He mumbled huskily in my ear as he grabbed me by my crotch area,making a moan slip out of my mouth. A few seconds later, he started kissing on my neck causing me to giggle and squirm around.

“Stawwwwwwwwwwwp, that tickles.”

“This nigga over here fingering Raye.” I heard Kehlani say as I quickly pushed Chris off of me, only for him to fall in the pool. Covering my hand over my mouth, I didnt now what to do so I just ran up to my room. I couldn’t hide because we were eventually supposed to be going out so-

“Raye I’m bout to fuck you up.” I heard Chris groan as I grew nervous. Aw shit, I should’ve never did that. I didn’t mean to. 


“Yes, I actually had fun. Thanks Raye.” I said as I put my arm around Raye and kissed her on the cheek. Ever since she put me in my place, she’s really been there for me and she was starting to cheer me up a little bit. I guess I should’ve just let her be there for me in the first place. 

I should get her fror what she did earlier, but I got her some other time. I gotta do it when she least expects it. 

“You’re welcome, it’s nothing.” She said as she opened the door to her house. I might as well crash here to night like the usual. I don’t feel comfortable staying at my crib alone, that shit is dead.

Following her upstairs to her room, I sat down on the bed while she found a song to play. I guess we were about to have a mini turn up. “I can make this one about you?” Raye asked as Milk Marie started playing causing me to chuckle. All of sudden she hit the quan and she did it ugly as hell causing me to burst out laughing.

My laughing had stopped when I noticed she started slowly wining her hips, never missing a beat. The song changed to Partynextdoor’s Options as she pulled a chair into the middle of the floor. “What’chu ‘bout to do Raye?” I questioned her but she giggled lightly, ignoring my question.

Out of nowhere she roughly pushed me down into the chair, making me raise an eye brow but at the same time it made me excited to see what she had in store. Raye seductively wind her hips while running her hand at the bottom of her shirt, slowly tugging it off along with the jeans she was wearing. She was only left with her bra and panties. I leaned back into the chair admiring her body, it’s been a looong ass time since I’ve seen and touched it. Her body looks fucking amazing, especially after having Amarie, her tittes got bigger and that ass got even fatter.

She smirked while placing herself on my lap and threw her arms around my neck then begin to arch her back and winded and grind on the dick, causing me to bite down on bottom lip. This wouldn’t be wrong, right? I mean, I could use some pussy, but from Raye? That’s just wrong. She making a nigga mad horny though. Gripping her ass in my hands, she let out a low, sexy ass chuckle sending chills down my spine.

“Fuck Raye, why you gotta play?” I grunted as I smirked. Once again she ignored me like she can’t talk to a nigga. Leaning forward, Raye kissed me real sloppy with tongue and all, then she tugged on my bottom lip with her teeth leaving me a little fucked up in the head afterwards.

“Shut the fuck up, and just watch. Okay? Okay.” Ion know what gotten in to her today but I’m fucking wit it heavily.

I smiled at Raye’s command and licked my lips as she slid off of my lap and turned her back towards me, grabbing my knees she start to dip it real low, then brung it back up, she did that repeatedly with no problem. Still holding onto my knees, Raye threw her legs on each side of my thighs and begin to shake/pop her ass on my dick like her life depended on it. But then she did some outrageous shit, she began leaning towards the floor as her bottom half moved towards me, locking her legs around me waist. In doggy style position, all I saw was ass, ass, and mo’ ass. Every time she popped it her drawls was disappearing and since her pussy was fat it was poking out, while let out little whimpers each grind.

I had to look up at the celling and reflect on life for a little while. There was an electric shock going through my body as my dick grew by the second, it felt as if I was going buss in my pants right then and there.

“Gah damn.” I mumbled while running both hands across my face. This was an amazing sight before me right now, she had a nigga mesmerized. All I wanted to do was say my grace and dig on in. My eyes wander on her every movement. I didn’t even know Raye had this in her.

I couldn’t take the great sensational feeling of her winding like she was from the islands. Bending down I pulled Raye from off the floor and grabbing her by the waist I flipped her around, then lifted us both from the chair and carrying her to her queen size bed.

I threw her on the bed, she giggled a little from her body bouncing on the bed. “Stay just like that, imma be right back.” I mumbled, strolling towards the door. I had some freaky shit going through my mind that I was gon’ try tonight.

“Chris!” I heard Raye yelled before I could walk out the door good.

Turning around with a sly smirk. “Play with ya’ self till I get back its only gon’ take a minute, chill out.” I responded heading out the door and into the kitchen. Going straight to the freezer, I pulled out a blue ice tray.

“Move yo’ finger.” I spoke harshly once I came back in the room, she was fingering herself still. Smacking my lips, I removed it for her. I put a cube in my mouth as I pulled her down lower and with my mouth I slowly slid the ice down her belly button until I reached her pussy.

Her body instantly trembled. “That’s cold… Is it ice?” She curiously asked trying to see what it was. Sucking at her opening, I made humming sounds sending vibration to her clit.

“F-fuck Chris, that feel so gooood.” Raye screamed out in pleasure, throwing her head back, which motivated me to go faster and sloppier. I smirked against her pussy, digging my face deeper into her wetness. She tasted so fucking amazing. I placed one of my hands down on the lower part of her stomach, adding pressure.  

I devoured her like it was my last meal. She was wetter than Nigara Falls. I wided her legs to get better acess as her legs shook violently.

“You like how this feels baby?”

“Oh my god, yeessss. Chr-is, you gon…na make me squirt! Shit!” She screamed on top of her lungs as she gripped my head, pushing me in deeper. A flood came gushing out viciously, making me jump a little. After she was calmed down, my tongue worked magic as I slurped up every drop of her juices not missing a drop.

Stepping back I stripped out of my clothes while eyeing Raye’s body, I was fiending to be all up in her guts and having the feeling of her walls wrapped tightly around my dick, something I really missed about her. Just thinking about our past sexually experiences, got my dick hard.

Hovering over Raye, I leaned down for a kiss. She slid her tongue in my mouth and we begin tongue wrestle, while she moaned into mouth. “Put it in.”

Grabbing my dick, I slapped it against her clit as she let out little whimpers. We both groaned once I slid the tip inside her warmth, but then I pulled out.

“What the fu—” She started to say but I rammed inside her without any warning. My strokes became powerful and meaningful. I wanted to fuck her brains out, until she couldn’t cum anymore and leave her sore for the next couple of weeks. Spreading her legs more, I went deeper and harder. Raye hands we’re gripping the sheets trying to run away.

“You like it when daddy go deep?” I questioned her as I held onto her thighs, thrusting even harder. Her mouth hung open, not saying a word. The loud slapping of our skin was the only thing that could be heard. Removing her legs, spreading them wide and placing her right leg on my shoulder. “I ask you a fucking question, do you like it when daddy is deep in his shit?” I grumbled huskily.

“God yes! Chris I love it… fuuuuckk! I love yoooouuu!” Thrusting in and out of her, she begin to cream and honestly she’s the best pussy I’ve had.

I drilled deeper and deeper into her until she could feel me in her guts. “I can’t… you’re too deep.” She breathed out but I didn’t give no fucks, I wanted her to feel every single inch.

“Nah, take this dick. You been asking for it, now be a big girl taking it.” I yelled out to her picking up the pace but still with the deep strokes. Placing my hand on her lower stomach, I rolled my hips. Raye was yelling, hollering and screaming as her pussy grew tighter around me, her wetness began to spill out of her and I wasn’t about to stop at no point.

Flipping us over I grabbed Raye’s waist firmly. “Ride this dick.”

She placed her hands on my chest while looking directly in my eyes, winding her hips slowly. “Mmm. You feel so good daddy.“ I watched her with my bottom lip between my teeth. “Is this your pussy?” Raye began to bounce on my dick at a fast pace, making me moan like a bitch.

“You already know this my shit.” I said in-between my grunts as I rammed my hips upwards.

“Then fucking act like it.” Those words set me off, grabbing her by the neck I turned her around and began to go ham, hitting her shit from the back. I wanted to last longer but my dick got sensitive each fucking stroke.

“Fuck your pussy Daddy!” She gritted out. Our bodies moved in sync at a fast pace, we were going hardcore. “Ooo… go deeper!” Raye screamed, scratching my forearms. Wrapping my fingers around her curly hair, I yanked it causing her head to jerk back. My dick was beyond deep inside her.

“You love my dick, Raye?” I grunted in her ear through gritted teeth.

“I love your big dick, Chris…” She screamed as I continued to keep one hand yanking her hair and the other smacking her ass, watching it jiggle on my dick.

“Throw that ass back,” I placed one hand down her lower back and the other on her ass. “Fuck, baby, you’re fuckin’ my pussy so good.” She purred as she threw her ass back and I happily caught it with every stroke.

Every time she threw it back, I would go harder and deeper while my dick grew fatter. “Shiiiittt, Chris, I’m gonna cum!” Raye screamed, putting a tight grip on my arms. “Oo right there baby… Just like that… Your dick feels so fuckin’ good… Deeper baby… Fuck!” Her legs was shaking uncontrollably as I thrusted into her at a rapid pace because I felt my nut approaching.

I pushed down on the lower part of her stomach knowing that she’ll come harder. A tingling sensation built up in the pitt of my stomach. “Gahdamn, Raye keep doin’ that shit.” I grunted and smacked her ass as it jiggled.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes right there, Chris,” Right then and there I knew I was hitting her g-spot. Raye moaned out as I rubbed her clit letting her ride out her orgasm. Her body was shaking viciously and her eyes were in the back of her head. Her cum continued dripping out of her like a fucking faucet for some couple of seconds.

But I continued to stroke, pussy too tight my head begin to swell and my eyes closed shut. “Fuuuuckkkk!“ I shuddered as the cum shot out of me and spurted deep inside of her. Taking a quick breath, I looked around. Shit was messy. Her cum soaked the sheets, the floor, my stomach, my dick and balls. Pulling out of her, Raye laid in the bed with her ass up and face down on a pillow still trying to catch her breath with her juices running down her leg still.

"That was amazing..” I heard her mumble into the pillow causing me to chuckle. Smacking her ass, I made her get off the bed real quick so that I could clean all this shit up. “Go run the shower real quick.” I told Raye as I grabbed my robe to put some sheets in the washer and get some other sheets. Once I was done, I stepped in the shower with Raye and we stayed in for about 15 minutes cause I was getting kind of sleepy. 

“Must be fucking nice, Raye. Did you forget that we were on the phone?” Alexis asked causing us to chuckle as we went downstairs to grab a snack. She was the only person that wasn’t getting shit cause Keeis told me about him and Lani’s sex life all the damn time.  

“Girl this could be you with August but you playing. And yes I forgot, why didn’t you hang up?! Omg.” Raye said as she started blushing while her face grew as red as a tomato.

“He seems like a fuck boy who doesn’t care about anybody but himself to me.. And I don’t know, I was pretty bored so I decided to listen.” She shrugged causing me to chuckle as Raye sucked her teeth.

“At all.. Girl, he’s nice and caring as hell you just have to get to know him a little bit. I’m about to invite him over for you.”

“I mean, since you ain’t getting no dick you could like… You can join the team over here. I puts down, peep Raye’s walk.” I smirked as Raye sucked her teeth and Alexis chuckled.

“Seems like a nice opportunity from what I heard on the phone, but nah that’s weird.” She nicely declined as as I shrugged. That’s her loss. A couple of seconds later, somebody started knocking on the door.

“I’ll get it, you two can go for another round.” Alexis said as she ran towards the door. As much as I wanted to, a nigga was getting stupid sleepy. Sitting down on the couch, I pulled Raye down on my lap before pulling my beanie down so I could fall asleep. “You sleepy?” I mumbled to Raye as she started to squirm around in my lap.

“Oh my god Chris, don’t talk like that.” She lowkey moaned as I rose up an eyebrow like she could see it. She acting like I was whispering seductively in her ear. 

“Like what? What I do?”

“The deep, raspy voice.” She breathed out as she got comfortable on top of me. I was bound to fall asleep any second if she’d stop talking. Her titties were like my pillows and they were so comfortable. 

“Oh.. My bad I’m sleepy.” I chuckled, forgetting that she always told me that was one of her biggest turn ons. I should talk like this all the time, then.

“Since when did y'all niggas get so comfortable?” August asked as I sucked my teet, because I couldnt go to sleep anymore. “Since I gave her the dick.” I said before slugglishly going up the stairs. When I got in bed, all of a sudden I wasnt sleepy anymore.

I kind of started to feel guilty for some reson and it was pissing me off.