"Desearía tener el talento para pintar lo que siento por ti, ya que mis palabras siempre me parecen inadecuadas. Me imagino usando el rojo para expresar tu pasión, y el azul celeste para tu bondad; un bosque verde para reflejar la profundidad de tu empatía, y el amarillo intenso para tu optimismo incansable. Y todavía me pregunto: ¿pero puede incluso la paleta de un artista contener la gama entera de lo que representas para mi?"

El viaje más largo, Nicholas Sparks

Richard Ramirez may also have been deeply affected by the death of his best friend, Nicholas Nevarez, in a gruesome traffic accident in 1980,               Eddie Gonzales said. Ramirez was in the back seat when a van driven by another friend crashed into a fence, he said. "the guy got impaled…” that pole went right through the guy, he saw the whole thing, i think maybe that accident had a lot to do with it.“

Rush. By: Agent Exeider. This is a cover art I did for him. It’s a great story of what happened after the credits of zootopia. Nick and Judy take on another case to bust the dug drealers of a new Drug hitting the streets. I was inspired by the Grand Theft Auto cover arts for this one. If you want to check out the story here’s the link. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/11873048/1/


A few things to note:

1- This is all the KNOWN families of THE MAIN RWBY cast. While I fully agree that Ren is Nora’s family, this is about blood ties, or else I would have to include Klien with Weiss since he seems to be a great father/grandfather/uncle.

2- The reason I didn’t arrange it in a team formation (RWBYJNPR) is because I wanted to arrange it via “family paintings/photos“ > full family screenshots (if available) > family members we haven’t seen yet > characters that we will most likely never see. This is why Ren’s family comes before Weiss’ family. She has a family painting, but I had to add a screenshot of her grandfather to it.

3- The reason why Pyrrha’s family is not included is because i have 0% faith we will see them. While we know she has a mother, she is not relevant unfortunately, so we wont see her as Jaune’s character development seems to be related to Ruby concerning Pyrrha’s death. This is coming from a hardcore Pyrrha/Arkos fan btw. Don’t get me wrong, I still hope we see them as well as Nora’s but I have to be real here :(. 

Anyway, If we go by this post, that means the characters we have yet to see the families of are…… only Jaune.

Again, you have the right to include Pyrrha’s and Nora’s family, but I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt we will see them or even hear mention of them.

THE NEW NEUTRALS - model: Mayowa Nicholas - photographer: Camilla Akrans - fashion editor: Tom Van Dorpe - hair: Franco Gobbi - makeup: Wendy Rowe - Harper’s Bazaar US February 2017

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