OP: Wen Junhui, do you often make food for the members?
J: It’s not like that, I just cook up stuff for myself from time to time.
OP: Then do you make food for the members or just for Jeon Wonwoo?
J: Geez there’s nothing like that, it’s just that if I make something Jeon Wonwoo always comes over for a taste.

  • Partner: *Singing loud and terribly.*
  • Hero: Ladies and gentlemen, just for comparison that was my partner singing. Grovyle can also sing.
  • Partner: *Interrupts with more bad singing.*
  • Hero: Ok, hold that in your mind everybody. Just, you know remember…
  • Partner: *Even more bad singing* Oh, those noises are me swinging my hips because I’m groovy like that.
  • Hero: Ok, ok, now… Grovyle, take it away.
  • Grovyle: *Fucking beautiful intro to Bohemian Rhapsody.*
  • Partner: He learned how to sing from me.



(More to come! I did a whole bunch of sketches for my playthrough last week that I gotta finish;;)

In the living present, the world, the ordinary state of nature, speaks most clearly, and with its forces it claims our attention, wishing to absorb us completely, and leading us to believe there is nothing else. Perhaps you have sought the Light—the mystery—all your life. That is why in the living present there are mysteries you will have to approach with a total reversal in your attitude of life, if you really wish their veils be rent and truth radiate from them.

yall why is donna way:

A) not following her kids on twitter
B) apparently unaware of mikeys kid’s name/date of birth/looks?
C) following dallon but not brendon (power move)?
D) following the current hell president of the united states?