So My Best Friend Got Married Over The Weekend and I Still Can Hardly Believe It.  Her beauty shines everyday but on this day she GLOWED!  She was a young bride but she doesn’t let that stop her from being a loving, caring, and supporting girlfriend and now wife.  I’m a little teary eyed cause we have literally been through everything together.  We met in Preschool and now at 21 are still close.  I’m So Excited For What These Two Have In Their Future.  I can’t wait to see some babies (even though she made it clear that it won’t be anytime soon) LOL. I’ll Love Y'all Forever. ❤️💍👰🏾😁❤️

Honestly, If you don't enjoy art in any form I can't see myself bein with you.

I wanna boy who gon say some real poetic shit to me, or take out his Nikon camera and record me goin down on him, fuck a iPhone , a nigga who gon draw me butt naked in his bed sleepin, someone who gon freestyle to my dumb ass beatboxes cause we can’t sleep at night … Somethin!!!