Hahaha mourinho


Jose Mourinho squirts the camera with water

Mourinho man… Watching him tear up like that, so extremely happy, is just beautiful. Shows how much he loves Chelsea - it’s “only” the league cup, and the man has won everything there is to win, yet it still looks like this trophy mean the whole freaking world to him. And him encouraging our youngsters to go ahead and lift that trophy…. Nah, this was just too beautiful. 

Jose Jr: WE DID IT!!!! Capital One Cup CHAMPIONS!!!! I was always confident…@johnterry.26 obviously the captain had to score and get man of the match, so happy for everyone that is a Chelsea FAN!!!! This day will stay in my heart for the rest of my life!!! Me and the bros got some pics… Mind my hair, Gaz poured champagne on it!  #ChelseaFC #CapitalOneCup #final #wembley#champions @hazardeden_10 @didierdrogba @johnterry.26 @filipeluis@willianborges88 @oscar_emboaba @cescf4bregas